My Favorite Green Juices

green juice celery RW   There is not one day that goes by where I do not make a Green Juice. It is so easy and I must admit, a wonderful way to get those liquid nutrients we all need plus a great way to lose weight and detox the body. Here are my favorite recipes, {these can also be found in my signature summer detox + cleanse). For an added boost of immune fighting power, I add lemon essential oil to my green juice. You can buy it here.

Not your Momma’s Green Juice

3 celery stalks

1 cucumber (with skin)

2 handfuls romaine lettuce

2 handfuls spinach

2 pears * you can use a green apple instead and limit to one 

1 handful parsley

1 handful cilantro

4 ounces coconut water juice from

1 lemon vanilla extract or stevia (optional)

~ add 4 ounces of coconut water after you have juiced all ingredients

Green Goodness

4 celery stalks

½ green apple

1 cucumber, sliced lengthwise

3 kale leaves

juice of 1 lemon

A Healthy Green Mojito

3 kale leaves

½ cup spinach

4 celery stalks

1 cucumber, sliced lengthwise

juice of 1 lemon juice of 1 lime

½ green apple

3 sprigs of mint

1/4 inch fresh ginger (optional) stevia, agave or honey to sweeten (optional)

If you struggle with weight issues or are consuming a low sugar diet, then omit the pear in any juice and exchange for a green apple. xoxo,

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