Spring Preview Call for Health Coaches – Detox/Cleanse and 28 Day Program with Rachel Feldman

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How many times have you bought a program hoping it was the right program to build your business?

Are you ready to get liberated and empowered with the right tools?

Are you ready to learn how to build your business from the ground up?

I have worked with coaches who have so much passion and so much desire to build a business and have taken every course out there but still they are not making money. 


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 I asked them the same question. And, I have come to realize this…we cannot build a business without having programs.

We need the right marketing plan.

We need a launch timeline.

We need support.

We need daily support to get our program launched.

We need marketing photos (royally free so we do not get sued).

We need a forum (for support when we feel like we just cannot do it).

We need a program deisgned by a top designer (that would ussually cost us about $1000 to deisgn).

FYI- the average eBook costs about $250 for 50 pages to get designed.

We need a great program that is easy to deliver to our clients in Word document (so we can make changes and craft this for our niche).

Are you feeling + hearing this?

I created these programs because I wanted this for my own business.

I built my own business using this proven system : opt in freebies to build my list, a gateway program and a signature program.

If you are ready, sign up here 

I look forward to seeing you on March 4th, for this FREE preview call for hungry health coaches who want to sky rocket their business.



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