My Story. My Why. The Mindset Behind Coaching.

My good friend and copywriter shared this post on IG the other day. She always nails it. I read this and then sat there and thought about goals, success and the mindset to achieve our goals.

I started thinking about all of the times I feel scared to show up, share a social media post, write a blog, and share my truth. Yep, I still get scared. I still have to work on my mindset. I remember hearing Adele many years ago share that she feels like she is going to throw up before she sings because she gets nervous.

I thought to myself, “Wow if Adele feels this way, then I am not alone.”

We are no different.

I have spent my whole thinking I was alone.

I have spent my whole life having doctors say things like, “Wow we have never seen tests like this” or “Wow, we should do a study on your genetics as you should be an Autistic girl”

I have spent my whole life searching for the answer.

Why did I have an ulcer at 14?

Why did my stomach ALWAYS hurt?

Why did I feel light headed after eating?

Why did I not sleep?

Why did I feel depressed?

Why did I have skin issues?

The problems got worse at 18, then 25, then 31, then 35 and the rest is history.

I REFUSE to let people suffer in silence.

I became a coach because I wanted to help people who felt alone like I did.

I am begging you to let go of the imposter syndrome.

I am begging you to see this crisis as an OPPORTUNITY to let go of your fear and tap into your WHY.

The reason you started coaching.

The reason you wanted to coach [what prompted you to start this wellness biz]

I was talking to a coach yesterday.

This epic guy is in my content membership.

One of the homework assignments this week is to make videos.

We are practicing video because it is an essential part of communicating and pitching your services.

Make sure you are practicing too. This will help you on discovery calls, pitches, speaking engagements, DM’s and PM’s.

This guy has that IT factor.

The problem is he is making the same mistake we all make: TO THINK THERE IS ONE MAGICAL COURSE/ PROGRAM / MASTERMIND / FUNNEL THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE.

  • Invest more time in mindset, believing in yourself and tapping into your why on such a deep level, the fear is not greater than the FEAR
  • Grant Cardone said, ” By the time you complain that you have no time, just shared content on 5 different social media hubs. #10x
  • You have to be in alignment in your biz to be able to tap into your INTUITIVE FUNNEL.

You have to believe in yourself.

Say these affirmations:

  • I give myself permission to do what is right for me.
  • I am confident in my ability to change somebody’s life.
  • I use my time and talents to help others end__________.
  • I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide.
  • I can make money and change lives.

We have to do the work in order to be the change.
YEP! Go after this business like you would go after getting poop paper for your buttocks!

The confidence to coach is the game changer mindset!

Overwhelm fades away when your why kills that fear.

Do you feel scared? That is normal. What are you most scared about?\

1. Make sure to grab this FREE challenge: You can use this for your lives, blogs, a mini teaching course and lead them to your low-cost offer [which we will be teaching next week]!

2. Make sure to join the FREE forum here. I will be teaching you guys how to build the like – know and trust factor so you can ACTUALLY sell your services instead of hearing crickets.


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