79. Tools New Health Coaches Need To Start Their Business with Sonja Bannon

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Choosing and using online business tools for your health coaching business can be extremely overwhelming. Which tool am I supposed to pick? What if it’s the wrong choice? How do I learn to use it? 

I really don’t want you to get so caught up in the business tools game that you either a) break the bank or b) distract yourself from actually starting a business that changes people’s lives. Because that doesn’t do anyone any good.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to the amazing Sonja Bannon, owner and website designer behind Daring Design Co. She specializes in website, landing page, and sales page designs for health coaches and health industry professionals  – including me. I am so excited for this episode because we’re unpacking which tools and strategies new coaches need to build a strong foundation so they can get their business off the ground and thriving in no time!


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Rachel: Hey guys, here you are back for an awesome episode here at the Healthy Hustle Podcast. I am so extremely pumped. You guys know how I get when we bring the real deal to you, and help you lessen this extreme overwhelm that all of us feel with our business.

So today’s guest is Sonja Bannon. Sonja has been with me for a very long time. We worked together for three and a half years, four years. What you see at yourhealthcoachbiz.com, what you see at RachelAFeldman.com, my download pages, my webinars, all that great stuff, my brand is created by this amazing woman. 

The reason that I asked her to be here today is there’s so much talk about platforms and CRMs and all that great stuff. We wanted to dedicate this episode for the new coach. So Sonja, tell everyone just a little about you before we dive right into the tools that a new coach needs. 

Who Is Sonja?

Sonja: Alright, so just to give you a short overview, I’ve been designing websites since 2008. I mastered the tools that health coaches use, and especially what Rachel uses every day, that means all of you health coaches can use them too. I’m a master web designer, landing page and sales page designer as well. And yeah, working with Rachel, for the last four years helped us grow and get into mistakes. We made mistakes. Now we kind of perfected our tools, and we want to share them with you. 

Rachel: And I think one thing that’s really important that we should just clarify is when Sonja came to me, I was on MailChimp. And we decided for my business and the way that it was progressing, we did go to more of an advanced system and we chose Infusionsoft at that time. 

Don’t Chase Shiny Objects

There are many shiny objects. People always ask either one of us because we work with a lot of clients together. Should I be on Active Campaign? Should I be on Kajabi? Should I have Ontraport, should I? And the truth is you should stay where you are unless you need to move to another platform, because it’s going to serve you and help you make more money. 

So what we want to do is take all of this mystery away. Keep it simple, remind you not to fall for shiny objects, because too often it takes you away from the coaching. It takes you away from the flexibility. And also you knowing how to use a tool, plus it will break the bank. So let’s go with tools, why not the most important? 

I want to remind everyone, we’re talking about brand new coaches, as well as more advanced coaches who are uncomfortable with their tools, or need to upgrade or change their tools, because you will encounter that in your career. 

Tool #1: Email Service

So let’s start with number one. The first thing first is you will need a third party email service. You cannot take down emails and names on a piece of paper and then put them into a Gmail account and send mass emails. That’s a No, no. You cannot do that because of anti-spam law. It’s forbidden. 

Also you always need to allow your recipient to unsubscribe at any time. And this is a law. So you have to have a third party email service. Now, some email services are better than others. Some are more advanced than others. Some were really great five years ago, and now they’re down to nothing. So once you choose your tool, stick with it unless you really need to change or upgrade, but stick with it and learn it. Because this is going to be strategic in your business growth. 

So why again, a third party tool? Because you also have analytics, you have the design, you have layouts which are way more advanced than you could ever do with your own personal email. On a side note, please please, please use a professional email. You cannot use a hotmail.com or @gmail.com or AOL. I don’t even know if AOL exists anymore. 

But even with that, because I think a lot of I can hear even the coach saying Okay, great, Sonja. That is so right. I hear that everywhere. Let’s give some action steps even before we move on, because I know there are some people saying but Sonja, I’m at the beginning. What if I just like Rachel says, post on my personal page say, I’m so excited to be starting or launching my business or Hey guys, here’s this Live on a new boosting tips. If you want to message me, I’ll give you a gift. What about the coaches right up the infancy? Is it okay for them to get an email and then personally send not a mass email set, personally send to them. 

Sonja: I would shy away from that personally, just because of certain liabilities and also whenever you use your personal email, you have different levels of email quality, you will have a lot of spam triggers. Today, Rachel had a client. Her email she used to purchase one of her programs was with Hotmail and hotmail just flagged Rachel’s email. 

Buy Your Domain

Okay, so there are some services out there where personal emails do not accept certain emails from professionals and vice versa. So you also have a third party email that will not allow you to choose and use a free email account. So what is a professional email? it is XYZ at your domain name.com. For example, I would always urge you to find your first name and last name.com as a base.

For example, RachelFeldman.com already existed. So she chose RachelAFeldman.com, which A is her middle name. So choose something that is either your first name, last name, or the name of your business as much as possible. And this is a professional email because you will need to pay a very low fee in order to use that email box. 

Rachel: I remember struggling, googling, searching, how do I get a professional email? So what – just to clarify the steps one needs to buy their domain? Decide, is it Sarah@Wellness? Is it Sonja@Wellness. What is a platform that you suggest to buy a domain, 

Sonja: I do not suggest GoDaddy anymore for various reasons, which we’re not going to go into right now. I would go with Siteground or name cheap or a URL name provider that is reliable. And that is well known. Well I’m not going to get into details, but um, GoDaddy is okay if you already have one with GoDaddy. 

But if you’re brand new, go with NameCheap.com, go with different services like that, because for example, with NameCheap.com, you can buy a mailbox without having to buy a hosting, which is really important, guys. 

Business 101

Rachel: Let me just clarify some steps for those of you who are brand new, and this is very important. The reason you want to take steps to set yourself up for a safe business is this is business 101. If you don’t have an accountant, make sure you just be smart. Use common sense. Get an LLC or if you do have an accountant, work with them to see what is the best. 

Secondly, if you have your business name, you want to get a tax ID. And what Sonja is even saying is, you don’t even need to get hosting yet. That will be for another episode, guys. But you can have this professional email. I know for myself, I never used Gmail. I have a Mac email right now. It’s iCloud. But that was an email that I used for a long time until Sonja came into my life and helped me to figure this out because I was overwhelmed. 

So great, Sonja, we now talked about NameCheap.com, the email service. And then the CRM, what is the CRM for coaches says, Sonja, I have no money. I don’t know where my business is going. I see our tag this and this and everyone says Do I need this Sonja?

CRM Tools

Sonja: Right. We’ve tried and tried many platforms with my clients. The one that I would recommend today is ConvertKit. The reason is, it’s a very powerful platform. It’s a platform that’s very easy to use. And it is absolutely flawless to integrate with many other tools. And that’s why I think ConvertKit, today, is a great way to start, especially if you are a new health coach, but even if you’re running a million dollar business, there are plenty of people out there that run their super successful business using ConvertKit. 

Rachel: I love that you brought that up because one of the biggest issues I see with coaches is we will go, oh my goodness, this is the best. And then completely switch systems, which takes a lot of time, or will try to move a website, instead of spending more time to build our list to build the like, know, trust factor or to show up into lives or pitching to podcasts or doing workshops offline. Instead of really cultivating a business and building it, that’s not going to break the bank. 

And the thing that I love that you really pointed out is a lot of people will think just because they’re leveraging up, or a coach is saying, well, but now I’m doing all these funnels, they think that they have to move to an advanced platform. And even I always joke saying Mark Hyman – who I think is a very successful functional medicine practitioner – he still stayed with MailChimp. 

Again, this is not that MailChimp is as good as MailerLite or Constant Contact, although similar to AOL, it’s not that we’re saying you’re bad. It just doesn’t really exist anymore. He didn’t move. And I always look at Wow, he’s still with MailChimp. Why? Because he built it and he decided to stay with those functions. And I love that you said, you can really build on ConvertKit and grow your business without needing to leave that platform. Exactly. 

Does ConvertKit offer landing pages templates? 

Tool #2: Lead Pages

Sonja: They do. However, that’s why we’re going to roll into tool number two. If I had to start today, I would absolutely use ConvertKit. And if I had no website, if I had no knowledge whatsoever about putting myself out there, I would sign up for LeadPages. So number two, LeadPages is a service that provides opt in pages, landing pages, and even now, websites. 

So you can absolutely start list building for your business. right from the get go. So what do you need to list-build? Go ahead, Rachel. 

Rachel: Ah, guys, list build for many of you. And this is something that we get asked a lot is many of you think that list building is just this one signature freebie, or this one webinar or this one workshop. And also one thinks in the industry that if you have this list builder, and you put that on your blog, and you blog, that everyone’s gonna come. 

Why List Building Is Key

The beauty of list building is it’s a conversation. For those of you, especially struggling in the online space, you can build a thriving business when you’re super clear on your ideal client avatar, what they’re interested in what they’re attracted to, how they process the information that you put out there, the words they say when they’re going through your list builder, which is why this list building process is so essential, because this is your testing ground. 

This is also the way that if we say hypothetically, you’re working with people who have hormones, and you really love estrogen dominance, and you really love autoimmune or hashimotos. But you don’t know yet if you should build every funnel based on that, or your whole business. 

What’s great about the list building is it allows you to say, I put this list builder out, it got great engagement. If it gets great engagement, I’m going to make this my signature freebie. Guys, a freebie is a free opportunity for your ideal client to come in and get a sneak peek of what it would be like to work with you. Secondly, it allows me to come in and say, Wow, this was really amazing information. I wonder what it would be like to work with this person. So then they continue. And they go through that list building into that next stage, hence your funnel, a paid offer. 

So without going into funnels in explanation, guys, that is a simplistic version. Sonja says it’s great to have a signature freebie just like I say, and then to have these others that you’re testing, either three on your site that define what you teach, your signature hero journey that you’re taking a client through, and then all these other ones that are flooding in social media. 

Sonja: Correct. And so LeadPages is a platform. It’s a very, very easy way to use their amazing templates. They’re professionals in designing high converting templates. And you don’t need to code at all. You just drop in your content, drop in everything and  you have a success page and this absolutely flawless integration, that means talks with ConvertKit. 

Rachel: For example, the quick question that I have, let’s just say hypothetically, there’s a coach who’s listening to this. And right away again, there’s a little panic because this coach says, But wait, I have a website. Let’s just say whether it’s WordPress, Kartra, Kajabi, Wix, Squarespace. It doesn’t matter. And they say, Do I need LeadPages then? If they have those other platforms, should they build on their platform, a sales page or an opt in page? Or would it be advisable to get the pages? Yes or no?

Sonja: All right, so if you do not have any other platform, yes, go on LeadPages, and start building your list. If you do have another platform, let’s set a start with WordPress. If you are not comfortable building your own sales pages, and opt in freebies or lead magnets on that chosen platform, you can choose LeadPages. 

The beauty of LeadPages is that it integrates, I mean, it goes really nicely into WordPress via a plugin, a little bit of programming and it shows like it’s part of your site. Now if you’re using another platform, like Kartra, or Kajabi, or even Squarespace, if you’re comfortable with that platform, learn how to build your own opt-in freebie page, lead magnet page, and so forth. All of those platforms do have ready made templates. 

So it’s not because you’re already on Kajabi, or something else that you have to jump ship and go on LeadPages. LeadPages is great if you have trouble with your chosen platform, technology regarding lead landing pages and sales pages. And LeadPages is great if you’re comfortable with that tool, and you’re just starting out. Now, let’s say you already have LeadPages for a few months or a year and you love it, then you’re like oh my god, I gotta build a website. Continue using it, you’re comfortable with it. You can pump out your lead magnets, like once a week, no problem. Keep doing it. You don’t need to jump ship at all. 

Landing Pages & Freebies

Rachel: And then if somebody does have ConvertKit? Because I know for me, especially in the beginning stages, and people laugh. I did have 25 freebies. I constantly tested because detox was my niche. And I realized pretty early on that a lot of people didn’t understand the gut or didn’t understand many of the things I was teaching. And so I started testing different covers.  Do you want these detox waters? Do you want these weight loss waters? 

So if somebody is like me and I was using MailChimp at that time, all I did was I made the one form. And then I would duplicate it. Does ConvertKit have any templates? Not perfect ideal? Of course we’re talking about simplicity. Would they be able to make forms? And if you want to just have a picture, like grab this? You know, grab my five immune boosting, drink? 

Sonja: Yes. with Convertkit. Yes, such as MailChimp or MailerLite. They all nowadays, have simple landing pages, simple opt in pages that you can use. The reason I really like leadpages it has a whole new level of testing A versus B of analytics. 

Rachel: Excellent. Yes. So we’re looking for longevity. I think that’s what I also hear from you. And it’s a really important thing in the infancy of your business, you want to keep your costs down. It’s a lot to build a business, if you’re buying programs from us. And if you’re getting coaching anything, these are all startup costs, I’m a business. 

It’s about looking at the simplest ways that you can start. And also what Sonja is saying there are tools that can carry through with you, even when you are leveraging up. I love, who was I stalking the other day on Instagram, Jasmine Star, because I just think she’s fabulous. And I went to go click on her link and it took me right to LeadPages. Another coach Lisa concilio continues to still use LeadPages and has never deviated. And so when we think that these people who are making a ton of money, guys, they’re being smart. That’s what Sonja keeps saying is we often, unfortunately, see these mistakes that we all make as business owners Because we think it’s going to fix, cure, be the miracle. And it is those promises.

Sony and I often talk about this, we all want a snap, like give me this, fix it. There’s not this one perfect platform. The platform that we continually always suggest is if you’re with something, and it works, continue to use it. Only move on when it doesn’t work. Most importantly, guys, even before we go, we move on. 

Why You Need To Know Your Platform

If you do have a WordPress site, one of the reasons that we started creating these WordPress templates was because I had the same issue. I was on WordPress. It required a lot of coding, I felt disempowered. I also had to spend quite a lot of money, always on a designer, on a WordPress expert on somebody to change everything. And I as a business owner, just like as a restaurant owner, you should know how to be behind a cash register and be the waitress and the line cook. 

Sonja and I feel the same that it’s really great when you know your platform. So when Sonja started working with me and Elementor the plugin, the plugin page builder. It’s a page builder, just like Wix and Squarespace. It’s a front builder. 

And when I tell you, I’m able to even do a page, Sonja made templates for me. And then a coach asked us similar to what happened with the Dunphy programs. Well, I really love Rachel’s site, and she was showing me how easy it is to blog. And there were these templates, and Sonja started making those for WordPress. 

So if you guys are stuck, and you already have a site and you’re working with somebody, but you want a done for you webinar page, sales page, anything like that, no shameless plug here, guys, just trying to lessen the overwhelm. Then all of a sudden, you’re saving money, you can take your existing WordPress that maybe you’ve been struggling and simplify it. 

So please reach out to us if you have any questions. I realized, as we were talking about that, I was like, Wait, hold on, snap, wait, stop. So Alright, guys, now we’re on to the next tool. 

Tool #3: Organization Platforms

Sonja: Okay, the next tool is you need to start learning to be organized from the get go. I love Google Drive. And we love Dropbox. Even if you have one opt in freebie, write it down somewhere. So you have the URL right away. So you can put it in your social media and everything. 

Also, when you start having 234, then you can start making notes. This doesn’t work, this has been changed such and such date. So it’s a very good habit to start, even if you’re one in your business yourself. And once you add a VA, an assistant, a second health coach and your business is growing, this is going to be absolutely crucial to be clear in order to know what’s going on in your business. A/B to track all your changes. There’s so many times where you go back to a blog that you wrote 12 months ago. Oh shoot, the opt in freebie is no longer valid are blah, blah, blah. So having a Google Drive document or something that you love that can be shared to track everything is going to be crucial. 

Rachel: What Sonja saying with that is in Google Drive, you can you can either choose the Excel spreadsheet version, you can also make folders, you can also do this in Dropbox and link it to that main document, creating a healthy and sustainable setup for your business. So that on one page that Excel you could save all your Freebies one page. You could actually say launch, my work with me, what are my offerings, you can start to build out these templates. 

Another thing that many of you love is Trello or Asana, there’s teamwork, you can we’ve even done this with clients where it was a free version. What we’re trying to say is keep organized, we’re going to do another podcast on that because we can even go deeper and show you how simple it is. For today, we’re keeping on the tools.

Google Drive is completely free. So that’s, that’s a plus. 

Tool #4: Scheduling Platforms

Sonja: Tool number four, you will need a way for people to make appointments with you. So I would recommend either Calendly or Acuity scheduling, whichever you choose is fine. But you need a tool for you to set up your calendar when you have free time to talk to your clients and to share that calendar with your potential clients where they can book the time with you even if it’s a 30 minute free call and especially if it’s within 30 minutes. 

Let’s say you’re very busy, or you want to be very busy or you have a family and you do that part time, you’re just starting out and you say, okay, Wednesday, Thursday morning, between 9 and 11 are my free calls. So those are the little spots that you make available. Once you send that calendar away, then those people are like, Oh, yeah, Tuesday or Wednesday, Oh, she has a slot. I’m going to book it and you’re done. 

Rachel: And that’s such I love that you brought that up Sonja, because I remember struggling with us. And it was because I hired a business coach. And I said to her Cora, how do you stay organized, and she said, when I’m in the zone for doing discovery call, strategy calls, those are on Tuesday, Thursday, I always do them in the morning when I am fresh so I can really be attentive. 

She said Monday and Wednesday are for sales and Friday is cleanup day. Make sure that you have everything set so that you can if you are automating your social media, or you’re posting directly on Facebook and scheduling, or using things like later.com there’s so many simple things. 

I would say at the end of the day, keep your schedule. Ok question about Acuity. Because I know a lot of coaches, I see this in our forums, if I’m correct Calendly and Acuity also have an option where you can create your payment options for your one on one. 

Sonja: Correct. Now, that would be an upgrade, and it would require your payments. However, it is absolutely possible. And also they have systems where an email is sent automatically, prior to the appointment, follow up emails, there’s also options to be able to cancel or not cancel. So there’s a lot of options out there that can make your life much easier. 

Bonus Tool

Rachel: I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that when I was in infancy. Okay, we’re gonna say bonus tool. Here is the bonus tool because Sonja has significantly changed my life when it came to images. I’m gonna say that the bonus tool that you have to master is Canva. Right? 

Many of you struggle with this. I see it, I know what it’s like. And Sonja is a huge, huge advocate for brand recognition, brand colors and feeling. And not just in your logo. Your brand branding is so much bigger than that. It’s the feeling. And I used to struggle saying oh, I’ve got a personalized program, I have to make these images. And she created these templates for me. 

And these templates allowed me, instead of going in and wasting time trying to create these gorgeous templates. She made templates for me for Facebook ads, templates for Pinterest, stories, covers. And so once you have something like this, going in and making Canva images, like I think in three minutes I made for Facebook ads, three minutes. And so I really encourage you to take some time and learn Canva. 

Don’t give into the frustration and just make that a tool that you can add because you can do so many things in there from business cards, to logos to images for years for your suppliers to checklists. And one of the reasons that we do include some templates in your programs because we know how much it costs to hire people. So, Sonja, do you want to give any last words? 

4 Strategies For Using Tools To Start Your Health Business

Sonja: Yes, I want to touch on four little strategies to end with. 

The first strategy is don’t spend too much money when you start. You don’t need a full branding crazy, you don’t need a full amazing custom website. You don’t need to spend all that money on your tools. Be wise, be strategic on what is really going to take to build your business. And that means it’s going to be your email, it’s going to be your URL, it’s going to be LeadPages or something to create a landing page to build your list. And such so don’t spend oodles of money. 

Strategy number two, use different opt in freebies for your niches. Test, test test and see also as your business evolves, what you like and what’s your track. So you think you might want to have one niche and all of a sudden you attract another niche and you need to evolve with it. 

Rachel: Let me just explain that guys. Niches are so important. It’s important to not confuse your ideal client. When you talk about niches, many of you are narrowing yourself into a box. And I’m just going to give you one example. Let’s just say that you work with women who have fertility issues. And you’ve niched down to fertility, which is really important, because you’re so clear on your ideal client, you’re very clear then on the possible trainings, the freebies, the workshops, the lives, the blogs, all the information, all the content that you’re going to use. 

At the same time, I guarantee that you’re probably going to talk about either gut, the gut microbiome, it would be safe to say that maybe you would also be talking about blood sugar balance or repairing your period, or menstruation or detox. Because these are elements of what usually gets discussed. 

The Buckets Of A Niche

So you might be saying, those are four different niches. No, they’re actually the buckets. These are these pillars that you must talk about, because they are essential for you to attract that ideal client and say, Wow, this person was talking about repairing your period, I never even realized that my fertility issues are because I always have inconsistent periods, or painful periods, or pcls, or anything, blood sugar, all of these related elements, that one would think are different niches, but they’re not. And that is the magic to list building, attracting your ideal client, and having a profitable business. 

And if you are like me, where you did want to get your business and your website setup, I would encourage you to look at the websites that Sonja does make. They save a lot of time, they save a lot of headache, and they allow you to step in and focus less on all of those technical aspects that often take us away from our coaching business. 

Because I don’t make things pretty. That’s one of the reasons that I found amazing virtual assistants because I spent years finding those people. And the reason that we even started doing these podcasts or even the Lives that I have in my free group. And even the stuff that we create is out of the pain that I experienced. 

And the numerous times that somebody has come to us with a site that is a hot mess. It’s not built right on the interior on the foundation. It has malware, it has issues of all these just a number of issues. And Sonja will have to then rebuild a brand new site. Even if it’s 1500. It’s still money.

When you’re building this business, sit with us and say, Okay, if I spend this, then what are my list builders? Who am I really attracting? Get specific. And the reason that I’m just adding that in is because a lot of you have a tough time. I get it, you have a tough time just having one landing page. You want to have your home, because you want to be proud of your home. So you have the confidence to coach. So you put your offerings, if you’re in that place. 

I get it, go for it, just make sure that you’re clear. Make sure the people that you’re hiring, get and understand the health and wellness brand, because it’s different from other businesses. So these are strategies but at the same time, use common sense. It can be really difficult when we’re overwhelmed. But it’s extremely important if you’re not going to buy from somebody like Sonja or myself, make sure that you’ve interviewed this person. That you haven’t just bought something. Unfortunately, I will say at GoDaddy, your website building is a mess. I can’t tell you how many coaches I’ve seen lose entire sites. I do buy my domains from GoDaddy. 

Where we’re with Sonja sharing with you is things that she has experienced, witnessed and seen. I’m going to tell you from the ground where I am, all the things that I do, I wish I had looked back and done it differently and saved a ton of money. 

And I only say that because one thing – just about LeadPages guys – this is not to confuse you. This is to empower you. I was on the pitches. I loved it. It’s so easy. It’s amazing. It’s great. And then I was really enjoying building on my WordPress because it became so easy. Once we added in this Elementor plugin, which all of our done for you sites actually are built that way. As well as our sales pages webinar, hence, you don’t have to get a higher level virtual assistant $35 upwards to $150. Plus, you can have somebody who is a very low cost virtual assistant make these changes, I had to then pay to export all of those pages from LeadPages to my own. 

I tell you this only because it is important not to sit in overwhelm for too long. To know the information to make the choices that work for you. And I just want to reiterate, if you are with a third party hosting, like LeadPages, ClickFunnels. Squarespace, Wix, it’s not that you should abandon it. If it works, stay there, right. 

That’s what I really want you to hear is, it’s not a Oh, my God, but they said, this is wrong. What really is right for you? And what is your blueprint for building a business and to do it smart. I apologize, Sonja, I just had to add that in because I felt like it just needed to close out on the reality of the real behind the scenes. And some of the things that we are talking about is as these tools and strategies, but also things that I even use myself, right. 

Don’t Fall For The Shiny Object Syndrome

Sonja: That’s a great segue to the next strategy is Don’t fall for the shiny object. Because we’ve seen that over and over and over again, you have those promises and say, Oh, this is going to do this, and this is going to do that. There is no such thing. 

There’s no, like Rachel mentioned, there’s no perfect platform, there is no perfect tool, there’s whatever tool you can use, that you know how to use that you feel comfortable, and that does the job that you want to achieve. Now, yes, we’ve jumped tools many times, but we’re just talking about tools that have been used, that have been tested, and that we feel comfortable sharing with you. 

The fourth strategy is, again, pulling out from don’t fall with a shiny object, a business is not built in one day, you will have to work. It’s not because you have a brand new website that oh my god, everybody’s gonna come. It’s not because you have a beautiful landing pages made with lead pages or something else that people will come. And that’s where strategy number four comes in. Use the free tools that are available to you. YouTube, there is no fee, YouTube, and Facebook business page. Instagram, you don’t even need to go into ads at all. But most importantly, use those free tools and make sure that you’re sharing content with intention that fits your ideal client. 

Rachel: Exactly, that is the most important, but I love that you brought that up because YouTube, IGTV, all of these platforms where you can start to test engagement, even on your personal page, guys. We won’t get into should it be a personal page? Should it be Facebook business? But guess what? 

If you are online, the majority of people who already like, know and trust you are on your personal page, it’s a great place to not sell. That’s a No, no, it’s a great place to go. And guys, I’m thinking about putting this amazing free training together. Would you like A? Or would you like B? Or do you like a combo of A and B. And then all of a sudden, you can use a free tool to poll. 

There’re so many cool polling options now on Instagram, anything that you don’t even need to spend a cent. 

Sonja: No, you just have to spend time and you have to be strategic with what you do. Always invite people to download XYZ get them to see your landing page, your freebie page and have them sign up so that you can continue to conversation with them via email, or further down the road via an appointment or via a sale. 

Rachel: So it’s very important for you to be present every day. We’re not going to talk about social media calendar and all that stuff. I just want you to make sure that you understand that in order to build a business there’s a lot of time invested to do this. And you have all the tools available for someday but mostly free. Just do it. 

Guys, if you can take that advice please do and take it to heart. Even if you’re on different platforms. This is a great exercise for anybody in business. Always evaluate. Always ask yourself if you really need it. And don’t fall for the shiny object. Stay with the platform that you are on. Spend more time showing up, understanding your ideal client and the messages that will help you convert to opportunities and to change lives. So with that being said, Sonja, tell everyone where they can find you? 

Sonja: Well, you can find me at DaringDesign.co and you can find me on Instagram forward slash daringdesignco and on Facebook same and you can also ask Rachel. 

Rachel: Guys I am dead serious at the end of the day – I will just close with this – is too many of us go right into what I call bad strategies, Facebook ads, evergreen webinars, we all hear these things because they are powerhouses in marketing. Most importantly as a brand new coach, get clear on your offers, define your offers, define your list building strategy, know your niche, your ideal client, spend the time on the foundation, because once you nail down the foundation, you can always use these advanced strategies, leverage, expand, rinse and repeat without breaking the bank. So guys, if you have any questions, feel free to drop it wherever I am. And if you want to, you can speak to Sonja or see what it would be like to work with her please, you know, reach out to DaringDesign.co or feel free always to drop a message because I do talk to this chick all the time. Alright guys, well Peace out. I’ll see you later on the flip side. Bye Bye, guys.

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