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78. How To Use Your Brand Story As An Elevator Pitch

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When you get crystal clear on the pain, problems, and pleasures of your ideal client, you can create an offer that speaks directly to them and convinces them to take action. One of the best ways to do this is to walk your audience through your own unique, complex journey filled with the same trials, tribulations, and triumphs that your audience is going through.

In today’s episode, I’m talking all about what your brand story looks like and how to condense it into a mini message or elevator pitch that helps you stand out from the crowd of health coaches. I’ll also be walking you through how to gain clarity around your story, understanding the why behind your business, and how to conduct thorough market research so you can create and develop an elevator pitch that converts and changes the lives of your clients. 


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Donald Miller Book: Building A Story Brand

Russell Brunson

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Hey guys, it is Rachel Feldman. Maybe you don’t know this, but I was a coach, too. I didn’t become a serial content creator without knowing exactly what you guys struggle with. Because I struggled with that, too.

I couldn’t find niche-specific content so I had to make my own. This was sort of back in the day when there was no done for you anything. And what I realized very early on is I had to be extremely clear in what I did, how I went through my struggles, how I went from A to Z, and how I could take my pain, my journey, which was so crystal clear, and turn that into a product, turn that into a video series, turn that into a blog, turn that into a social media post, so that I could use the digital marketing space to become the international coach that I truly wanted to be. Because I knew that people were struggling with the same issues that I did. 

Taking Your Story & Turning It Into A Mini Message

That’s why if you’re watching this, awesome, you’re gonna see the sheet that I shared when we did that hard work. I went from A to Z. So I went from a surviving autoimmune mess to the badass thriving woman I am today. I had also gone from 260 pounds and emotionally eating to the metabolic machine I am today, I went from having sleep issues which were crippling me in these following areas of 123, to sleeping like a baby today, because I’ve implemented 123. 

What we did in the last episode is we wrote down a lot of the different struggles that we had, so that we could start to identify our story and start to learn how to put this into what we call these mini micro stories, these mini messages. 

Getting Clear On Your Story

Because remember, each one of us have such complex stories. And it’s why we often feel like we have 10 niches. It’s really important to get clear on your story. Get clear on who you want to serve. And make sure that it’s not only fulfilling your passion and your purpose but that it’s really including this brand story element. And that brand story element means that you’ve clearly shown your ideal client, whether it’s on your website, or in your videos. You’ve told them the story behind your offers, the why of your offers, the trials, the tribulations, the struggles, the triumphs.

A perfect example is one of my favorite movies, Hunger Games. You see that story, what she stands for, why she stands for it, what she will do for her family, what she will do for the good of people. And so you’re taken in the Hunger Games through her brand story, her struggles her why, who she is what she will fight for, her vision for the world. And that may sound complex, but 

I really encourage you to look at Donald Miller. It’s an amazing book, storybook. And I would say another great example and excuse me if you’re hearing this on audio, but I’m taking a few notes for you guys. So that when you come back and you see this either in the show notes or you see this on a blog, or you see this in a little video that we do you have this information. 

Also, Russell Brunson who I’ve seen I’ve seen speak, mind-blowing at a TEDx conference that I went to with that Grant Cardone hosted. Amazing. Pete Vargas was there and so many other amazing speakers shared how they built their business, and Russell Brunson always says, you know, similar to Donald Miller is people don’t buy products. 

How To Be Your Story To Build Your Business

It’s really important for us to know why we do something, to be what to share, be the story that we struggle through. Also, I will just say, this is the hero’s journey. Stu McLaren talks a lot about this. And Phil McLaren teaches about creating a membership. But when we look at the work of the hero’s journey, it helps us to understand. Russell Brunson also talks about this, in creating the story of binding our freebie around our paid offer around our tripwire. And that’s for those of you who are a little more advanced. 

But the truth is, he talks about this because people have to know this sequence. People have to know why you put this together. Who’s it for? What were the problems that you struggled with? And the solutions that you found? And why is it essential for this person to sign up for your freebie, your webinar, your workshop, your challenge, come to your group, get a discovery session with you?

Understand Why You Are Doing This

These are the fundamentals of building a healthy and strong and profitable business. You can do advanced strategies, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads. But what’s really important is to make sure that we understand why we do this. Who’s it for? This pain that we experienced. Our triumphs? The struggle? Did it work for us? Did it work for ideal clients? I mean, for our clients, or family, because remember, some of you are starting at the infancy you have no list. You’ve never had a client. 

But I guarantee you and I want you to write down right now five people, five people that you have helped who have similar issues? Or did you help your child? What did you do? Write down the five steps. If you helped your mom, your sister, your friend, write down what did you do? What were their five problems? What were the five solutions? Because I guarantee, because each one of you are so different, your solutions will be different. And that my friend, is what separates you from the other coach saying the same thing. Think about every coach who teaches weight loss, Keto, Primal, Paleo, detoxification, mindset, emotional eating, essential oils, network marketing. How do you separate yourself? It’s in doing this. 

Because when you understand why I’m gonna put one more out there for you guys because you know what?

Soap Opera Sequence

When I had no money to learn marketing, what I did is I followed people and made sure that I learned from the best soap opera sequence. If you hear me typing, you’re gonna hear me typing, because this is so important for you guys. A lot of people get really lost on what is a soap opera sequence. And the thing is, this is the essentials of storytelling. So you will hear a lot of people say storytelling or you’ll hear Russell Brunson say storytelling. When you’re creating your funnel. You’ll hear even your business coach say, Tell me the story behind your offer. Or tell me the story behind this challenge. 

But this is a great exercise, no matter if you’re a new coach. If you’re not converting, or if you’re in the advanced stages of growth, where you want to go from making $10,000 a month to $25k to $30k a month. It’s important for us to share these little stories because it allows people to understand why we do it. 

Story Number One

You’re setting the stage. You’re telling people you know. This is more like your introduction: I help people who are struggling with the following issues. I remember when I struggled with 123, I searched and searched and felt overwhelmed, felt tired, felt scared that I would always be struggling with an autoimmune scare. That I would pass this on to my children. Scared that I would end up stuck. Scared that this would be really my death sentence for my life. And that is why I have dedicated my life to helping women who are struggling with an autoimmune and have passed it to their children. And you see that I just flipped back to our original work on the pitch? That is why I created this amazing group, or this freebie or this course, or this challenge. 

Many of you get so stuck in the perfection that you don’t spend enough time cultivating the Who is this for, the why. And so when I then go back to the soap opera sequence, that’s a day one, give them a call to action, hey, hop on a discovery call with me because you know what? I am 100% dedicated to helping families or women like myself. Or get very niche-specific: women with an autoimmune who working a 9-5. Women with an autoimmune who are high powered or driven CEOs. Women with an autoimmune who are stay at home moms and find themselves with so much fatigue, that they feel guilty,

How To Define The Pitch

Hop on and let’s do a discovery session. Or, hey, I created this group, or watch this workshop that I have, or watch this video series. Just from us defining the pitch, boom, the possibilities are endless. Because we have the template, we have the structure. When you have a simple structure that does not feel overwhelming, a simple structure that you can do in 10 minutes, as I said, write down five different people that you’ve helped. Five problems, five solutions, that’s the structure. Then the practice and the perfection, the messy perfection comes in when you start sharing this message. 

Story Number Two

So post number two, or video two on social media is giving it the behind the story, the backstory. Something like, I remember when I was told that I have a diagnosis. I felt 123. I was so scared that ABC would happen. That I just felt panicked and overwhelmed. I just hit this wall. I was scared. I was struggling with 12345 issues physically, I felt emotionally stuck in these 123 areas. And I just thought my life would be over. 

But I started to add in these three steps, these three simple steps because through all the teachings and the knowledge and the protocols, I developed this signature method for myself. The signature method was to start with the simple basics. Enzyme therapy, probiotic rotation therapy, soil-based probiotics. And to make sure that I was mineralized because I had muriatic hormonal issues. So I started adding in Sol. 

Three very simple things that you could say like, Hey, you know what, go over to my site, I have this gut freebie in this gut workshop or go over to my site where I have an autoimmune flares workshop. These are all things that we have guys at yourhealthcoachbiz.com because we know many of you have struggled with a myriad of health issues. And so our job is to help you spend less time creating, more time connecting, more time testing these different messages and seeing where your ideal client is struggling with and then being able to give them high-value content. So that they continue to watch you. They continue to trust you and then they actually do convert because you brought in high value. 

Story Number Three

Day Three. You bring them in. This could be a social media post. This is even your About Me story. There’s a great flow and an About Me story is what happened. What was life like? What brought you to your knees? What did you learn? And what do you teach?

In the ‘What did you learn’ section is usually, I went to this school, I started working with this mentor. It’s the mentors that you had, it’s the schools that you went to. It’s the box. It’s all this stuff that you’ve geeked out on, that saves the pain and the time for your ideal client, but they have to know what you’ve done. You can’t just say, I’m a good expert. Here are my accolades. 

You need to build trust, you need to show somebody, you know what, yes, I struggled with these issues, gallstones, high cholesterol, my hair was falling out, I had sleep issues, hormonal issues. And guess what guys? I studied under this. And I created this different process for myself, because what was out there was not working. 

Brand vision, brand message. Because you’re sharing with people that the BS and the band-aids out there just don’t work. We’re not a one-stop shop in this world. If we were, there wouldn’t be the levels of sickness, emotionally, physically, spiritually metaphysically, that we’re seeing. The rise of cancer, the rise of autism, the rise of multiple faceted diagnoses, autoimmune, mystery illness, we wouldn’t be there, guys. 

So let’s just drop the perfection and get into messy dirty, dirty action. So that we can truly cultivate and practice this area. 

Story Number Four

Then on day four, if you were doing this in a funnel, or where you even feed videos, we call them, introduction, videos, micro-story videos, those are our lives. These are the things that you want to say to people. You can be like, you know what guys, here’s the benefit of you going and watching this autoimmune workshop or coming to this webinar, or getting a 1:1 session with me.  I wish that there was this one book that addressed 123. I struggled with 123 for 25 years, I look back at my family and I see sickness, sickness, and disease 1-234-567-8910 physically, I see sickness that has destroyed and created so much pain, emotionally and spiritually, that led to mental health issues that led to martyring that led to feeling that there was never a solution, a lot of depression, anxiety, and sadness. 

And that is why when you join or sign up with me for a discovery session, I will instantly give you a PDF or a video series, where I will instantly give you my three page roadmap for x issue. Because we go back to the original. What are the issues with you? What are the issues that you’ve struggled with? And what have you developed? What is your signature process? What has worked? How did you do it? 

We said, What is the story behind this and also how to make it a win-win. Because your ideal client is frustrated. They’re jaded, they’re frustrated with the over information, and how stressful it appears to make simple changes. So they don’t want to hear a whole get on the phone with me and it will talk for an hour. They want you to layout the stories for them. What happened? What was life like? How did you help yourself? How did you help x person as we laid out when we just did that mock storytelling.

Turning The Pain Into A Product

So give them a call to action. The last can be, you’ve set the story. Guys, you know what I’m putting together this low-cost group. I know that so many of my clients struggle with 123. I know that it took me 20 years to develop the process, the system and the method that I have that truly sets me apart from any other coach working with autoimmune food allergies and gut. I know this because I struggled and I hired so many people myself. And this one size fits all strategy did not work. And that’s why I developed a completely different process that helps you with a roadmap so that you can personalize. Most importantly, if you want to work with me in this group, my 1:1, we will personalize that together to actually fit into your busy life in this world because I’m different in the following ways 12345.

And that is how we start to develop the stories, we start to develop the stories around our products, because we know the pain and the pain turns into the product, free or paid. If you’re not converting right now, it’s for a reason. If you’re not converting right now, I can guarantee you 1,000% that you’re not clear on the pain, the problem, the desire, the pleasure, and most importantly, the promise. 

Turning Your Story Into An Elevator Pitch

Many coaches don’t know when I say, What do you do and why are you different? They most often say, Oh, this is where I get really stuck. Oh, I don’t know how to say this. And I just say, close your eyes. Tell me what you want to say to the world, if you weren’t worrying that anybody would judge you or that it wouldn’t sound perfect. And then I see the body change. And they say, I want to save people the pain that I felt when I was searching for 123. I want to save people the pain of hearing the diagnosis and thinking that that is the last stop. I want to save people the pain and it just comes out. And it just is so clear. And that’s why my 90 minute intensives are about that story of thought. 

That story evolving to the point that that one story, that what you stand for your brand, your message, who you are, your promise bleeds into everything. I know this because the coaches that have worked with many that have done this deep intense work. They have very successful businesses. One of my clients who came to me, she had a brick and mortar business. And she said I want to go online. And I said online, anybody can go online, it requires a very clear message. It requires knowing what your ideal client is struggling with, and most importantly, what they need to know about you so that they build trust in you. And she has a thriving business. 

My other client, Mandisa Ahmed, came to me with the same thing. She said, I have a thriving 1:1. She still does to this day works anywhere from six to eight hours a day with clients. And she said, but I want to serve people who can’t afford me 1:1. And that was the reason I went online because not everyone could afford me 1:1, or they weren’t ready. And both of them worked really, really hard in clarifying what they stood for, their brand message. The story behind their offers, the promise, the problems, the pain. 

Becoming A High Roller In Your Message

Another client, Lauren Courtney. She’s an unbelievable energy worker. She was a chef, she had hints of greens. And she did this deep work, having worked with a lot of network marketers who were running the same game that everyone is, come out and buy my oils. Come in buy this, come in buy that. Well, guess what guys? The reason that I was such a high enroller when I committed to go all-in with my oil business is I focused on attraction marketing. I focused on letting people know how I handled all the problems that I had in my life, my family, and that oils were one piece of the puzzle. Because of that because of the clarity. I enrolled like a machine because I believed it and because I let people really get to know me. 

Same thing as when I decided to go all in for the network marketing company that I did with hair and skin. My hair was a mess. I knew the problems. It was falling out. Do you go and look at pictures of me years ago, it was falling out. I felt sad. I felt exhausted and I felt like there was no hope and I had done what everyone else had done,the masks and the high end treatments and spent 1000s of dollars doing that. So I knew the pain. And I knew what I wanted and I knew what I wanted was the same of what other people want. So I was a high enroller not because I was sending standard messages to everyone. I was a high enroller because I was really clear on the pain. I was really clear on what I wanted. I was able to show before and afters. I was able to show that I was growing back hair, the baby hairs, I was able to show the results. 

Remember, people have to hear from you what you went through to trust. People don’t just convert. And that is something that a lot of coaches have been fed, which is complete BS, in these last four years of marketing. A Facebook ad doesn’t just get you people, maybe it will get you somebody, but are they actually converting? Are you running Facebook ads, and it’s costing $6? But is it actually working? Is it actually converting? Or are you just paying six bucks? Are you converting from your social media posts, from your videos, from your workshops? Or are you just working your tail off in frustration, and you’re not seeing the conversion? Which really means you’re not changing lives, which really means that you’re spending a lot of time and equity, exhaustion, feeling frustrated, doing the same thing and expecting different results? 

Stop! Nope, we do it differently here. I teach you what I did to build authority without Facebook ads, without having a virtual assistant. Until you’re three and a half. I had to keep it simple. I had to be really smart with my time. And guess what, you do too. 

So stay tuned for the next episode, when we’re going to break down the elevator pitch. It’s essential for you to know the elements of story building to get there. So guys, make sure that you go over to yourhealthcoachbiz.com if you’re looking for niche-specific products. Make sure that you are going below to the show notes, there is a great what I call it Niche Checklist 

Because yes, my goal is to have you thrive in this business, and have a lot of free stuff from us so that you can get clear and then spend the money on a coach or a course because you’re so crystal clear on the pain, the problems the pleasure, how your ideal client processes information from you. Meaning, do they like videos? Do they like challenges, workshops, webinars? So that you can really be smart with your time. 

Do Your Market Research

That’s where I do encourage you to always do market research. Take the time to get five people who are either past clients or your friends, or even ask, I need five people to get on a 30-minute call. So I can ask you some key questions so that I can learn how to serve you the best. If you even have 30 people on a newsletter list, ask them. Pull in a group if you have it. Ask in a giveaway. Say please fill out these five questions so that you know the pain and you know what your ideal client wants, you know how to speak to them. And that you’re always going back to your why. And your story. 

Take a deep breath guys. It’s all good. It’s all good. We’ve got you. We won’t drop you. I will see you later. Again, my name is Rachel Feldman. My happy home is at RachelAFeldman.com. Blogs, podcast, freebies, all that jazz. 

We’ve got your back. I know it because I struggled. My job is to save you the pain so that you can truly become the international coach that you know you want to be so that you can change this world. I will see you guys on the flip side. Remember, go back to that pitch, write down your pain, the pain, the problems, talk to five people. Talk to five people or write down five people that you have helped. 

Because even if you’ve never coached, you’ve help somebody. I will guarantee it. You’ve helped either yourself, your sister, your friend, your neighbor. Just get clear on what you did. What was your signature process? What was different? Because you are different. And then marry these beautiful stories that you have from your life into why it’s essential for me to come to your workshop or your webinar or your challenge or your group, or your Facebook page or a discovery session. Because at the end of the day, you have to build that like, know, and trust factor to convert. 

Alright guys, peace out, you know your homework, you know your action step, take it and I will see you later. Bye, guys.

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