Videos, Anxiety and A Free Webinar for Health Coaches


I have struggled with social anxiety for years.

I could not speak in public for YEARS.

The first YEAR that I recorded videos for YouTube, my body would sweat profusely, my heart would race, my cheeks would turn beet red, and my lips would tremble with nerves.

I was scared, and I know you are scared too.

You want to be on video. You see everyone else popping up live in your newsfeed on video – BUT you’re scared stiff to hit the button.

What will they think?
Will they believe me?
Do I look tired?
Do I look healthy?
Am I beautiful?
Will they laugh at me?

Sound familiar?

This negative chatter is the bullshit that is holding you back.

I want you to know this…

You can hit the record button.
You can go LIVE on Facebook.



You are brilliant.
You are gorgeous.
You are BRAVE.

If ANYONE has EVER told you anything different, don’t believe it anymore.

I don’t want you to hold yourself back because of fear.

Fear is the #1 DREAM STEALER, and I will not let fear steal your dreams.

I’m going to teach you how to OVERCOME all of your fears and ENTER THE MARKETING WORLD THROUGH LIVE VIDEOS on March 10th at 7 pm EST.

I want you to be there because you deserve to let go and live FEARLESSLY.

How many times have you not moved forward because you felt paralyzed by fear?
How many times have you waited for the perfect moment instead of just being YOU?

You don’t have to wait to create greatness.

You ARE GREAT. Your mission is GREAT.

I couldn’t wait for the perfect moment. I had to put food on the table and pay bills. This story I often tell is not a BS story. If you were there with me when my husband said that we had to sell our home to live on the funds you would know the painful truth.

My heart broke. I was devastated. I was full of anger and resentment that filled my body for years.

I had two choices: go back to the commercial real estate business, or build a sustainable health coaching practice with everything I had inside of me.

I was a mom of two children under the age of 4. I struggled with social anxiety, and couldn’t go to network events.

I HAD to build my business, and I had to do it FAST.


Trust me when I tell you this… the lighting could fall short, and the camera could be shaky – but if you SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART, THE WORLD WILL FALL IN LOVE.


Join me March 10th if you’re ready to learn how to let go of your fears and move forward into a profitable business.

I will teach you how to MASTER videos, host webinars, shoot videos on the go from your phone, live stream on Facebook, join the periscope hype, video and #hashtag on Instagram, and all you have to do is SHOW UP and be yourself.

Leave the expectations behind. Your HEART is your perfection. WEAR THAT.


I’m giving you 6 days to do this:

#1. Sign up for YouTube
#2. Shoot a 2-minute video introducing yourself as a health coach. You can shoot a video from Quicktime (MAC users only) or from your iPhone or smartphone. Download the MP4 to your desktop when you shoot from Quicktime or email the MP4 from your phone to your inbox.
#3. Upload the MP4 to YouTube [you can even keep it unlisted, it’s our secret.] #4. Watch it and don’t judge.
#5. If you are brave enough, share it with social media or with your bestie. To share it on social media, make sure you change the settings from unlisted to PUBLIC.

Still afraid? NO WAY!!!!

See you on March 10th – a free webinar just for you my friend (awesome health coach)! Click here to join me.

All my love,




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