Launch PRO KIT for business owners

I remember my first launch. I had no idea I needed a plan.

I remember hiring a virtual assistant team when I could finally afford it and they asked me questions like:

” What is your squeeze page.?

” What are your pre-marketing emails?”

“What are your prices?”

“What is our social media?”

“Are you dripping out your launch?”

“Are you doing a webinar 2 weeks before launch and then one the night of launch?”

Let’s just say I wanted to pull my hair out and cry — and I did.

I learned the hard way and that does not have to be the case for you.

You need a plan of action, bottom line and keep to your calendar.

I know it can be tough for creative souls to get organized but it is key.

Here are my favorites tools and tips for getting organized with a Launch

  1. Teamwork or Basecamp. You can use trello, which is free if you do not want to make the investment
  2. Dropbox or Amazon for delivery of materials
  3. or for making social media images unless you go to Upwork and find a great freelancer
  4. Define your dates and decide if your launch is online or offline.
    1. HINT — the online and offline program launch can still be structured the same way and delivery of materials can all be automated
  5. Email Marketing – make sure you have all your emails (pre, during and post launch) created. Some people have a 2 week open and closed doors while others, like myself run a program all season.
  6. Marketing – you have to market and you have to let people know who YOU are as well as the key points of your product.
    1. Why are you different from the rest?
    2. What will this program do for me?
  7. Get Visible – this means create videos on facebook, live stream on google, and let people get to know you.
  8. Google Drive – Draft your welcome letters or even your emails in google drive and create a folder to stay organized

If you are feeling like I am speaking another language, I have two solutions for you.

#1 Download this free launch kit here

#2 Join me for a LIVE and Interactive webinar on how to shoot killer videos (even when you do not have a team helping you).

I build my business by myself. I learned all the tech stuff and did not let it take me down. I am now going to teach you.

My name is Rachel Feldman and I help health coaches, business peeps, CEO’s and entrepreneurs build the businesses they deserve.




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