183. How Energy and Alignment Unlock Business Success with Gabriel Omat and Marc Longwith

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Are you frustrated with your business’s lack of financial success despite your best efforts? Do you find sales to be a daunting challenge? Are you ready to overcome imposter syndrome and step into your true expertise? Want practical tips on how to bring your life and your business into alignment so you can thrive?

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle podcast, we delve into the world of energy, alignment, and avoiding burnout in the business realm with Gabriel Omat and Marc Longwith from the Energetic Alignment Academy. Gabriel and Marc share their background and how they came together as partners after Gabriel hired Marc to help her with her business. Together they emphasize the role of alignment in avoiding burnout and finding joy and happiness in coaching. In our conversation we discuss the challenges entrepreneurs face with sales, and Gabriel and Marc offer insights on reframing sales as a purposeful and authentic endeavor to help overcome those obstacles. 

We also tackle imposter syndrome and how alignment strategies like meditation can help build confidence and authenticity, and how morning routines and embracing uniqueness promote alignment for business success. If you’re seeking honest and practical advice on achieving alignment in both your life and business, this episode is a must-listen.

Connect with Gabriel and Marc:

Energetic Alignment Academy website: https://www.energeticalignmentacademy.com/

Energetic Alignment Academy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/energeticalignmentacademy/

Energetic Alignment Academy 3-day workshop: https://www.energeticalignmentacademy.com/3day-workshop

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