How to Launch Your Signature Program

The most common reason that health coaches fail to scale their business is a lack of clarity about their services and how to start a signature program that will quickly launch it.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of health coaches take a lot of the guesswork (and leg work) out of the development side of a signature program.

Maybe you’re wondering…

…How do I set it up to sell, and how do I capture sales?

…What should the price point be?

Who am I trying to sell it to?

And, do you even know what a signature program is?

What Is A Signature Program?

A signature coaching program is a personalized coaching program that is unique to you and your brand.

It’s the thing that makes you stand out as a coach and differentiates you from all of the other health and wellness coaches out there.

Every health and wellness coach should have a signature coaching program because…

It Allows You to Serve More Clients: By creating a signature coaching program, you’re able to serve more clients by packaging your services in a format that is easy for them to understand and buy into.

It Shows Your Expertise: When you create a signature coaching program, you’re demonstrating your expertise.

Your signature coaching program is the core of how your business grows and thrives.

It’s how you leverage your time and money while also being able to serve more clients that need your help.

But, how do you choose one?

And more importantly, how do you make sure it is compelling enough to stand out and sell?

The Nuts And Bolts Of A Signature Coaching Program

Your signature coaching program should be something that you are passionate about and that you believe in wholeheartedly.

It should be a reflection of who you are as a coach and the biggest results and impact you want to make.

When choosing a signature coaching program, it is important to start with your expertise because that is what you are most qualified to teach and, more than likely, most passionate about.

What do you know more about than anyone else?

What can you share with your clients that no one else can?

Once you have identified your area of expertise, the next step is to create a program around it.

If you have purchased one of my Done-For-You programs for Health Coaches, then you are already 85% of the way there!

And if you didn’t know, every program comes with tons of training that takes you from idea to being fully set up and automated without the overwhelm.

It can feel daunting trying to develop a program that is essentially the core of your business, which you’ll continue to optimize as you grow.

But when you find clarity around your vision and what you want people to get from working with you, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

Don’t have a signature program? Or looking to launch a NEW signature program?

Here are a few of my recommendations (based on what’s HOT right now):

Pro Tips To Launch

Lastly, let me give you some PRO TIPS (from a woman who has done this online and offline. ME!)

  • Give yourself ONLY 2 hours to edit the materials and create a form using your email marketing system. Give to 5 friends for testimonials.
  • Promote this for two solid weeks. Ask your existing clients or your friends to help you promote online to share your holiday gift.
  • Lead them to a 1-1 call. Plan 3 days in the first week of the month and 2nd week to get people on a phone call and upsell them to your group PLUS use the sales page to promote.
  • Define your short [14-21] day program & commit to your start date, such as [The month] 24th [Program start]
  • Give yourself 6 hours to edit. Give yourself 2 hours to create a sales page in lead pages, Eventbrite, or your email marketing system like MailChimp.
  • Give to 5 friends for testimonials. BYE, BYE perfection!!
  • START to Promote your Group 2 weeks before the start date, you open the cart.
  • You can have friends tag you online with testimonials and recipe pictures as YOU want them to TEST before launching.
  • This timeline gives you six solid weeks to promote and launch without losing your mind.
  • Remember, the best launches – online or offline – happen when you have tested recipes, giving yourself enough time to edit and launch.

Don’t make this hard on yourself, coach. We NEED you out there helping and serving people more than ever with the way the world is.

People need healing. And… they NEED YOU.

Ready to go all in? Speed up the process of developing a program that allows you to do that by snagging one of the Done-For-You Programs here: 


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