191. How to Build a Soul-Aligned Wellness Business with Kami Guildner

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Have you been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted trying to grow your wellness business? Are you looking to build an amazing brand and business that aligns with your soul and brings you joy? Do you wish you could learn strategies for simplifying your business, knowing your ideal client, pricing your services effectively, and creating more time prosperity in your life?

In this episode of the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I interview business coach Kami Guildner on the importance of building a soul-aligned brand and business. Kami shares her personal journey of building a soul-aligned brand and business after initially following marketing gurus and losing her authentic voice. 

During our conversation, Kami provides strategies for connecting with one’s inner wisdom and owning their voice. She also highlights the power of storytelling in building a brand that stands out and resonates with clients on a deeper level. Kami shares her SMART business model – the secret to her and her client’s success! And finally, Kami also discusses the importance of mindset and energy in building a successful business.

Join us to learn how to take care of your mindset, body, spirit, and community in order to resonate at a high vibration and attract more clients into their business. 

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