192. How to Define Your Profitable Niche in 5 Simple Steps

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Are you struggling to define a profitable niche for your coaching or wellness business? Have you been attracting clients who drain your energy and trigger your own personal struggles? Do you want to learn how to create compelling marketing messages that speak directly to your ideal clients?

In this episode of Healthy Hustle, I’m sharing my free workshop on the 5 steps to define your profitable niche. One of the most common mistakes I see health coaches make is not narrowing down their niche because they want to help everyone.  In the online market, it’s crucial to be specific and target your ideal client so they can hear your message and see you as the solution to their problem. During this episode, I provide practical steps to define your niche, including connecting your personal experience to your potential clients, identifying your unique story and hero journey, and brainstorming your interests and preferred tasks.

If you are ready to make money and attract dream clients, grab your notebook and tune in to this week’s episode!

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