20 Ways to Make Video a Powerful Marketing Tool for Health Coaches

Are you a Health Coach?

Struggling for people to find you?

Struggling to even get somebody to opt in to your free course?


We need to change how we work because the game has changed.


Meet the Solution.

Don’ freak out. 

I am talking Video Marketing for Health Coaches.

Facebook has changed. Right? Also, the market is flooded, which means you need to stand out.


Your message.

Screw the funnel.

I am not saying you should not focus on the funnel, but you need to share your message – your story – your hero journey.

Check out these 20 different ways on how to harness video on your marketing techniques for health coaches.

1. Find out the Proper Video Length

Each social media platform has a specific and recommendable video length. These numbers vary greatly on different platforms based on how the users consume the video. You can go under the required time, but you should not exceed it. If you think you have more to share that will make you go beyond the limited period, you can post a link on your video that will direct your audience to YouTube so they can watch it further.

• Facebook – 120 minutes

• Twitter – 30 seconds

• Instagram – 60 seconds

• Snapchat – 10 seconds

• Vine – 6 seconds

2. Enhance the accessibility feature

To make it more accessible to those who have hearing-impaired conditions, you can add subtitles to your video so they can also get all the information. It allows you to interact with your target audience and you also give them the opportunity to watch your content in places they’re not allowed to make noise. You can add subtitles to it by using the proper video editing tools.

3. Take Advantage of the Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the leading video tools we have today. It allows you to share your content to the audience in real-time. While airing the video, you can instantly see the number of viewers you have for that period, as well as the comments and likes you get. It gives you the opportunity to address the comments as soon as it pops out on your screen.

4. Capture Your Audiences’ Attention Early

In the video, you have to ensure that you can capture your viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds when you begin it. To do it, ensure you go directly to the point and be concise about the kind of content you want to share. Make them think that they don’t have to go anywhere else to look for something because of the assurance they get that you have the resolution to their problem.

5. Teach Your Viewers by Creating How-to Videos

Whether you want to teach your audience about the concepts or lessons you want them to learn, creating a how-to video is the straightforward solution which is proven to be effective. This strategy is very common to people who wish to teach DIY projects or anything you can develop from scratch. If you have more to share, just use a video editing tool that will let you speed up your tutorial.

6. Search Optimization

Just like any other content on the internet, search optimization helps you increase the traffic to your site. Use keywords or phrases that will direct your audience to your video. For social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, using hashtags boost the search results when the people try to find your video.

7. State a Call to Action

Stating a call to action is one of the most crucial parts of a video. It is your way of implementing your goals and what you want your audience to do after they watch it. Viewing it is not enough because they have to do something that will benefit both of you. If you can’t state it, make sure you put a caption inviting them to take action. You may also post a clickable annotation on it and ask them to click it so they can learn more about your brand.

8. Keep your Audiences Updated

Keeping your users updated with the new products, changes, promotions, or upcoming events happening in your brand results to the exceptional customer experience. Just imagine them buying your brand, but they are not aware you made some changes to it, or they can buy it for a discounted price. Of course, you don’t want to fail them so make sure you consistently keep them in the loop.

9. Share with Your Audience the Happenings Behind the Scenes

Recording or creating a live video to show how your brand was created and how it works has a significant impact on your customer’s loyalty. You make them feel that they are part of your story and you want them to see how genuine your product is.

10. Produce a high-quality video

Quality is something not only your product must possess, but it must also be seen in your video. By using appropriate video editing tool, you can create a flawless content with clear and attractive images on it.

11. Run Video Ads

Video ads allow you to increase your video views even when you are offline. Conduct testing first before you run your ad campaign to make sure it goes out efficiently to the massive audience to achieve positive results.

12. Create a Catchy Headline

Just like in blogging, readers easily get attracted to striking headlines before they read the entire blog. In the video, you capture the interest of your audience by creating a headline that can wake their interest. You also need to insert some keywords between the title to make it easy for them to find your video. It will help you increase your traffic and rankings in the native search engines.

13. Add Your Logo

Adding a logo is one way for your audience to remember your brand easily and if the video is yours. No matter they share it with others in the social media, people can identify if it is associated with your company. Make sure it is located in the corner that will not impede your video.

14. Focus on Your Message

Since you only have a limited time to convey your message, make sure your video is worthy of your audiences’ time. Avoid inserting a story that is not associated with your brand and would just confuse them. Always remember to value your follower’s time by providing a story that only points your brand.

15. Produce a Video with Better Sound Quality

Just like the image in the video, a sound is also an important aspect you should focus on. Ensure there is no other destructing noise while you do your recording. If you want to use background music, make sure it is clear as well, but it should not be louder than your voice when you speak.

16. Feature Storytelling

Add value to your video by telling stories behind your brand. It allows you to stay connected with your audience most especially if you use those relatable stories coming from real people who are also part of the community. Enhance its value by leaving something they have to remember even after they finish watching your content.

17. Track Your Metrics

Pay attention to the numbers of engagement, views, clicks, and shares you get. It is essential for you to know to identify each value, so you are aware where your brand stands. It also informs you if your strategy is working. It lets you know which area of your strategy requires your attention so you can improve it to make it better. Despite your focus to this lowest area, you also need to pay attention to the highest points you have succeed. It will not only motivate you to do better, but you can also use the strategy in making more videos in the future.

18. Choose a Dynamic Thumbnail

Even before your video plays, the first things the audience can see is the thumbnail. It can influence the users’ decision to click the play button or not. It must be something that is not only appealing, but it should also represent your brand to set their expectation. Each platform has its own thumbnail options and you must choose the high-quality one.

19. Harness the Auto Play Feature

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has autoplay feature. It allows your video to play even when the users did not click the play button. You have to make sure that the first few seconds can grab the attention of your target audience. Users are most likely to turn it off if they use mobile devices because it might incur them extra charges on their data but there is still an alternative for this one. You can try your video campaign for desktop users and test if this strategy increases your views and engagement.

20. Evoke Emotions

Since videos already offer more real and alive images, you can enhance it by showing an uplifting gesture or facial expressions that will trigger them to respond to your call to action. Furthermore, you can also make the emotions more powerful by using background music and appropriate fonts that match the feelings you are trying to imply.

Creating videos to educate.

Be different than the rest.

Everyone is pushing a program – go Rogue.

This means you are gonna educate via videos – then lead your people to a Facebook forum or a landing page with your CTA (call to action).

Video Marketing is vital for the health coach because people need to see you and trust you to hire you, right?

Looking for a Ketogenic Program or a Clean eating Program?

What about a done for you sugar or gut or thyroid?

What about a done for you workshop or blog content package or even the business mastermind?

Health Coach Meal Planning Membership Club


Grab it all here.

Done for You.

Business in a Box for Health Coaches.



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