200. Healing Perfectionism: A Path to Joy, Vitality, and Authentic Living

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Are you tired of the constant pressure to be perfect? Do you ever feel like your life is controlled by the need to appear perfect? Have you ever wondered why perfectionism steals so much joy and vitality from our lives? Are you ready to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace imperfection? Is it time to break free from the cycle of trying to prove yourself through perfection?

In this edition of the Healthy Hustle podcast, host Rachel Feldman engages in a profound discussion with Mandy, a recovering perfectionist. Together, they explore the intricacies of perfectionism and trauma, delving into Mandy’s personal journey and her strategies for overcoming these challenges. Mandy shares how she transformed her traumatic past into an opportunity for personal growth, offering valuable insights into breaking free from perfectionism to live authentically and make a positive impact.

The dialogue also explores the influence of perfectionism on parenting and the importance of breaking generational cycles, with both hosts underscoring the significance of self-compassion, grace, and vulnerability in fostering healthier relationships with oneself and others.

Tune in for this inspiring discussion.

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