3 Steps to have killer marketing

Killer marketing is key, right? Want a thriving business? You have to master marketing, online or offline.

Everyone always asks me where I went to school for marketing or who I hired for branding.

I did not go to school for marketing but I study trends. I study people and I listen.

The best marketing is this:

#1 Know your customer. Test on social media what pain points your potential client has and why. You want to be writing copy as if you were writing to one specific client. For today, let’s call her Mary. Mary is working 9-7 every day and is exhausted. Mary has gained weight and feels lost in her soul.

Take 5 minutes to write about Mary’s pain points. What does Mary need and desire?

Mary needs a step by step plan but one that is NOT overwhelming since her job takes up a lot of her time. Mary also needs to work on her self-love and self-care.

#2 Where are your customers? Too often health coaches spend time on twitter instead of taking the time to work their marketing in places that may be more effective to humanize marketing like Facebook Live stream or Periscope or just having consistent posts on Facebook and writing with intention.

#3 Writing with intention. When you are posting on social media, plan your posts. This does not mean you cannot write from the heart last minute or post or share an article or picture you want to post, but if you are launching your website, or a program or trying to get health histories, your social media should tell a story. Each post or video should have a call to action unless that post or video is for building trust and authority.

Here is a killer cheat sheet for making your marketing pop.

Adobe Spark-24

If you struggle with your marketing, just think about your own story or what you need to hear.

Often what our potential client needs to hear is exactly what we needed or need to hear.

Humanize your work and your marketing. 

Step away from the launch plan and think about how you need to speak to your niche & avatar.

To master video marketing, one of my favorite ways to humanize your work, join me on August 1st for a 5 Day FREE video marketing challenge.

Join here.

Love & Hustle,

Rachel Feldman

P.S. Did you read my article on Huffington Post about productivity? Read the story here.


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