Is email marketing dead?

What is the deal with email marketing? Are your click rates as high as they were 2 years ago or 3 years ago?

I have paid for emails to be written.

I have written emails myself.

I have done a combo of both.

I am NOT saying email marketing is dead, but let’s think for a second. 

What is viral right now?

  1. Periscope
  2. Live stream on Facebook
  3. Live stream on Twitter
  4. Snapchat
  5. Musically
  6. All VIDEOS…see a Trend.

It is time to get comfy with your computer and make some videos or heck, get comfy with your phone and start to shoot videos and upload them for visibility to use on a sales page, website, promote a program or product.



So, why is video marketing viral?

It HUMANIZES your business – it’s the next best thing to help you grow your business and entice paying clients.

I’m hosting a FREE video marketing challenge for more visibility to help you build your tribe, get maximum exposure, and get clients that’ll pay you to help them (and do what you love!!)

We start August 1st. >>>>

Viral video marketing
When you join and complete the challenge your name will be entered for a chance to a WIN a $100 VISA GIFT CARD to buy anything your heart desires plus a 1:1 coaching hour with MOI. BOOYAH!!.

Ready for more? more clients? more cash? more visibility?

Join now.

Love, Rachel Feldman

P.S. what do you have to lose? I would not give up the opportunity to learn how to shoot videos and post them even if I am traveling or work a 9-5 job. Sign up here.


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