3 Steps to Launching your First Product and Making Money

Your Health Coach Biz: 3 Steps to Launching your First Product and Making Money

3 Steps to Launching your First Product and Making MoneyFor health coaches in nearly any field who want to launch an online or offline business, this is a simple step by step on how to lessen the overwhelm.

So why aren’t more coaches selling do it yourself products or launching an online or offline program? Like you, they’re stuck in the process, unsure of the steps to take to create a great product/program.

Step 1: Identify the Problem for your Niche

As a health coach, you have great insight into the wants and needs of your ideal client. You chat with her on Facebook, answer her email questions, respond to the comments she leaves on your blog, and even work with her one-on-one.


What are the 10 problems you niche or avatar is experiencing:? How can you solve this problem?

This is the product or the program you should be creating and then launching.

Step 2: Gather the information about your Niche

Take the time to research your niche. When I was coaching, I did surveys, webinars. Teleclasses, free events and a ton of list building to test my market.

Ways to gather information, so you can craft your business to match your potential client’s needs. Use your:

  • Blogs
  • Emails (and autoresponder)
  • Client calls
  • Social media posts
  • YouTube channel
  • Opt-in freebies
  • Offline networking events

Before you spend time crafting a product or program, take time to do your due diligence for your niche.

What problem are you solving?

Step 3: Create the Solution

Now that you have your idea, it’s time to put it together in a way that will make sense to your audience. Will you…

  • Host a webinar?
  • Create a membership site? For a comprehensive, step-by-step course, you can’t beat the flexibility of a membership site.
  • Offer a group coaching program? Add personal time with you to your membership site, and you’ve got an instant group coaching program. Not only that but you’ve dramatically upped the value (and cost) as well.
  • Create a series of opt-in freebies?

Your choice will depend on the scope of the solution. Is it a simple answer that can be explained in a few pages or is it a complex issue that requires several weeks of work?

If you DO NOT know the problem, then I encourage you to test using social media, free events, surveys, quizzes, polls on Facebook.

Creating a product doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Sure, you can design a massive, all-inclusive course if you like, but when you’re just getting started, that’s a daunting prospect. This is why many health coaches choose the done for you programs to launch their:

Offline and Online Business

Need support crafting your funnel?

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