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5 Factors That Affect a Health Coach’s Business Longevity

Rachel Feldman | Your Health Coach Biz If you want to start your business as a health coach, careful planning along with dedication and consistent effort is required. Aiming to help mankind in living a better life with improved health standards is admirable. You can peruse your career in this field if you have the required knowledge and qualifications.

For those who truly want to adopt health coaching as a profession, we have come up with a comprehensive guide.

Whether you wish to run it online or you want to conduct regular sessions at your place of business, we have a complete step-by-step plan for you. Following these steps properly can help you to take a great start of your own business.

Before that, you should have a clear idea about what exactly the ‘health coach’ is and what are the expected responsibilities associated with it. Well, the term refers to a health professional who offers valuable advice and guidance to the clients so that they can enjoy better health and an improved quality of life. Being a coach, your job would be to guide people about healthy living and suggest practical and useful lifestyle changes by considering their individual health concerns.

There is an enormous potential in the health coaching industry. People are becoming more and more health conscious, and they are looking for your professional help. If you are qualified to start this business, you should follow the below mentioned steps.

1.  Transform your vision into Business Plan

Planning is the key to success. Start by creating a detailed business plan. There are many reasons why should develop a plan first. Some of these are mentioned below.

⇒ Keeps you on track

A well-made plan keeps the businessman on track. It helps you to decide when to invest in your business.

⇒ Identifies initial needs

Planning helps you to decide what things are needed to be done first. Besides, if you require financial assistance to start the business, having a plan is an absolute must.

⇒ Assists in identifying competitors

Knowing and understanding your competition is an integral part of building a business plan. When you begin to write yours, you will get to know who your competitors are and what they are doing to excel in the business.

Your plan can either be simple or complex. Map out all the minor and major details for achieving your goals through measurable actions. Identify your long-term and short-term goals. Design your business plan and include sales targets, yearly milestones, revenue projections, and your budget.

When I first started my business, this was very overwhelming for me. So let me help you…Download this FREE business plan template to get you started. I am not affiliated with this company, but I am all about empowering you to move you forward.

2.  Know your Legal Responsibilities

Once you have penned down your business plan, you are one step further on your path to success and longevity as a health coach. Now, you have to clearly understand the legalities of running your own business as a health coach.

⇒ Scope of Practice

Legislation concerning health advice usually varies from state to state. Therefore, you should get some knowledge about that. Besides, you have to define the scope of your practice. You are required to have a strong command over legal issues so that you clearly know the dos and don’ts of the business. Know what you can and can’t say…what you can and can’t do.

⇒ Legal Assistance

Hiring a lawyer is a great idea. He will help to ensure that your business’ terms and conditions and contracts with the clients are in line with your practice scope as per the local jurisdiction.

⇒ Trademarking business name

After selecting a catchy and unique business name, you should make efforts to protect it. All you need to do is get your business name trademarked. It is better to do this in the initial phase.

Watch this video with I made with Lisa Fraley knowing the legal laws for your health coach business:

3.  Create a Marketing Strategy

Developing an innovative marketing strategy is essential to generate an increased number of leads. Besides, it aids in gaining a high conversion rate as well.

There are certain things that you should remember while making your strategy.

⇒ Be creative

Remember that how you present your business is important. Think of something out of the box so that you can get potential clients’ attention. Let them know what makes you better than the rest and why should they choose you.

⇒ Identify the Ideal Target client

If you want to run your business successfully and get more clients, your marketing efforts should be targeted. Identify the target audience and make the best of your efforts to reach the concerned individuals instead of marketing to anyone and everyone. Stay focused. For instance, you are planning to coach women it should be reflected in your marketing strategy.

⇒ Create Your Brand

Branding is an essential factor to consider. Branding your business is crucial. You can begin by sharing your story along with the aim to run this business so that that targeted audience can get to know more about your business.

4.  Enhance online presence

Whether your business is solely online or you are planning to offer services in both online and onsite sessions, it is essential to maintain a strong image online. This is the age of technology, and people spend most of their time online. That’s’ the place where you can catch your potential clients.

The two most important things that you should do in order to build your online reputation are mentioned below.

⇒ Develop your website

The website serves as your virtual office. It is the place where your online clients would come and get an idea of what you do and how capable you are. Therefore, it needs to be built nicely. Make sure that the theme and graphics are appealing and keep the interface easy and user-friendly. If you don’t know how to develop a website, you can get the task done by the professionals.

⇒ Use Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable. It has massive potential, and you can use it for growing your business. Especially, marketing through different platforms of social media is very cost effective and generates positive outcomes. Make your business page on Facebook and Instagram. Besides, you can start your own channel on Youtube as well.

5.  Find a Mentor

Establishing your setup and building everything from scratch is never easy. I’m not going to beat around the bush…It’s straight up HARD WORK. It requires your time, efforts, and financial investment. But to make sure that you are using everything in the best way, you require professional assistance. The initial phase is always difficult, and if this is your very first time of starting a business, you definitely need guidance.

If you want to take a good start and get success in the beginning, you should find a mentor. A Mentor or Business Coach help you in each step and assist in laying the foundations of your startup on solid grounds. Taking assistance from the experienced and qualified professional would yield positive consequences, and it will have a long-lasting impact on your business.

Once you have started coaching and have established your name, you can continue without a mentor. But, it would be beneficial to hire one at the start. In the meantime, Join me and other health coaches like you in our FREE forum. Share your niche and story. Your hero Journey. Get support from a like-minded community.

Bottom Line…

If you want to make money, moolah, cash $$ as a health coach…follow the steps mentioned above. Along with proper planning, money, and online presence, you should have the right skill-set and sufficient knowledge and expertise. Besides, relevant experience can make you a credible choice.

If you need help, Book a time with me on my calendar HERE Let’s get you a plan so this is NOT a hobby and you can hit your goals.




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