5 Free social media images for health coaches

Are you needing support? Are you a health coach with a ton of questions.

Hell, we all do. I know I cannot play big without support.

Here’s the deal: Before making a commitment to anything new, we have a ton of questions.
And I know that you have questions about the Healthy Hustle Business Mastermind.

Is the Business Mastermind right for you?
Will it work for your unique situation?
I want to be totally honest with you and answer any question you may have.
Here’s what I have for you:

I’m starting a livestream just for you.

Join me on the livestream here :: – feel free to ask as many questions as you want
If you can’t make it live, I’ll start a unique post in our Facebook group so you can ask your questions there too. Join the group here if you haven’t already.

Adobe Spark-201st TOPIC: How to use coupons like 2 for 1 with your online and offline programs plus LIVE Q & A about my business, my system and how I can teach you a model of success.

2nd TOPIC: Is the Business Mastermind for you?

Why am I doing this?

My courses and programs are different to any other course or program out there. Other programs are for entrepreneurs in general. They’re not specific to even a coaching business. Everything I create is exclusively for health coaches.
Other programs out there have forums for support but the owner of the program is rarely available. I’m with you every step of the way. I am in the forums answering your questions because I remember what it felt like to be confused or not know what next step to take to grow my biz.

Should I post on my personal page or Facebook business page?
Should I launch on a Thursday or Monday?
Should I send out my newsletter at 6 am or 8 pm? Does Tuesday work or is Saturday morning better?
The questions are endless and guess what? I have the answers for you.

I know you have questions. I’m psyched to answer them. You won’t ask me anything I haven’t heard before – trust me! I have been in your shoes.

Remember, the early bird price and bonuses with the Healthy Hustle Business Mastermind go away after July 17th.

Join me on the Livestream Here
Check out these sick bonuses for the business mastermind (and I don’t mean sick like the flu..I mean sick like build a sick ass business with a killer plan and crush it)…yeah that kind of sick.

So if you have questions about the program, the bonuses, or anything – join the livestream on Saturday & Sunday at 7 PM EST (July 16th & 17th) and I’ll answer them.

Love & Hustle,


PS – There’s another way to get your questions answered. I’ve already answered the most common questions right here. If you don’t find the answers there, see you on the livestream!

collage certificatesPPS – I’m giving you 5 free certificates you can use to build your health coaching business. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to use these, I’ve got your back…I’ll be discussing how to do a 2 for 1 offer to grow your business during the livestream. Download your 5 free certificates here.

Love & Hustle,



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