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So many people ask me, how did I figure out my brand? Let’s talk Branding 101.


Well, here is a quick-quick tutorial to share my best branding advice:


Tip #1: Wear what you wear, ALL the time.


I’m a Philly chick – I grew up in the city in the 80s and 90s. Black is kind of my thing. And zippers. I love zippers.


On any given day, you’ll find me in my fave skinny Guess jeans, paired with an oversized shirt or even a wife-beater. Yes, I wear wife-beaters. Don’t judge.


And when it comes to shoes, I always wear some type of heel. Why? I’m under 5’.


My signature “look” is comfortable, unapologetic, and totally me.


Tip #2: Don’t try to look or talk like someone else.


If you don’t wear makeup, you don’t need to layer on the eyeliner to keep up with the latest fad.


I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I keep it au naturel because that’s how I feel the most comfortable and confident.


And I talk like how I talk. I say “like” a lot. I say “ya know” a lot.


It’s like totally me, ya know. I infuse my everyday language into my copy, my marketing, and my videos.


Why sound like someone else?


Tip #3: Don’t over-complicate it.


If you like to have fun in your videos, then show off your playful side.


If you like to glam it up with designer accouterments, then bring on the Birkin.


If you like the color pink, then rock it, girlfriend.


The bottom line of your brand…


Your brand may change over time. As you evolve, your brand will evolve.


But stay consistent in the day-to-day. Look in your closet if you forget who you are t-o-d-a-y.


I always say that the closet is the best place to find your brand.


And whatever you do, don’t get stuck and over-complicate the brand thing.


Is it great to have a logo? Yes. But I didn’t start with a logo. I started building my business with my babies on the floor, crawling next to me.


So if you’re shooting videos, speak from your heart. If you’re writing your blog, channel your own voice. If you’re speaking to a group, be yourself.


Dress how you dress.


Talk how you talk.


Walk how you walk.


Rock out your brand, build your business, and make it happen.


And yes, to answer your question.


I don’t have a camera crew.


I do my own makeup. I do my own hair. You can do it on your own. I know – I built my business from scratch.


You literally don’t need anything except an iPhone to spread your message. 


If you do not know your brand, your niche, your sub-niche or your message, this is why I created the Healthy Hustle Business Mastermind (where you will learn how to master every aspect of your brand).


You CANNOT build a successful business without knowing your message, your story and why you do what you do.


RW post

Creating a powerful brand without building a powerful system is a recipe for disaster.


Combine your one-of-a-kind brand with this season’s hottest BUSINESS MASTERMIND (BECAUSE WE ALL NEED A POSSE TO HELP US THRIVE).


Maybe you’re like me…


Scrambling to find recipes all over the internet, creating meal plan after meal plan for your clients, spending crazy-long hours trying to make a document look pretty.


That was me in year 2 of my business. It was exhausting.


Every program you see below is a program I needed in my own business.


My clients needed a system and so did I.


My clients needed an elimination program … so I created the DETOX.


My clients needed a clean eating system … so I created REVITALIZE which includes the 28 day transformation program.


My clients needed an ESSENTIAL OILS ADD-ON … so I created a branded and non-branded option.


My clients needed a grain-free program to help them tackle digestive issues … so I created a modified PALEO with less fat.


I built my signature business, my sales funnel, and my “Work with me” page using each one of these programs. You can do the same exact thing in your business but you need to know where to start


Not sure where to spend your time and energy? 


Feel like you are everywhere and nowhere and need a system?


I will teach you a system for success. A daily system for your health coach business when you enroll for less than $165 (early bird prices go away July 17th).


And yes, we do take payment plans.


Why? Because I want you to build your business and you deserve to have that system. Systems work, not only for us, but for our clients.


Say hello to your new system.


And commit to growth this fall.


Peace out.


Love & Hustle,


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PS – Join by July 17th and you get access to the early pricing plus the bonuses. Stay tuned because I am releasing EXTRA secret bonuses for those who sign up before July 17th. Are you ready? Enroll here.


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