68. Taking Action & Getting Uncomfortable with Nisha Moodley

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Nisha’s Journey

I started with just this passion and no money. I signed up for the integrative nutrition class, not knowing how I would pay for the tuition. I worked my butt off doing whatever job I could just to make money to put myself through school.

I have never run a business before. And so I realized that I was going to have to keep putting myself out there. And that it was going to be really uncomfortable. And that comfort was not going to be my indicator of whether or not I was moving in the right direction. Because if I always did what was comfortable, I wasn’t going to get anywhere because none of it was comfortable.

After a terrible first workshop, I learned that I just had to keep doing it, even though it was uncomfortable.

A Sustainable Coaching Business

Within a couple of years, I had a pretty rocking little business where I was doing one on one coaching. I was doing group coaching, as well. Because my business was really sustainable, I started having people coming to me.

I realized I can help people take those beginning steps in business. And that’s another way for me to rock the ripple effect to make an impact is to support other people who are building their businesses. But in the beginning, it was really about building that business.

Pivoting Her Business

After hearing the Dalai Lama quote, ‘The world will be saved by the western woman,’ at the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009 – I knew I needed a shift because you teach with what you believe in. And that is actually what magnetizes growth and expansion and success to us more than anything else – is actually being the change. So I started to understand that the world would be set free by women who are free.

The work I do now is primarily with other changemakers, mostly entrepreneurs, and to support them and increase experiencing an expansion in their own freedom so that they can make the difference in the world that they want to make on a bigger level.

Overcoming Fear

“I started to createYouTube videos because my biggest fear was speaking in public. But I thought, how am I going to change this world? If I can’t speak to more than one person? And so it was like that constant drive.

The fear to address the fear, it doesn’t go anywhere. It just changes voices. It just changes what it’s saying. I’ve realized that I feel less fearful when my attention is on a couple of things.

All the fears of ‘I don’t know what to do,’ or ‘this is scary,’ or whatever it may be to realize for myself at that moment, what would I rather be doing? When I feel fearful, I have to find that place where I feel proud of myself for just going for it. Anybody who is running a business, you do have to go for it.

Having An Impact

“What is my why for me and my why for the world? 

What is it that I am really devoted to? What is the lifestyle that I want to create for myself, my family, and the impact that I want to make on the world? And if I made that impact, why would the world be a better place? 

I had to create a future vision for my life and for the world, that so inspires me that I’m willing to slip and fall a little bit. I’m willing to get dirty. I’m willing to be a little embarrassed because that’s so much bigger than me.

If you don’t take a chance and get uncomfortable, you never will grow in your business.

I hear from other coaches: ‘I want to feel confident so that I can go for it.’ But I say you need to go for it And then you’ll feel more confident. Competence doesn’t come first. You might just need to go for it, even though you don’t feel confident.

Shifting Mindsets In Business

When things really turned the corner in my business, it happened when I started stepping into this place of authenticity. I didn’t care if someone hates me. I let go. I decided I’m going to do what I feel like I’m called to do. I’m going to let people know I’m human. That is when my business really went to the next place that it went to.

We need to actively live our message – no matter how imperfect and messy it looks.

Every Journey Looks Different

Your business depends on what you want to create for yourself.

For me, it was about building up my one on one clientele until that started to feel full. Then I started to create group programs so that I could serve more people. Now I have 1:1 and group programs.  I built up this level of demand around those two things. From there, I started doing retreats and creating online courses. Then I created my mastermind, but I didn’t create my mastermind till I had been in business for three years and I had kind of built to this place that I felt fully confident that I had a backup plan. 

Pivoting in business is all an experiment. Every time you try something, it needs a little adjusting, and then you do it again.

I found that in the beginning, it’s about getting solid selling skills, working with people 1:1, and scale into groups. I moved up that way, and I find that that is a successful path for most people.

Just don’t get stuck on the small stuff. Do what you were meant to do, which is to coach. Just start somewhere and be confident that you don’t need to know all the answers and that you can coach somebody.

Don’t let fear, perfection, and being uncomfortable get in the way of building your business or getting another client. Just ask yourself, ‘What do I actually need?’

Get a whiteboard, write it out, have fun and if you can’t write it out, go take action. You’re going to be uncomfortable, no matter what. If you can step past that and really own your feelings and your uncomfortableness – you’re going to start a business, and it will continue to grow.

Enthusiasm + Momentum

All you need is enthusiasm and some momentum. And the only way to get momentum is to get in motion. You can’t create momentum without motion. And the longer you say stay dormant, the lower your enthusiasm, momentum, and confidence get. 

Wherever you are, if you’ve been stagnant for a year, if you’ve been stagnant for ten years, if you’ve been stagnant for a week, it doesn’t matter. Forgive yourself. Don’t bother wasting energy on this. 

This is your call to action. Wherever it is that you’ve been holding yourself back – whether it’s fear, being uncomfortable or whatever – just know that it’s just about creating some momentum and learning. 

If you want to go out there and change the world, and inspire people, and watch people transform, and have them inspire you to transform, then you got to take a chance.

It’s in our nature to be enthusiastic. And when we connect with that bigger ‘Why,’ that’s the North Star. That’s the thing that leads us forward. Amazing things can happen.

So find that space between patience with yourself and persistence and moving forward.

Remember, we just are where we are. And if you keep at it, it’s amazing what can happen in a few months, a few years, in five or ten years. Growth is unbelievable.


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