91. 4 Ways to Use the Gut Health Giveaway

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Content is King. Content is Queen when you add in strategy –and we all know, we want to be the Queens out there! So it’s time to start thinking about how you can strategically use your content so you can help your audience solve their health problems. I promise it’s not hard!

In today’s episode, I am breaking down four ways (plus more!) you can use the Gut Health Giveaway. Whether you’re list building as a health coach or want to use content for a giveaway or for your 1-1 business, you can absolutely do this! From summit offers and workshops to toolkits and onboarding, your content can be used in so many different ways. Tune in to learn how!


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Gut Health Giveaway

Good morning, good afternoon to wherever you are in this world, I wanted to go over four ways to use the gut health giveaway. We’ve had so many coaches download it and say, OMG. That’s why today, I want to actually show you very simple ways to use it and also show you how I used this freebie. Because it was mine that I used in my one on one business and in groups for client onboarding. 

I want to take this time to show you how content can be used in so many different ways. What’s really cool about this freebie is it does apply to every niche. And I think what’s really profound and amazing if we were to look at the blessings of this time is people already knew what gut health is. But they didn’t understand why gut health matters.

In this last year and a half, people have really seen how it affects immune skin, hair falling out hormones, sleep, your sex drive, it affects really everything. I believe that we’re coming into this extremely exciting time where people are now hearing this information and understanding how stress can impact or how the gut is actually related. We’re hearing this everywhere. 

So let’s just dive right in. When you’re thinking about this plan, I want you to think to yourself, how can I use this? 

Use This Giveaway For Onboarding

One way that I use this is for onboarding. When I was on a Discovery Call, I would say to that person, look, here’s my process. When you sign up, I’m going to immediately send you this little toolkit. 

I wanted my client to have something to be able to work on. While we were waiting to work with each other that also handles objections that people have like, well, what are we going to do in our session, you’re coming out with a systemized process. So that means you can say to somebody, right when you pay, I’m going to deliver this toolkit which is 25 pages, and I’m going to give you to vegan and omnivore just in case you have anyone in your family or maybe you’re vegan, but your significant other isn’t. 

These are a lot of the things that people think in their heads. And it’s really important to be able to combat objections. So that objection can be, what are we going to do? I really feel sick right now, how can I get started? 

So when you’re giving somebody this information, they’re able to one not just hear it from you, but they’re able to touch it and feel it and print it out or keep it in a PDF and look at their phone on their iPad. You can use this for your onboarding, too. 

Using Giveaways For Power Hours

I also did one-hour power hours with me so I could go to somebody’s house. We would make coconut meat milk, Kieffer or we would make different culture vegetables, we would make coconut water. We would make coconut milk for all these different cool things. What was nice is I created this in a second version as a toolkit. And I put in more recipes for culture vegetables. You can also do this in a workshop.

You can say to people, Hey guys, I’m going to be going over the importance of thoughts and great breakfast options today some great quick and easy lunch options, and how you do Daily detox, if you want to get this guide, feel free to go over to my Facebook community or send me a direct message or personal message. And I’ll send you this. 

Hint: all you have to say is, Hey, I did this Live, or I’m so glad you found me on YouTube, I will definitely send this. Do you mind if I put you on this list that will automatically trigger this PDF to you? That’s a very simple way of getting approval. So you can email that person. Build that trust in that messaging, which is such a value. 

A lot of us don’t think of a messenger as being able to close sales. But remember, one conversation with somebody starts to build that trust. 

The second is, you can give this as a giveaway. Many of you do Instagram giveaways, many of you do giveaways for list building. It’s a great thing when you can actually say, Here, you have these recipes and actually show it. So you can do that, as a giveaway, very simple. 

Get Visible On Search Engines Through Summits

You could also in that same way, do that as a summit offer. What is a summit offer? When you start to get visible. Visible doesn’t just mean that you depend on your Instagram profile, or this one kind of platform getting visible. In my opinion, that’s proven and what worked for me is that you start to look at platforms that have a great relationship with Google.

My client yesterday, when we were doing a power session, when you’re searching for information, where do you go? I asked her, What platform did you go to? She’s like, I Googled the one on YouTube. And I looked for Facebook, and I searched on Facebook, right there. 

I said, Great. So if you’re searching on Google, I want you to think of creating content on YouTube. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be edited, it doesn’t have to be done in cap wig, which is a great way to edit a video and have captions. But it does need to be there.

People don’t just arrive and hire you. People most often are going to hear information from you or see you on the visibility funnel, which is their social media. Or it’s a talk you did, or it’s a Live. And then they go to research and find out more about you. 

So they’re going to go to your Facebook business page where they’re going to Google and see if your name comes up. And the best way to make that really easy is to do a YouTube video. It doesn’t have to be a Live. Or it could be a Live that you download, and you repurpose by uploading on YouTube. People find you for a summit when you’re visible. And when they see that you’re consistently talking about the same core issues and your niche. 

I got asked to do 20 plus summits. I got asked you to be a teacher to teach raw foods. I got asked to teach detox simply because of my visibility. So what’s nice about having a summit offer, not a podcast offer is you can use this where you have the gut rebuilding plans. And you can pitch to somebody and say, when I come on your podcast, I’m also going to give this gift to the listeners. And you can keep that as a gift that only you do for a podcast.

And that only you do for a summit so that you start to see the numbers of engagement. When you come on to somebody’s podcast. 

You can even make different lists. You could say for example, when I was on EO Fire with John Lee Dumas I could have said podcast EO Fire John Lee Dumas ‘s gut health giveaway, and start to see from your own metrics, what is actually working. 

The same thing for the summit is you can take the same freebie and repurpose it. Make sure that you’re building this really great offer to show somebody exactly what it’s like to work with you. And then furthermore, to be able to see the metrics from that actual giveaway. 

Low-Cost Offers That WOW

Moving on to the next one, a low-cost offer. We hear the word tiny offer, we hear low-cost offer, and especially last year. Finally, after all these years –because this is how I built my business– we started talking about low-cost offers. Amy Porterfield, Ali Berg, Tony Robbins even, were hosting a few different people to talk about low-cost offers. I think Ryan Deiss was in there, all these different people. 

Low-Cost offers mean that it is a no brainer offer. We call it a tripwire for those of you who are brand new coaches. So when you’re overdelivering and you’re giving high value, this could turn into a low-cost offer. 

If you created three short videos, or one master class, what is a master class? Everyone always says, What’s the difference between a workshop and a masterclass? A masterclass is often longer, 60 to 75 minutes. You’re intensely teaching and deep diving. You’re going deep diving. 

A workshop is maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes 15. And so you’re giving more of an overview and you’re building that know like and trust factor. That masterclass is so low focused. 

So one idea for the low cost offer is that either you would take this and pair it with a workshop like the Leaky Gut Workshop, or the Autoimmune Workshop or something that really fits your ideal client, the promise and the problems you solve. 

This could also be paired with the 30 ways to 30 think. It’s 30 strategies for thriving with an autoimmune, all about gut. Or use any one of our gut modules. When you pair the low cost offer with that value. That’s what it is. It’s the big v-word. When you pair it with the value. That’s an entry point for somebody to go. Wow, this was really awesome. In that wow moment is where you actually convert. 

So even if you had a low cost offer at $17, which you all see on Facebook, and think, how many times do you go for the low-cost offer? They want you to go for the low-cost offer so that you come naturally to that next step. That next step is called the upsell. That next step for some of you could be leading to a membership. That next step could be leading to a one-on-one call. It could be testing, it could be a group invite, inviting them to this special mastermind. 

My 30 day program could be like the god fix or coming to a self paced course, something that makes sense as a next step. If we’re leading with gut, and we’re talking about gut, and we’re making that focus, then it would make sense to lead them to the next step of gut health. 

For example, if you took the gut and you were speaking about hormones or speaking about repair your period, speaking about detox or weight loss, maybe that next step is going to be related to that. But then I would highly suggest you pair that gut health giveaway with a video series or a masterclass that highlights and allows you to talk about gut and relate it to either skin hormone or repairing your period, fertility, AIP. Anything that represents your signature process your signature offers. 

Freebies Or Toolkits That Solve Problems

The fourth is a great one on one tool. This is also a great toolkit for membership. This is a great toolkit even for using this in a group for free. People love solutions. If your freebie is not working, guess what? Welcome to marketing. Sometimes we have to test with different freebies to find that one that really converts. Look at your freebie and ask yourself, for my ideal client, is this solving the problem fast enough for this person? 

We know that health is a very up and down road and that’s why people hire us because it can be so complicated and so overwhelming to find this path because we’re all so different. Because we all have such different makeup. We have all different constitution, genetic factors, environmental toxins, stress levels. We all know our ideal client is in pain, whether it’s emotional, physical or spiritual, they are looking for a solution. 

So what’s nice about this is whether using it in a freebie or You’re using it as a toolkit in your membership or group, you can say, I put this 23-page toolkit in here. We’re going to be deep diving into this during either the time that we work together, or this is your quick action guide, when you need to have reminders. Because yes, I’m giving you a program, and I’m giving you handouts, and I’m giving you all these amazing exercises. But if you’re really looking at this as quick information that you can find in one guide, that’s why I put this together for you. 

Same can also be applicable doing it as a bonus for a sales page. A bonus for signing up with you. There are so many ways and I think I went past three, I think that we actually landed with about seven different ways to use it, maybe even eight. But that is how beautiful content is. Content is king. Content is Queen when you add in strategy. And we all know, we want to be the Queens out there. 

So think about how you’re going to use this. What’s really neat is when you opt in, I have three videos that take you step by step on how to edit this with one click. I change it with the style pains. For a lot of us, we aren’t really good in tech. I know that was my hang up. And this is why I’m so highly dedicated to sharing hacks and trying to keep it really simple. Because as one of my clients yesterday said, who is buying a program, she was like, it’s just so overwhelming when you start and it is overwhelming. 

Don’t let anyone bullshit you or tell you that it’s not. At the same time that you’re coming up with your niche and your clarity and your messaging, the same time you’re working on your website and working on your social media and your visibility. There’s all these different compartments. And then what we spent a lot of time there, which is necessary to finding our offers low, mid-high. And then we’re like, now I have to get clients to actually find me, and what the hell do I even do in my sessions? 

So I hope this was really helpful. If you have somebody who is in the struggle, or maybe, you know needs this giveaway. If you have additional trainings that you would love to hear from us, you can send me a personal message send a DM and a few examples would be How do you do? How do you map out your sessions? How do you create a process as we talked about with this with like onboarding? What makes it so that you have a really cohesive relationship? From the moment somebody messages to the moment that you are talking to them about your paid offers, let alone after the paid offers? 

How do you keep it so that person knows a good massage therapist? Which I went to school for when you’re doing a massage, and you go to get a lotion, you want to keep your hands on that person for stick for that connection, you want to have that person know that you are right there, you have not just gone in turn to grab your essential oils or to grab your lotion to grab your oil. It’s the same thing when we’re working with people. 

Remember, despite the fact that we have all this automation, all these marketing platforms, all these platforms to download to deliver materials. Focus on the connection with the human being. Focus on the connection with your ideal client. I know it can be overwhelming to put all this stuff to the side and what every guru says you need. But at the end of the day, we need to be clear on what we offer why we offer it. Test out with different freebies. 

The truth? I don’t know many people who nail the one freebie and it converts constantly. And if it does convert constantly, usually around after three months. It’s not converting as much especially if you’re doing Facebook ads. That’s why they always tell you swap out a freebie a month. Change it up or change up the look. Get people to want to re-engage. 

So just remember deep breath, use our content. Don’t step into perfection zone where you’re spending 10 hours to do content, let alone to write it, design it. Find the editors and designers, trust me, I did that myself. And it’s not an enjoyable process. And that’s why we create products. That’s why we create signature programs. 

So in one click, you have that even if you’re using it as a template, where even if you’re breaking apart as somebody bought the Gut membership yesterday and said, I’m breaking this apart for social media, this is such high value to just have it for social media, meaning she’s copying and pasting from the guide. And she’s theming each month using that content. Content can be used in any different way. And so I hope that you got that very clear message today from this training. 

And with that being said, Guys, I am going to peace out. And I hope that you have a wonderful one. I hope that you would enjoy this because it did work for me. 

If you guys have any questions go on over to yourhealthcoachbiz.com 

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