92. How To List Build & Build Visibility Online Without Using Social Media with Gianna Cerrat

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Are you getting in your own way by not being visible to your audience online? If you want to build your list to increase your impact and help more people become healthy, you need to get visible. And you don’t have to do this on social media if that’s not where you want to hang out! 

In today’s episode, I am talking about showing up, being visible, and giving value to your audience without exhausting yourself on social media. I’ll give a few examples of how to use the digital space for your client to find you and identify with your teaching method plus a few tips on repurposing your content and using it in a way that works for you.

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Rachel: All right guys, growing your wellness business doesn’t have to mean working around the clock and feeling exhausted. What we’re gonna dive into is how do you list build and build visibility when social media isn’t the place that you want to be hanging out? Or maybe that’s not where you want to be promoting yourself? So can you tell everyone just a little backstory about yourself and who you coach and your dream client? 

Giana: Sure. So I graduated in 2005. I also did a 2007 immersion. So I was with him for a while. And then I actually had what I considered a good full-time practice, with part-time hours, but I was full time with clients constantly coming in, coming out. Totally offline. I had no social media or anything just totally offline. I had a personal situation where I was in a very toxic relationship. So I had to close my doors because I was seeing clients in my house and I was a student coach for the school so I was on the phone and a lot of distraction. So when I came back in 2015 everything had changed. All the marketing, everything. So I kind of got caught in the wheel of everything with everyone. And then I found Andrea Nakayama and did her digestive antennae course. That’s when I rebranded into gut health and was still working offline until last year. And now I have to work online. And that’s become a whole nother overwhelming experience.

Rachel: I think for anybody listening, that part’s overwhelming no matter what. Especially in the digital space, it requires a certain bandwidth to show up online. And for somebody like yourself, if you’re that person that isn’t going to put your personal life in full disclosure on social media, then how does your ideal client actually identify? 

So I want to give some scenarios of what would be a good idea is to use the digital space for your client to not only find you but also to identify with your teaching method. Because I think that too often we look at social media as just a selling platform, instead of looking at the digital space. Because you don’t have to be so social in the posts as a way to build that know, like and trust factor. 

Solution Number One: Utilize YouTube

I loved building on YouTube. I was that person that’s a much better face to face connector, explaining. I think also when it comes to gut health, like with any different niche, there are many different approaches. 

But gut health requires a lot of explanation. If you’re comfortable speaking offline, and building in that way, what I suggest is committing to one or two times a week to put a video on YouTube. Maybe that’s Tuesday and Thursday, or it’s Wednesday and Friday, or you release one on Wednesday and one on Saturday morning. And those are pre-recorded videos. 

Solution Number Two: Content To Record

Think about, Well, what do I actually record? Because I’m a little nervous to do that. We’re gonna just make it really simple. I want you to look at the gut health protocol as an opportunity to have a freebie. 

So if we look at the quiz as a freebie, or the lab reference sheet as a freebie video number one can be how do you know that you have imbalances in your gut? What are some of the signs and symptoms of having imbalances in your gut? Did you know skin and beauty is completely related to your gut? Did you know how stress can affect the gut? Or five reasons I knew that my gut was out of balance or five reasons why gut imbalances were affecting my life. 

Those are like eight examples. So those pre-recorded videos, you can put that quiz up on a screen share. I would suggest a one minute intro. My name is blank. I specialize in blank. What I have found for a lot of my clients is they didn’t know there was a gut issue. And so what I’m going to be diving into in this training is talking about the signs and symptoms. 

Another video could be the common diseases that are associated with the gut. We’re not making a claim. We are educating and informing. That’s what YouTube is about. 

When I think of YouTube with pre recorded videos, I actually think of pretending that you’re doing a talk. So those talks that you did before, that landed you consistent clients are really the talks that you can do with your eyes closed, you know exactly what to say. And if you are reading off a script or PowerPoint, you can always screen share that. Because we know that people are very visual. So you do the one minute intro, maybe even 30 seconds. I graduated from blank. I specialize in blank. So let’s dive into that. 

Then you can screen share and say, when you download this quiz, or when you download this lab reference sheet, because I advocate for my clients, I have found that in this world, so many of us don’t get our questions answered. And we often have a lot of mistruths, some of which are the following, or were told, oh, you’re just stress kind of person, you’re just gonna have gut issues. 

Really identifying what actually are those issues that that person has, and then say, when you take this quiz below, you’re going to get instant access to the lab reference sheet. This is the quality of information that you’re always going to get from me. So if you do that one model, and you really bleed out that one model for your list building, then you can do the same and flip it around in one second. 

Though, if we flip it around, and then we think of the other way, you could also come with Hey, guys, I created this lab reference sheet to be able to educate clients on what are some of the tests that often don’t get looked at when we’re in the typical medical space? And no, this is not making a claim. And please always consult with a professional like your specialist, your doctor, 

But I want you to know some of the things that I wish I would have known. 

Navigating Them Through The Opt In To Emails

So right there we have two freebies. It can be the same thing, the quiz. That person opts-in, they land on a page where you do that introduction, hey, this is what you can expect. And then they’re getting that the follow-up emails. Don’t overcomplicate follow up emails. 

I couldn’t figure out automation. Seriously, could not figure it out until I hired somebody and they did it. So I’m still not the greatest at doing that. I have a platform that I use that I’ve taught myself, but you don’t have to worry so much about that follow-up response. You can do that on a thank you page, where it’s like, Hey, watch this video first. And that could be a masterclass that you have pre-recorded  

That always stands out. And then right under it can be Schedule A Discovery Session, or Let’s Get Your Gut Fixed, or Let’s Talk About X. It doesn’t have to be beyond that. Once somebody is on your email marketing list, if you’re great at automation, awesome, but if not, they’re on your list. 

How To Nurture Your Email List

Think about just nurturing that list every month with high-value information that you can either pull from the blogs, in your gut restore program.  Those blogs can also be videos that you pre record. And the simplest way to do that is you say, Hey, guys I’m going to go over this, I have this blog printed out where I have this topic printed out. Just keep it really simple, you have a great presence for speaking, what you’re doing is you’re just taking that to the online space, but everything’s pre recorded. 

If you want to do that live, you can do that live. If you did want to dive into a platform, you might find that LinkedIn you really like because that is about connection. For me, social media isn’t just about more information, or it’s about high value information. You don’t have to put everything on your personal life, but you need something there to help your ideal client Connect. 

So LinkedIn is a really great platform I love because you do get people more into conversations and connections. So I would say those are three problem solvers. The same strategy that we have find out this, what’s going on with you, that quiz could be used to lead to any other freebie which you have in the gut restore program. 

Establishing Personal Connections In Messages

The second part of that is the truth is, we can still have those offline connections. What I did when I graduated, because everyone had a beautiful website, and I didn’t. I had the crappiest website known to man. It was given to me by IGN. And they were not the ones that you see now. I couldn’t even figure out how to link a gift. 

So I said, email me, I had this email. And it actually turned out to be the best marketing strategy. I didn’t even realize. One of the people that taught in my membership this month talked about Facebook groups. And she said, even if you’re never building on Facebook, even if you’re building a community on mighty network or something else are doing it in practice, which you can build a community in practice better, yet. 

So it’s the same kind of idea is that social media is about connection. And she said the moment that somebody comes into my group, I say, can I send you this gift by message. So if we really get back to this way of doing marketing, the way that I really think works, and in the way that I built my list organically to 7000 is that it’s about connection. 

We want to get somebody on in a message, we want somebody to have that conversation because that’s where we can get more personal in that space. So let me just say, as a reminder, we don’t have to put our personal life, but we do have to come out of just the teacher hat. So if that means that you’re bringing up examples of clients, that’s a great way. Why? Because client testimonial or even a case study that’s helping that person to identify. 

How To Reach Out In The Online Or Offline Space

When we talk about the online or the offline space. Everyone is online in some aspect, because in different parts of the country in the world. Some people are on lockdown, some people have a lot of restrictions. They’re all in the same position. 

So what I did when I first came out of school because everyone had that fancy website, and they could make graphics look wonderful, and that was not my zone of genius.  I can go and like dance and move around. But I can’t always get the words to pop up. I can’t snap and have things. I had to have that moment this past year where I was like, stop focusing on that rage. It’s taking you away from the message. 

So when you think about reaching out to people, you are reaching out to them. Those brick and mortar are in the same position. You’re saying I would love to come into a talk. This is what I can do a talk on. My clients often find X. This is what I’m going to give your people. Or you can reach out and say, Can I do newsletters? Can I do a newsletter for you this month on the top reasons why people have their immune crashing, or their top reasons why they’re not sleeping, or they’ve all of a sudden have adult acne, or why their hair is falling out. 

These are all major pain points of people. And so when you’re reaching out, and you’re saying that to somebody, all of a sudden, you can get in front of their list, that is the same strategy we have offline. So if you think of all those people that you reached out to before, you’re going to reach out to them this time and say, I would love to come into a presentation, would you be open to that? Do you do talks each month for your facility? You can do that for your yoga, you can do that for any topic that you did before. And then make a list of 20 people that you’re going to reach out to, that do already know, like and trust you. 

How To Use The Column Strategy

Use the column strategy. The first column is the people who know, like, and trust you, maybe there are other practitioners that are not in your same space. But they are the person who has the yoga studio, the chiropractor, the acupuncturist, the massage therapist, the spa. It’s limitless. 

The second column is people that you want to reach out to that you may not know, but you’re going to reach out to them and say, I looked at your website, I see that you work with the following, this is what I do, I can come and teach on these three different topics. And those can be the PowerPoints that you have from it can also be teaching on a free may be teaching on that lab reference. 

I think when we shift the perception, we shift our mindset to see that what we do offline, is really what we can do online, all of a sudden, we don’t feel heart attack level. 

Solution Number Three: Build A Referral Network

So the third solution to that is coming up with actually what are those three workshops that you’re doing? If you had a thriving practice before and it was an offline referral, that’s what you still want to build, you want to build that referral network so that you have, you can say to them, I would love to build a referral network with you because I have people that are coming that come to me for this issue. I think that it would be extremely beneficial for us to be able to promote each other. 

That can even be you promoting on YouTube. Hey, if you’re in this area in New Jersey I want to talk about this chiropractor that I really love. It’s just creating that visibility. But I think that referral network mostly comes from saying I can come and do a presentation for you on the following topics. I would love to do a blog post for you. And again, you have those blogs also in that program. 

Why I Love Using YouTube

The reason I say YouTube is, YouTube and Google have a great relationship. It’s a search engine. They have a great relationship where people still to this day find me because I have videos on YouTube. In the beginning, when everyone was spending time on social media, I was spending a lot of time doing on offline outreach, which again, you can still do, even though it doesn’t have the same kind of flexibility. 

The truth is that we probably are going to be in a different place within a few months. I’m hoping and I’m seeing that in some of the things that are being said in the media, some of the action steps that are being taken in different states. So do I feel that we’re going to be in a different place? Yeah, I think that you can really take advantage of this dilemma. 

But take the lemons and turn it into lemonade and make the goddamn lemonade stand by actually saying what are these workshops that I’m going to be focusing on? And how can I build in this next few months to get in front of places that do need you. So that you start to have more visibility? I would say the end part of the reason I love YouTube is somebody is coming there for information. Keep a video to eight to 15 minutes, 30 if it’s more of a rant. 

But if somebody is googling what’s going on with my gut what’s going on with us it’s been proven that somebody will go to Google and they most often will go to YouTube because YouTube is known for how do you know what signs and symptoms they’re not going to go to like some people go to Web MD and stuff like that, but most often I find that people for information are going to YouTube 

For specific recipes and stuff like that and visuals, maybe checklists, they’re going to Pinterest. But I don’t think that you have to expend your energy on Pinterest, I think that you should really expand it and the communication, the talking and building that visibility, you can also have those YouTube videos, and make a blog of log, so that you have that video there. And really build that know like and trust factor. 

Think of your signature opt in on your site, which can be that quiz, and spend more energy there explaining to somebody what happened, what was life like? What did you learn? What do you teach a case study of you working with somebody? 

Just think, what do I need to say for this person to hire me? To build that trust, and re claim and reinvent how you’re looking at the digital marketing space? 

Reframing Your Mindset

Gianna: Yeah, I definitely have to work on my mindset. Yeah, cuz I think it’s also affecting me. I didn’t take January and February off from social media, because I just needed time. When I came back, doing everything, again, just with a fresh mind, it was interesting, like I can’t, for the life of me get an initial call scheduled. I was even on my email list. I was like free coaching session, anybody kind of thing. 

Rachel: I will just say this from talking to God, I think that’s a mindset shift of just reigniting what you want to do and why you’re doing that. Because I know that I’ve struggled with that at different times. And I really need to go and listen to like Eric Thomas, and get reminded that this has nothing to do with me, and get re ignited on what is my purpose. 

Because when we are really clear on our purpose, and our why, and being willing to clear out some of the demons, some of the stories, the narratives that have made us that have put us in this situation, that we are emotionally, when we get that re alignment with our why I feel like that drives us past any other thing that’s happened in the world. I know, I had to do that for myself they share, I had to say, either give yourself permission and compassion to not show up or do it and get reignited with what is my purpose here. 

When I did that, and cried a lot, and did a lot of that work, a lot of that self worth issues and a lot of things that often hold us back. It was painful. Some of the most painful work that I’ve had to do in years. But it also brought me back to how I felt in the beginning when I started my business. I just didn’t give a shit about anything around. I only cared about this person struggling. 

I would say that’s the part of just reframing. It’s rewiring some things that have affected you. But I would say also shift the mindset of the online space. Look at the online space like you’re talking to somebody offline. 

The truth is, I would say in closing, is that start reaching out to people offline, they’re starting to get where everyone’s trying to get back in the swing of things. And I really do think that this last year has been hard. I think what he’s saying that it has in its complete line and Bs, but I think it’s affected a lot of us who are even if we’re extroverted, introverted, kind of personality, like myself. 

Getting Clear With Your List & Your Message

I know, for me, the offline space was extremely important. So to get past Are we still here, and instead say, even if we are here, I’m going to reach out to these places offline and get in front of new people in reignite. You have to understand also, when you come back, and you’re rebirthing your list, you have to give them gifts. You have to give them gifts and get them to see that you’re here again. Get them to understand why you did take some time off. 

The more that we’re clear with our list in that and say guys, we want to kick off this month. Here’s this lab reference sheet, take this quiz. You can do that with your list and get them reengage. They’re just not engaged right now. 

Gianna: Yeah. I had a really good list. That’s another thing that school doesn’t really teach you how to manage your list. And I mean, at the time, I was always offline. So health fairs up the wazoo and all kinds of pages of email addresses and talks and things like that. It kind of went down the tubes because we weren’t taught how to really nurture our list. It was always like, just get more people. And so I know I lost a lot when I came back in. That was another thing too when I came back trying to reignite that list, and then getting it to grow. 

Approaching Your Email List Like A Friendship For Reengagement

Rachel: But the thing is, you have to look at it like this. It’s like reigniting a friendship. So I would compartmentalize and say, here’s my newsletter, what’s that strategy? What I always did is treated that as a list builder, I would say guys, whoo, it’s been a doozy here, I want to give you this gift of this lab reference sheet. 

Because I find that so  many people are struggling to decide what you’re going to talk about this month theme that month. Because when you theme that month, and you decide what you’re going to talk about this month, guess what? All the videos were you’re doing everywhere else, it’s the same theme. Right? You can be like, uh, guys, I want to gift you this here is like this something that you’ve bought. And if you need to add something you could even be like, put it this way for the $257 investment. 

If you felt that the protocol was going to get people to open, is that worth giving them protocol? The answer’s yes. If that’s worth teasing them, then likewise, this month is going to be at this next month is going to be amazing. Here, take this quiz, hit reply on your answers, get them to engage back. Don’t even make them sign up for anything. Right? Like here, I’m giving you this quiz. I guarantee you will see something. You could even say here’s this gift, and just say what’s this theme of the gift a month.

You will get people reengaged and it will take away that overwhelm. And the truth is that same strategy should be done every month. It’s not about the food focus, give them a gift. Talk about that all month. Be like I’m gonna send you a video a week. Get personal there, because you already have that connection with them. Does that feel better? in general? On a strategy, like on both fronts? 

Gianna: Yeah, big time. 

The Truth About Creating 

Rachel: Especially because in the beginning, my first eight years of coaching, I created everything. And creating takes a long time to research before you create. Creating, researching, editing, making sure it looks nice. It’s a lot. And I’m a detail person. And I get caught up in the fine details. 

So that was a big thing to get over. I had a limiting belief when I came back that I had to create everything, everything that I did all my from down to my social media, to blogs, whatever, I had to create everything. And then I actually had a conversation with myself. And I said, Do I do that? What am I going to do if I’m restarting my business I already starting right? We all have that concern like is it going to be my own? 

The answer is it’s going to be your own bike. It takes about 80 to 100 hours to research everything. Five hours on a PowerPoint to research to create a design. I would say the last thing is look to see what you have in your assets. Blogs can also be newsletters, a freebie can be broken down into newsletter content as well. 

I think the reframing that I would say, as you’re saying on a great list, it’s just now about getting them to reengage before asking for the ask. Okay, so getting them to rebirth and open up the emails, even if that meant looking at one of the workshops of like stress and gut health, or eight signs here and insane for $97 is it better for me to give that freebie and kind of theme out? And then use that PowerPoint for your for videos for the month? Or your videos? The answer is yes. 

Because then you’re just creating a strategy everywhere. It’s allowing you also to then use the same content offline, just allowing you to brief and I think focus and I would say that the acknowledgement of also the mindset shift is always step one. And just being confident that you will be able to re engage them. 

You’re confident. Just decide what you’re going to teach offline. And if it was fairs and stuff like that, find what’s happening and if they’re not happening right now, do the outreach to that specific place with just the right messaging that you’re offering a solution. 

Gianna: I just started last week, last week, last month, I had my first virtual community meetup on meetup.com. Just got my meetup and have like eight people that are interested. 

Rachel: It will grow. The way that I look at getting back in the game, it’s like when you take time off from working out, and you got to go back to the gym. It’s like we want if we’re like, oh, I shouldn’t be able to do this with 15 pound weights why am I so weak? But it just takes time to rre engaging and focus? 

Hopefully this conversation clarified where to refocus and how to compartmentalize it, instead of sitting in overwhelm. You’ve done this before, it’s no different. It’s not just because of social media and digital marketing. What I hope you heard is that we don’t need to create that visibility. And I hope that you do that. Pre recorded videos, if you are detail-oriented. 

It’s clear that you know what you’re talking about. Upload those to YouTube with a link to a freebie or your information. 

Find The Right Medium For You

Gianna: I like the repurpose thing. I always had that hang up with blogs, because I’m not really a writer. I mean, I’m Italian. 

Rachel: Videos are a great medium. I’m Jewish. I’m a communicator like this. I mean, when you’re like, Oh my god, I would have said, Oh, vey. Oh, my goodness. So I’m just saying from one person who is a communicator like that. And I think that you just have to find your right medium. And really focus on the titles that you have on YouTube. 

Do the market research, go to Amazon, see what book titles, go to Mind Body Green. See what titles they have on Thrive Journal, and then go on YouTube and see existing titles that people have. You’d be surprised even if you have 10 views. That’s 10 people. Yeah if you commit to the consistency, and we again, go back to redefining how we look at digital marketing, we have to be conscious of like, what is our inner story? 

Are we saying things like, Oh, my God, this is so much. I know, I did that this year, because I felt overwhelmed with all these Reels and this Tik Tok, and that’s not my zone of genius. I’m a communicator. I’m not a quick linear talker. And so I was getting frustrated. I wasn’t showing up. And then I had to say, Rachel, just do what you’ve done before. That works, stop comparing yourself to these other people who are able, like I said, to snap point of this, just get back to thinking about my ideal client, they don’t need it perfect. They need it clear. 

If you’re that communicator, step into that truth, be honest about what you’re saying inside because that will affect your vibe. And we know our tribe has everything to do with our vibe. 

Gianna: Yeah, I think for me a big part. What I like what I do, I love doing webinars, too. And actually, I do I really love doing webinars. And I like talking in person, because I like feeling their energy. 

Rachel: My thing about online was I had a big fear of Oh my god, it’s like being a disc jockey, you’re talking to the microphone, but there are millions of people that see it, where I’m just in a room with my like 10-40 people, this is a great thing. 

If you really think about the energetic flow in the world, we’re always feeling and that’s what I mean is it’s looking at it differently. It’s envisioning your ideal client in their struggle. It’s like stepping into their shoes. And I think that’s Ryan Deiss, who is one of the people I love from marketing, he always says, empathy is something that we need for this industry. So you already have that. Just reframe, and get out of your own way, because it really is that part. 

Gianna: Thank you so much for today, this was not only really helpful for me to go back and think of what really worked. But I know this is a big struggle for everyone. And I just think this is going to be extremely helpful. 

Rachel: I hope so. I am not alone and you’re not alone. And just remember that every time you catch yourself feeling like oh, I don’t want to do this. Ask yourself like, Am I am I getting in my way? Am I not looking at visibility in the right way of finding my ideal client? And if you love webinars, I think you really answered your own questions today. You just needed to talk it through. Yeah, that’s the heart. That’s probably one of the biggest things about working online remotely from home is because you don’t have the IT person next door. You don’t have the person that walks in their office say hey, I have a quote. 

Come into the free group ask these questions. And if you want to come into the membership, then you get access to me more specifically in these kinds of areas. But either way, we talked about so many great things that I think starting. And just deciding where your focus is going to be the best is that the newsletter for this month and rain gain chain is again, not visibility, reaching out to people, those are three different compartments. And they can all have the same content theme, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

I love it. Thank you. All right, we are going to wrap this up. See on the next one. 

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