Dr. Vita Khaki

90. Building A Business That Serves Your Audience with Dr. Vita Khaki

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Are you struggling to convert your audience into paying clients? Maybe you’ve set up all the “right” strategies or copy-pasted other coaches’ processes that worked for them (but might not be working for you). And now you’re wondering why clients aren’t lining up around the block to work with you.

Dr. Vita Khaki

I can tell you right now, if you aren’t meeting your clients where they’re at in their journey, showing them the transformation they’ll receive, and establishing that deep connection, you won’t be bringing in many clients. Today’s guest realized this early on, revamped her process, and stepped into ownership of her coaching business. 

In today’s episode, I am talking to Dr. Vita Khaki, a Holistic Menstrual Coach who helps women with irregular periods, infertility, PCOS, fibroids, and other hormonal issues restore their reproductive imbalances. Dr. Vita is sharing her business growth journey, including what she’s learned, what didn’t work, why she used resources from YourHealthCoachBiz.com, and how she found a process that worked specifically for her audience.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drvitak/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIwYssexJup4O0V2aCkqLg


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Rachel: Hey guys, I am so excited that you’re here at the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I have the extreme pleasure of having Dr. Vita here today. I’m not going to get into a lengthy intro about this amazing woman who is a mentor, coach and helps so many women who are struggling with the problem she’s going to tell you about today. 

We are diving into how she got to where she is now, where she has people coming in. She’s got a profitable business. Without further ado, Vita, can you introduce yourself?

Vita: Hi, first off, let me just say, I am a fan of all things. Rachel Feldman is the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing. And she doesn’t know this. But I remember a Sunday morning, I was laying in bed with my husband. And I found her on YouTube. She was there with a whiteboard behind her. And she was like, this is how you make 150k or whatever. And then she broke everything down. And I was like, yeah, I’m not doing this. 

So before I go into myself, I just want to say I absolutely love Rachel. Rachel changed my life, her content, her company, have absolutely changed the game for me. 

So Hi, I’m Dr. Vita. I help women that have period problems, reproductive issues, infertility, fibroids, you name it. I am the girl’s doctor, the girls virtual health coach.  I just help women just change their eating habits, change their lifestyles, detoxify, etc, so that they can have a healthy womb. And if that means them having children, I help them have children. If not, I just helped them have wonderful, beautiful experiences with their periods.

Breaking The Stigma Around Periods

Rachel: I love this topic because I feel it’s so taboo. For the longest time women were like, Oh, I’m not going to talk about my period instead of sitting there and saying, this is something that I go through. Why am I not thriving during this experience? Why am I having to sit here and think it’s something that I shouldn’t be looking at. It’s a blessing.

Vita: I don’t know if it’s how we’re raised. Everyone that’s listened to this was raised differently. But I still feel like there’s this, hush hush about our periods Oh, it’s a secretive thing. It’s a quiet thing. Nobody should talk about it. I tell people on my social media where I’m breaking that stigma. Show me your period, show me that pad, your underwear, show me your discharge. 

This is not something to be ashamed of. Your period is the reason why we’re here. Everybody that’s alive is alive. Because somebody had a period, somebody has a reproductive system. So I love breaking that stigma. Let’s talk about periods. Let’s talk. I share my experiences with periods. People know my cycle. People know those on down to my privates because I share. 

I get a lot of people that come to me and say, I’ve never told anyone this, I’ve never talked about this, or what’s going on with my cycle. So I’m here to break that stigma so that we can be comfortable talking about something that is normal and beautiful that we need to celebrate.

Finding Clarity & Taking Ownership Of Your Business

Rachel: So one, clarity is unbelievable for any coach who’s sitting there saying, How do I step into ownership of my business? What you just said is not only perfectly clear, but I could feel your why. This is what I do. I’m breaking the stigma. 

I just want to say that was so beautiful, which brings us to this next part. I know a lot of coaches feel this massive overwhelm, we come out of school you knew exactly what you wanted to do. Take us back to before you started being a virtual coach and kind of bring us into what it took for you to get here.

Vita: Okay, so I’m currently actually doing my fellowship, I’m at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. I have a long history with health challenges. Initially I wanted to be at MA practicing MD PhD. And I’ve had lots of health challenges in my life and the MDS just have never ever been able to help me. I’ve had to bootstrap and do everything on my own using herbs, alternative medicine, etc. 

So then I was like, there’s no way I want to be practicing anything. I don’t want to have a laboratory. I don’t want to do any of that. I want to teach people how I was able to have my baby. I want to teach people how I would go to the doctor. My blood work would say everything’s okay, but I knew I was not okay. So I said that I wish there was a way that I could just like teach people this, but I had absolutely no idea how I could do that. 

I’m not a naturopathic physician, I’m not any of that. So how could I take my knowledge and help people? So that’s when I just started Googling. Maybe I could have a course where I could teach people some stuff. So I just started Googling. And then that’s how the SEO, I ran into people like you. I had a different business coach who I found on Facebook ads. I found her last year, and that I did her program. While I was in that program, I found you and started implementing the things that you teach.

Rachel: It’s interesting that you say that, because I find that a lot of coaches will stumble on a YouTube video and say, there’s so much there. I think the video that you stumbled on was the 100k video where I was in my living room, working on a whiteboard.

Similar to how you feel, there is a lot of information. But if you start doing the things that we have to do in order to be in front of our ideal client, and as long as we are clear. And you are clear. 

What Didn’t Work With Other Growth Methods

What was it like when you were doing other methods? You mentioned you did an on demand webinar and Facebook ads, what wasn’t working? Because that’s a proven method that many gurus, many business coaches talk about. It also can be a little financially exhausting. Because the Facebook ads to a masterclass is usually anywhere between $6 and $12.

Vita: Yeah, I found a business coach, a very, very expensive one. But I hired them and they had that system where you have the webinar, you’re running these ads. I don’t know, I can’t tell you exactly why that didn’t work for me. Maybe it was because I was in the beginning stages. 

But now when I look at the customers that I’ve gotten, it’s me telling my story saying, Hey, this is what happened to me. And then these people binge watch my videos, and they go on my YouTube, they go on my social media, they binge watch me, and then they contact me after some time. But most of the people I deal with, nobody saw me and immediately wanted to hire me. They want to maybe wait for their cycle to come, wait to see if they’re pregnant. There’s a delay between when somebody first finds me, and when they come to me as a client. 

The Process Of Building Trust With Your Audience

Rachel: That’s the trust building process. Because look, I love webinars, I love master classes, I love everything, all that stuff. But what you just said is exactly what I know deep in my heart from being on the front line and building my own business. People have to trust you, they need to binge watch, they need to see the information, see that there’s consistency. So do you think that you’ll go back to doing something like the webinar funnel? Or do you feel like this is just working?

Vita: Will I do the Facebook ads? I don’t know. I have a webinar. I took one of your workshops, and I created a webinar from it. I have that webinar. So whenever someone comes to me and says, hey, do you help women? I’ll say, Okay, well, I have a webinar. So watch this webinar, and then you can book a call with me after. It’s your slides, and I personalized it a little bit more telling my story, but it’s your content. That helped. And then at the end, they can book a call with me.

Rachel: I swear, are you my sister from another mister? I used to do the same thing. While Everyone’s so overwhelmed with what do I put in my discovery call? What’s the script? What do I say?

How To Set Up A Webinar To Funnel Clients In

I was always like, Here’s a video of what I do. I go over why you’re not getting better with your gut. Why your kid has food allergies, the why of it. If you want to work with me, this is what it’s gonna look like.  you’re pretty much giving that person you’re reusing, repurposing, and using that to help prequalify right?

Vita: Yep. So I don’t immediately throw out my link to book a session with me. Usually it’s like, Okay, if they want to learn about how I do what I do, watch this webinar, it’s not long. It’s maybe a 23 Minute Webinar. So it’s not super long. I get to the point, I tell my story, I get the main problems. I talk a little bit about my method, and then book a call with me at the end. 

So I think that this method has been excellent for me. Also on the webinar registration page, I did something that you told me to do. I’m there with my son. This is George and then my son’s talking. You told me that. When I got on call with you, you said get out there with your son.

Finding The Disconnect Between Your Why & Closing Clients

Rachel: Show that transformation. Oh, you’re giving me chills. Show that transformation, right? I know you said in the beginning, we had this call. I remember you came and said, I’m getting people on Discovery calls. But I’m not closing. And you and I started just deep dive in. Soul talk about our why. I even said to you, I can feel your why, it’s so prominent. So what’s this disconnect? Can you take us back to that conversation?  for anyone who’s sitting there saying, I’m not converting. What was that aha moment that you had that day?

Vita: I was so frustrated. I just want to cry because I’m like, other people seem to be doing okay with this method that my business coach is teaching. But why isn’t it working for me? Or at least, that’s what I thought. Now that I talked to other people in the program, it’s not as easy as it may seem. So I was two months into a three month program. I just wasn’t connecting with these people. I booked 30 discovery calls by the time I talked to you, so.

Rachel: So it’s not like you’re not speaking from Hey you actually were converting people.

Vita: Yeah. So this was the problem. They had us with this script. They were like, take our script, this is a proven script. Read from it and just swap out a few words, they went in, they checked my script. But it just wasn’t me. It just didn’t have my energy, it didn’t really have me in it. 

The other problem is, they’re trying to get me to sell this person a high ticket program, a three month or whatever high ticket program. When maybe that actually isn’t what my ideal client wants. My ideal client is trying to get pregnant. So they want to fix their menstruation issue so that they can get pregnant. But every month, they think that this is the month, so they’re not going to commit to a three month program, because it’s like, why am I gonna pay you a couple $1,000 up front, when I could be pregnant right now? Or I’ll be pregnant in a couple weeks, or I’ll be pregnant next month, you know?

Rachel: So I think you and I even talked about it that day that for a lot of people who have had past issues with this – you, myself – we know how jaded we are to think, oh, here’s another person who’s saying they’re going to help. Because just like you said, you had to bootstrap and figure this out. A lot of us had to go through that path. It’s not that we didn’t see amazing people. It’s not that we didn’t have amazing education.

When somebody was like, oh, it will be $2000. I was saying, how many $2,000 have I wasted? I made $2,000 but it didn’t work. I think you really honed in on another aspect of that. That feeling of just I don’t want to go down and be frustrated again, as well.

Meeting Your Clients Where They Are At With Retainers

Vita: Yeah. Another thing that you brought up to me was the messaging. So I would tell people, yeah, I’ll help you get pregnant. But that messaging wasn’t there. The content that was on my social media wasn’t talking about the process. It wasn’t honing in on the process. 

You said, You know what, why don’t you also focus on the menstrual cycle? Because that’s indeed what I do. I help people through working on their menstrual cycle.  It’s a balance, and people just don’t see how I’m going to help them. They think that I’m just taking their money. And there’s no real process, but that they’re going to sign up for this three month thing and pay $1000s of dollars, and it’s a waste. 

So your content has helped me put the messaging on my social media, post on my social media, so they understand my process. And then they take these short three weeks at a time or a session by session approach. Instead of a long three to six month program.

Rachel: That’s why we say you got to wear the jeans that fit you and your favorite brand. I loved offering that as well. I felt that some people didn’t need to have a long time with me. My ideal client was a crazy busy overwhelmed mom with autoimmune food allergies in their family, anxiety, all the stuff. Sometimes they would say, Can I just go month by month? I don’t even know what next month looks like. I didn’t feel that it was a lack of commitment. I really felt that that was making them feel anxious to say that they were going to do longer.

Vita: Yeah, the maximum that I do is a month. That has worked extremely well. Like I said, My ideal client thinks that they’re pregnant right now. The menstrual cycle comes every month. So they’re like, Well, let me first see what’s going on this month. So yeah, I think everybody just has to see what their ideal client wants, what their needs are, their schedules, do they already have children, things like that?

Rachel: No, that’s such a great point. Because I think a lot of us stay in our coach head instead of stepping in and saying, What’s my ideal client’s life right now? Is this doable for them? When are they going to be able to meet? What’s the best way for us to have the best transformation instead of saying, everyone says, I should do this?  Just think about your client and think about that. Unbelievable synergy. 

Ways To Show Up On Social Media

So when you were sitting there and showing up on social media? Were you showing up on the same social media channels that you’re doing now? 

Vita: No, I changed everything around. So initially, I had a Facebook group, but at the time that you and I spoke, I did have a Facebook group. But I was really just on Facebook, and I would just post long copy posts. And that was really it. With time, I discovered that my ideal client isn’t just on Facebook. 

I’ve done really well with branching out to other places. I had an Instagram account that I totally rebranded. The one that you see right now is just two months old. So I was like, You know what, I’m changing everything. I’m reintroducing myself to everyone. I’m telling more of my story. I’m being myself more. I love to laugh. I’m just gonna show myself. I’m just gonna be me because basically, my business is me telling my story. I’m teaching you how I overcame these problems. 

So I am on Instagram, I’m on clubhouse, I partner with other people. I do rooms every week, I’m on YouTube. You told me to get on YouTube, you said show your face and tell your story. I started listening to you, just like everyone is now, and I was like, girl, you’re preaching from the mountaintop. 

Rachel: I do the same. Because this is also menstruation, fertility, I feel like they need a lot of explanation in that video, that’s why I said to you that damn like, I think your medium is video where you can be yourself and get all amped up and get excited because that’s who you are.

Vita: Yeah. We were taught in the other coaching program that I was in, when I met you, we were taught just to write long copy, and then just post that long copy every day to your Facebook group or to your Facebook page. But it’s like, that doesn’t work for my ideal client. 

They need to see my face, they need to see me, they need to laugh with me, they need to cry with me sometimes. And I’m crying. And we’re crying together. So YouTube has been great as well. I’ve gotten clients from YouTube, and I don’t have a big channel. I just have a few dozen views. But I’ve been able to get clients off of that. So that was a big thing you told me get on video and get on SEO. So I’m launching my blog as well soon that way I’ll be able to get on SEO. 

Why Repurposing Content Reduces The Workload

Rachel: Then take that blog, and then put it in the description of your video. And then back to the home or take that blog and share it to Pinterest because that’s the thing I always think about. It’s not that you want to exhaust yourself and create five different social media posts. It’s how can you use this one video that you did so well on Instagram? Download it, put on Tik Tok, put it on your blog, so that people really get to see you. 

Vita: Yeah,repurposing is amazing. I would say for the past four months, for example, your five day toxin free challenge, gave me content for months. I’m just now finishing everything that I need to say from there. The content that you see on my Instagram, Facebook everywhere, I’ll even talk about it in clubhouse. So yeah, I repurpose a lot of stuff.

Rachel: So you’re using it not just as a freebie, you’re actually using it for content for that? Theme your month, take one PowerPoint or one freebie and talk about that content. Just drill home and really educate people consistently on that topic. So that they understand, Oh, wow. So this is a piece of her process.

Vita: Then I expanded, I took that five types of challenges if it wasn’t already loaded with information. I took, for example, there was one section where you’re talking about the stuff that’s in our kitchen. Our cleaning products are toxic, so I took that. For a couple weeks, I was showing people recipes, this is how I make my detergent, this is how you can make a homemade cleaner. So I would expand on the different topics that you have. Okay, we’re talking about tongue scraping. There’s so many things that you can talk about and extend. And you know what, I take it a bit further. I actually incorporate some affiliate marketing and stuff. So that’s helped a lot that’s brought in some good revenue as well,

Why The Number Followers & View Don’t Count

Rachel: What you’re bringing up, which is a point that we often miss, is that educating is one aspect that we have to do. But if we’re not showing our behind the scenes, if we’re not talking about our why, these are all the categories in digital marketing. We’re hoping somebody understands that it’s doable. Because you’re a mom, you have a kid, you’re married, you’ve got all these things that you have to do in your life. So your ideal client says, Okay, if she can do this, I can too. 

That’s why when you said those conversions, where maybe there’s only 12 views. I love that you said that, because a lot of people will say, Well, I only had eight views, it’s like, but that’s eight people, right? Or maybe that’s two people watching it multiple times, because they really want to hear you. I think that’s such an important piece that we often forget when we’re like, this person has this. And coming back to really looking at how do I touch this person’s heart? How do I really communicate to them that I am going to be the coach that guides them and bring them into your home in a way.

I have a friend and she’s a spiritual life coach. She brings in 50k a month and we’re very transparent. We talk about each other, we hold each other accountable. She hasn’t made below 50k in a month in this whole year. She has a YouTube channel, and she just has 30 views, 30 views. But she said that 30 views is a lot. Even if you just get 10 views, we get customers from it. 

I know it takes pushing past fear to show up on video. Go to my old YouTube videos, I was like, Hi, let’s talk about cranberry juice and Candida and urinary tract infection. It was horrible. But the thing is, I did it. And still to this day. That’s where people find me. Because they say I’m googling. I also searched on YouTube and I found you. So even if it’s a few people, it’s about consistent leads coming in without just saying, Oh, I’m going to quit because I posted this post for a month. It’s like, Well, guess what? That post isn’t working. If your ideal client is not opting in, it’s what you said, it’s the message. It’s the clarity, it’s lack of ownership. When I say ownership, it’s the balls to put yourself out there, despite your fears, and really dive deep into what specifically is your process. 

What Changing Your Process Can Look Like

You had mentioned this about your process. You said the programs really helped you to develop your process. I know from speaking to you, I have these herbs. I know this is my entire process. Tell me what is different between what you already had in your wheelhouse, which is what you still have verse, adding in that content that you think really solidified it?

Vita: So I completely changed everything. I rearranged my process. You can’t even get to working on herbs until you’ve gone through x, y, z. And then after you’ve gone through that you have to be an ideal weight. So I help you with weight loss. I’ll help you overcome food issues. I help to make sure that your bowels are moving, digestive issues, things like that. I hope to clear up your scan. So women that have PCLs, I work with them as well. So that’s on a customized basis. 

You’re paying for a one on one session with me. I’m referring them to products that I know how to work, that I’ve tested. Then I get to a place where you can take the 21 day hormone detox, but for me, it’s called a 21 day fertility detox. So I’ve kind of pushed him around. It’s a fertility detox, I had my little touch to it. And then after you’ve gone through that process, then that’s when I come in with the herbs. So I come in with herbs, I customize them, I teach them how to make the herbs and then it’s a membership style where I’m sending them herbs for my apothecary every month.

Rachel: Oh, my goodness. That is beautiful. Are you using the 21 day hormone detox, even for your menstruation clients? 

Vita: Yep. So it’s for both. It’s about fertility. I tell women, even if you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to be fertile. That means that your reproductive organs are working. So good for both.

Rachel: Oh, listen to you. You just jammed on your clarity of who you are. I think that’s amazing. Because when you were talking, not that fertility isn’t your main niche. But I remember saying you can also work if you have somebody who needs menstruation issues, like their daughter, their and really kind of branching out but staying as fertility is your main jam. PCLss menstruation, fibroids, yeah, all of it in there. 

Vita: It’s worked incredibly well. These days, I’m attracting a lot of women that are obese. And I absolutely love working with them. But they need a lot of work. They need a whole lot of work for me to get them to that fertility detox. That’s my goal. Okay, I’ve got you on fertility detox, you’re healthy, you’re an ideal weight. All right, now let’s boost up that fertility a little bit more with these herbs. Then you just continue going on and on and on. Once you get pregnant, perfect, then let’s go through the early stages of your pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. So it’s a beautiful funnel, and I’m still working out the kinks, it’s not perfect. I’ve got a lot of stuff of yours that I’m purchasing in the next month or two. The castor oil, I want to purchase your PCs diet plan. I’m just ready to run that credit card.

Rachel: The PCLs course is amazing. I remember when my writer said I would double dog dare anybody to sit down and try to write this is not our thing, because PCs are so complicated. There’s so many people that go misdiagnosed. It’s not that all doctors are bad.  I’ve gone to some brilliant doctors. I’ve also gone to a lot that would say to me things like, Well, everything seems fine. 

Yet there was a blanket of overlapping issues, scary ones. That’s why I love what we do so much. It’s taking somebody through a path where we say, I don’t think you’re crazy, you are having these issues. Now let’s empower you to know these tools so that you can be on your way and actually live this life that you deserve.

Sharing Your Journey & Making That Connection

Vita: I think it’s also important, whenever I get someone on a discovery call, I think initially what I would do is, I would be the expert, and this is what you should do, and bla bla bla bla bla, but it really changed because it’s like, hey, I’ve dealt with that, too. Now I’m gonna take you through a process. This is the process that I took with my issues. Okay, I found it to work best for me and my other clients. 

I’m reminded of every time I watch your videos, well, I don’t binge watch them anymore, because I’ve watched every single one of a million times. So I just watched the new ones now. And then some that I have bookmarked. But you always used to say, I bought my business with two small children on the ground. Oh my gosh, that’s me because I have a small kid and I want other children and I don’t know how I’m going to go build my business. You started your business with nothing. 

Or you would throw in these things. And it’s like, Okay, I need to work with this person because they understand. You said I have health issues. You’ve been very upfront about your health issues and health challenges last year. So I want to follow her. I want to see her process. I want to see what’s going on with her. So I think it’s just the messaging of saying, Hey, this is customized for you. You’re an individual person. But for me, overall, I had to take these steps to get to where I am, to get my son, to regulate my period, to have a good relationship with my menstrual cycle. And I’m going to walk you along those exact same steps.

Rachel: When I first came out of school, I saw friends of mine who were graduating from the school that I went to, they were starting websites, they were doing all of the stuff that they thought they needed to do. I’m all for starting a website. I’m all for everything, but they were doing it to where it was like a $5,000 website and all these different things, hired social media, people. I didn’t have the money to do that. I knew that I also felt scared just to show up and be myself. I thought, oh, I’ve got to be this person that says you should do this, you should do that. But I thought, that’s what always was said to me, You need to do this, you need to do that, you need to give up this. 

I thought, if this person is like me, or any human being, which feels upset, scared, overwhelmed, they want to know about me, they want to know that I’m not going to drop them. I didn’t drop my health issues. I addressed them, I’m going to be relentless for them in the same way that I was for myself, my kids. And I think that we sometimes forget that this is a human being. It’s not just sales and conversion. 

Do you have that synergy with this person? Whether they’re buying from you as a self-paced or personalized. You and I even talked about this. This is such a sensitive issue, health issues are so sensitive, especially when you have been either misdiagnosed or diagnosed, we feel helpless. And I thought somebody wants a guide. That’s when it just hit me, being my rage. And it’s still scary to be myself and not be like everyone else and kind of be like, here are the five ways you need to do this. I do feel that it lessens a lot of the overwhelm of really showing up. Because people don’t buy products, people buy people, right?

Vita: I have a client that I work with who is 51, 52, she’s almost 400 pounds. She’s basically been dismissed by everyone, they just say, well, you’re not gonna be able to have a baby because you’re losing weight. Nobody’s ever held her hand through the process. No one’s ever shown her any comfort. No one’s ever taught her the proper way to eat. No one has taken time throughout her medical journey to help her in any way. Just having me saying, Okay, this is what we’re gonna do. I’m going to take you through this process. Figure out why she eats the way that she eats. She told me a story about when she was young, and her step-grandmother used to torment her and make her eat these vegetables. So now she has a terrible issue with food. Imagine. We’re overcoming that. And that’s powerful. She lost an incredible amount of weight in the past month. 

Rachel: We’re in the health coaching industry, where we have a big job ahead of us. It’s that personal connection. You’re probably the only person that these people are going to connect with on such a deep level. 

Going Through The Journey Together

Vita: I may be the expert in certain things. But at the end of the day, it’s just like, Hey, you and I are going through this life situation together. I want to have another kid too. So I have things that I need to work on. I’m just like, about to cry, that’s how seriously I take this. I’m going on this journey, I’m going through this too. Because I have other children that I want to have. I have a menstrual cycle that I want to protect. So this is a serious job for me. I’m about to cry.

Every time I’ve talked about my why, every time I’ve talked about kids and thinking that I cleaned up my system so that I can birth these healthy kids. They came out with some of the highest uranium levels that this biochemist we’re working with had ever seen. She’s like, do you live next to a nuclear power plant?

Rachel: I think a lot of us, we think that we’re going to really clean things up and then we find that you know what, we need to work with somebody through that process. It’s not only us working through or finding what worked for us, we get to then be a part of somebody else’s journey, and walk with them. 

And it always brings up our own stuff. It reminds us of either our gratitude or the things that we still need to work on. And that’s the beautiful part about how you have transitioned in such a short amount of time, to understand how you really need to show up for your ideal client. And what that synergy in that relationship is like in that one on one. Because a lot of our health issues, not all, but a lot of them have to do with our old traumas, or old triggers or our old narratives and stories. And that’s why I too loved one on one, because you would get to just rip open that blockage and you get to journey together.

Why DIYs Don’t Always Work

Vita: Yeah, absolutely. It’s such an incredible experience. ISo a little backstory, when I first launched the 21 day fertility detox. At first, it was a done free or do-it-yourself-type situation. That didn’t go so well. Of course, the people received benefit out of it. But the comments that I got, were we really, really needed you in there. So I tried to just have it at I think it was $125, or whatever, they do with themselves. But then I saw people would rather upsell and have me

Wait, let me give me a day. Let me fix that. So that’s that now for something like that. I actually do all of my programs, they include me in there. I guess because they find me and they connect with me on video. They need that conversation, they need my face, they need to see accountability.

Rachel: That’s what I hear a lot of people who think passive income, do it yourself, I don’t have to be involved. For a lot of people, they need that accountability. Yeah, doing it yourself is really great for people that can do it themselves. Maybe it’s not a complicated issue. Or may they just want to test you out before they invest. 

But I would say the majority of human beings fall short. Because we don’t have that accountability. It doesn’t mean that do it yourself doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean that a different model is necessary. It just means know who you attract. And you really nailed that part. I knew you put a business together that not only makes you feel amazing, but you know that you’re doing this unbelievable work that is very necessary.

Vita: It’s nice to finally be profitable. It’s hard, especially when I was running the Facebook ads to just have money going away. Like a $1,000 going away with no returns. But you mentioned early about having this expensive website and this and that. I took away all the bells and whistles, I took away all the additional charges and it was just me. 

You can tell that. On my social media, I run my social media. Nobody makes any posts for me. Because it’s me. Once I took away those bells and whistles, it was better. Of course, eventually I’m going to get to the point where I have a big team and we’re really working together. But I think it’s a service-based business and I am the business, you are your brand. And you are that person.

Rachel: I hear you on so many levels. I could keep going and going because clearly, we’re not a lack of words as to firecrackers. I guarantee you there are people that will be listening to this, and coaches who they are in this struggle. And it’s always nice to actually hire somebody that we’ve identified with on an interview like this. Can you tell everyone where to find you?

Vita: Sure. So I really like Instagram, Instagram is Dr.VitaK. You can come on there, we can laugh together, cry together. My YouTube channel is Dr.VitaNaturalHealth. So you can find me there. I’m also on tik tok Dr.VitaK. My new website is launching with a blog. So they’re going to be a lot of great resources just for women. I want to eventually add menopause topics in the future. That’s just not my niche right now. It’s mostly for menstruating women. That’s where you can find me and inbox me so Hello,

Rachel: I have a feeling you are just going to branch. Is fertility still going to be your main? It’s your sole niche. It’s your why, but I just have this feeling that women are going to say, I have to keep working with you.

Vita: I’ve been having that pregnancy support. Yeah, I don’t have a pregnancy. I have an early pregnancy program, but I could just do a few one on one sessions during your pregnancy. This is not my thing. But eventually, maybe. 

Rachel: Well, thank you so much for being here. Make sure to follow this amazing woman, her Instagram videos are really, really well done to the point that you have to go and be like, let me check in with this lady and see what she’s saying today. So with that being said, make sure to go into the show notes. You’re going to have Dr. Vita’s information. And of course, if you want to hire, this is my quadruple thumbs up. Alright guys, we’ll see you on the next one and talk to you soon.

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