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When you hear phrases like What’s your why?, how do you feel?


Excited because you know exactly why you’re in business and are jazzed to be working on it every day?


Bored at this concept of ‘why’ but don’t feel energized by your business?


Confused at the very thought of figuring out why you’re doing this thing called business?


Your why is the reason you’re in business. No, not money, glory, or fame.


It’s bigger than that.


Your why is the reason behind the reason you’re in business. It gives you the courage to take risks and the motivation to keep going, even when all you want to do is sink further under your duvet and not face the world.


I’ll tell you my why:


It isn’t just my kids or my husband. Building a business that supports the life I want for my family is a given – we all want that, right?


For me, my why is more:


I went to nutrition school because I was hopeless about my health. I was sick and tired of being told I could be healed and then let down when that protocol did not work.


I never want to tell anyone that same story. So I learned to tell a different one. A truer one.


I fixed my health and started to create health plans to help my clients fix theirs.


So by going to nutrition school and becoming a coach, I want to empower people, in ways I needed to with my own health. To detox, to do an elimination diet and go grain free (if this is what their health needs).


Not only have that, I also want to empower health coaches to build a business based on smart systems that keep us focused and in control. That’s what my Done-For-You programs are about.


More on that in a bit.


But first – what’s your why?


Why are you in this?


What’s your reason behind the reason you’re in business?


If you aren’t crystal clear on it, I have a little something for you.


To find your why, answer 3 simple questions:


Question 1: How are you going to help the world?

What problem are you solving? In what ways are you empowering people? Obviously, you’re not going to fix the world’s problems by yourself. But you can contribute and make a difference. So, what specific need are you fulfilling?


Question 2: How will the world help you?

What are you getting back from empowering and helping people? Is it a feeling of purpose? Is it more freedom in your life? Is it more balance so you have time for both business and those you love?


Question 3: Who will you help together?

What kind of people will you be helping? Why do they need you?


For me, I helped myself first, and then started helping others.


I first fixed my own health, and then started helping others fix theirs. I fixed my business first, and then started helping health coaches with theirs.


NOW YOU KNOW YOUR WHY and now we can take action in your business.

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