63: All About Epigenetics and the Root Cause of Disease with Dr. Ashley Beckman

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On today’s episode, I am so excited to have Ashley Beckman here. As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, she creates custom healing plans for her clients to transform their health naturally.  She is here to talk all about epigenetics and the root cause of disease.  We will also be talking about how she uses the seasonal detox in her thriving 1-1 practice. 

Enjoy the show!


In Today’s Episode:

[01:19] Ashley is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and an amazing coach.  

[01:55] Everything is connected and we have to work layer by layer. You can’t separate things out.  We need to put all the pieces together, have a long systematized detox, and hit all the layers.

[04:03] She got into the epigenetics area because she was so obsessed with food, detoxes, and cleanses since high school. 

[04:39] Food is medicine. What we are doing every single day can harm us or help us.  Food is something we control.  

[05:57] A huge component of epigenetics is how we detox.  

[07:41] Ashley kept diving into what food can do, the inflammatory process, and the elimination diet.  

[08:55] If we don’t ever get to the root cause, we are just removing triggers. 

[09:43] There are a lot of things that we normalize, that are not normal.   

[10:32] If you are not getting good quality sleep it is pretty hard to fix anything. 

[11:59] It is crucial to prime your body before you start attacking.  

[14:28] Some people are great detoxes and not great rebuilders and others are great rebuilders but not great detoxes. We all detoxify differently. 

[16:04] Ashley shares her favorite primers, but she also makes sure the sleep and hydration are optimized.  

[17:42] She is a huge fan of targeted detoxes every season.
[19:41] As coaches we all get to a point where we say we are going to keep digging so that we can save the pain for somebody else. 

[21:27] If you are still struggling, it isn’t your fault, but there may need to be another door to open.

[22:23] Ashley recommends prevention. She would much rather clean up and try to prevent something in the future that she doesn’t know could turn into something worse. 

[23:27] We live in a different world where there is not a one-size approach anymore.  

[24:32] There are more toxins, more stress, and more health issues.  Some bodies handle it better and some can’t. 

[26:32] With epigenetics you are giving this blueprint of possibilities and we have the control over what we do. We get to pick what outcomes we have. 

[27:10] Your mindset and thoughts can affect your immune system. 

[30:38] Share guides with your clients that can lead to easy switches.  There are many easy things that are just habits that people need to break and can have a big effect.

[32:44] Often there are some minor tweaks that can help a lot of people feel better.  

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