64: Ditching Imposter Syndrome and Shame as a Health Coach

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Today I am talking about an issue that has come up a lot – Imposter Syndrome.  I am going to take you through some of the ways that I have overcome my fear.  I have a lot of anxiety that can often paralyze me and this was anxiety that I had to learn how to reshape and reframe so that I could build my wellness business.  I had to get out of my own way and my own fears.  I am going to share some really significant tips for dealing with imposter syndrome. 

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[01:57] Embrace imposter syndrome.  

[02:18] Imposter syndrome is just fear.  It is all the same concerns we have as a new coach.  

[03:06] Step number one is to talk to the imposter syndrome.  Tell yourself the imposter syndrome has nothing to do with my capabilities. 

[03:58] We often step into imposter syndrome when we think we have to be perfect. 

[04:06] It is important to do some self-analysis. Why are you actually feeling this fear? Why are you not being vulnerable?  Why do you have shame around telling people what is actually going on?

[04:46] The second part of imposter syndrome for a lot of us is shame.  

[05:31] We have to look back on our journey, but not with shame or blame.

[06:26] Most of us as coaches walk around with shame in telling our own stories and we don’t even realize that it is affecting our marketing.  

[07:20] It is in that ownership of our story when the imposter syndrome starts to fade away. 

[07:29] The last part is the vulnerability.   

[08:52] Vulnerability is one of the biggest ways we build trust.  

[10:34] The action step is to be honest with yourself about where you have fears.  How are they affecting your mindset? How are they affecting your ability to show up for your client in a way that suits you?

[12:12] Our shame and sadness in our journey can affect how we show up and how we present ourselves in life. 

[13:13] The same work we have to do on our health is the same work we have to do in our business.  

[14:02] The very work for you to overcome your business fears at any stage is the same feelings your clients have about their health.  

[14:37] Make sure you are always working on the mindset part because that is more powerful than any blueprint.  

[15:43] We should work on our mindset every day because it is going to dictate how we show up in our day. 

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