62: How to Show Up As A Health Coach with Jes Royston

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On today’s episode, I am so excited to have Jes Royston on the show. Jess is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach where she gets to take her clients on their own journey to wellness. She has various other certifications including Gut Health, Ayurvedic Medicine, Cancer Nutrition and Environmental Medicine. Today we are talking about how to show up in your health coach business.  What exactly does it mean to show up? Jes is going to share with you the ways she has structured her business from the start and then we talk about how we both define showing up.

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[01:10] Once you get comfortable, let go of the overwhelm, and you have a plan and action steps you can make real progress.  We need to keep it simple and real. 

[02:04] Showing up is where we connect.   

[03:56] Use the ways of showing up to lead people to your website with your blog and call to action. 

[05:03] We have to show up online and offline.  Sharing what you are doing online, offline as well.  

[07:23] The offline work and showing up for your audience need to be done first so you can build things online. 

[08:26] When you feel overwhelmed pull out your biz journal and make a box at the top of a piece of paper. Think and brainstorm about why you want to teach and what you want to be known for.

[09:45] Jes is constantly getting out there sharing about many different topics in many various ways. She is talking about the four areas from her testing phase that she knows her people want to hear about 

[10:41] The showing up is actually teaching, connecting, and answering questions.  Bring them in, don’t just treat people like a funnel.  

[11:48] If you are not showing up and having the conversation, you are not preparing for the Super Bowl.  You have just sat on the sideline.  

[12:49] The listing is ongoing when you get clear. We don’t exactly know in the beginning.  We show up and figure it out as we go. 

[14:11] You need to make sure the things you are sharing are things you are applying in your own life. She shares about her cleaners, hair stuff, why she chooses organic and more.  

[15:17] Do what comes naturally to you and do not look at what other people are doing on social media. 

[17:23] You can offer paid courses, groups, events, and coaching because you have already consistently showed up free.
[18:06] Don’t make the mistake thinking that people are bots or funnels. Successful businesses are built on trust and relationship building. 

[19:45] When you become known in your niche, people will remember you and refer you to someone they know that does. That referral network is huge!

[20:44] Your personal Facebook page can be used to build your brand, show behind the scenes, and share their life, but not to sell.  

[22:09] You can definitely ask clients and listeners to share you with friends that would be a good fit.

[22:35] We often overlook the personal connection.

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