BeautyCounter Sunscreen

I have tried everything from my owns kids California Baby to pure zinc and felt like a surfer with a white face.

Finally I found a sunscreen, and I live in Florida so I really needed one, that felt creamy and smooth.

Plus, every woman, man and child should protect their skin.
Why not choose one that has safe ingredients like BeautyCounter.

I chose this sunscreen, and trust me I get sent samples from every company but I did not like the ingredients. I do love this one.

beauty counter sunscreen
Use sunscreens that DO NOT contain these two ingredients (Retinyl Palmitate and Oxybenzone)!

Beautycounter has an awesome sunscreen –  PROTECT uses non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide, which are effective and safe natural mineral sun blockers.

Grab it here.

Enjoy the sun – without adding chemicals to your face Go toxic free baby!


Rachel Feldman



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