Bikini Ready Cleanse

I wish I were not telling you this, but my dog has a weight problem. Esther is a pug, and we all know pugs like to eat.

For Esther’s entire life she has been big boned, well that is what I have told people but the truth is she eats a lot.

Honestly, I have thought about her thyroid and have added kelp sprinkles. I also thought about her gut health as her breath was OMG – horrific and added a daily probiotic.

So with the supplement changes, the weight still was not coming off.

I knew we had to work on portion control and possible food allergies.

esther photo

What did I do for Esther?

1. I switched Esther to a different food that was grain free.
2. I added drops of chlorophyll to her water to alkalize her water and minerals.
3. I supported Esther with her portion control – helping to her have mini meals instead of large Esther meals.
4. The kids helped too because we know movement is key. Esther is now getting a lymph massage daily and using some essential oils.

I have a feeling Esther and her love for food is also emotional, so we have been adding stress relieving oils on her body daily such as Balance and Serenity >>> check out the essential oil page on my site or contact me through my site to find out how you can get oils 25% off.

After making the changes, she has lost some weight. YAY! To celebrate Esther’s recent 1 pound weight loss and her birthdays month, I am slashing the prices on the BIKINI SUMMER detox and cleanse >>>>> grab is for only $57.

Making a DECISION and taking action to reclaim my health is what helped me to go from acid reflux adrenal fatigue, belly bloat, ulcerative colitis, and anxiety to feeling powerful in my body and empowered in my life – body, mind and spirit baby!

JOIN me, limited time offer so grab your spot. Claim your spot here.

Time to get rid of excess weight, support the liver, which means no more waking up at 3 AM or belly bloat and stinky gas.

Bring a friend – lets rock this Bikini season is style.

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