Health Coach Summer Preview Call

RW summer preview call may 2015Health Coaches… I am here to say building your business is possible. I know it can be scary trying to make your business work and build it from the ground up.

I know there is so much marketing out there for making 6 figures, 7 figures and I think I even saw 8 figures the other day in a marketing system but this is for REAL. I am teaching a interactive webinar on how to build your sales funnel from the ground up.

I made 12K my first year as a health coach and my hubby lost his company in the stock market. I was scared. I knew I needed to make my health coaching business work for my family. Today, 5 years later I am supporting my family financially. It is possible. Join me to find out how.


>> Build the Perfect Sales Funnel. Let me show you how to build the perfect sales funnel in 5 simple steps.HINT : Build your List & get them in the door.

>> Nail down your niche and test it in the market. This system has brought me to the top and I want you to be there, too. This isn’t a system that’s sold online. I created this system myself and I continue to use it every day.

>> How to use your story to build your brand – wanna stand out? Speak your truth. I’ll show you a few key questions to uncover exactly what yours is, and how to make it shine.

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Rachel Feldman



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