Blueberry Kidney Nourishing Smoothie with Walnuts

This smoothie is amazing. If you are breathing, living or working out and living in this busy world, then this smoothie is for you.

I call this the flat tummy and feel good smoothie because when our kidneys, your battery pack, when nourished with the right foods, will give you endless energy and less belly bloat. Your kidneys need to be strong and healthy for digestion to work properly. If you have that lower back pain or you are feeling exhausted in the late afternoon, then we want to give your kidneys some love. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and dark in color, which means they support the kidneys. All those great foods that are dark in color, similar to blood support the kidneys. 


Vitality Magazine had a great article about kidney health from the Chinese Medicine Perspective.

TCM was, of course, a prescientific medicine without knowledge of hormones, amino acids, enzymes, and the like, and so it described kidney function in different terms. In TCM, the kidney is the foundation for growth, development, and reproduction; for healthy bones and marrow; and for brain functions such as memory, concentration, and intelligence. The kidney regulates fluid metabolism; supports keen hearing, healthy hair, and strong sexual function; and supplies us with willpower and motivation. Between the two kidneys, at the small of the back, resides the ultimate life force known as the “The Gate of Vitality.”  16th Century TCM doctor, Zhang Jie Bin, describes it thus: “The Gate of Vitality is the residence of Yin and Yang, the Sea of Essence, and it determines Life and Death.”

Kidney essence refers to our genetic inheritance – the constitution and resistance to illness that we inherit, which determines to a large degree how healthy and strong we will be. In traditional Chinese culture, guarding and cultivating one’s kidney essence was elevated to an art, reflected in innumerable martial arts exercises, herbal recipes, and prescriptions for healthy living. Today, Chinatown restaurants routinely serve kidney congee – rice porridge with kidneys – to old people who are diligently applying the principle of “like for like.

This repertory of methods for the strengthening of our kidneys can hold us in good stead as we face the many challenges of modern living and attempt to travel into old age with our bodies and faculties intact.

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If you have bags under your eyes or just feeling blah, the make this smoothie today for breakfast or an afternoon snack. I add a vegan protein powder to my smoothies or just an additional 3 tbsp. of hemp seeds. ENJOY.

berry smoothie RW


Rachel Feldman


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