77. How To Create Content For Social Media Without The Overwhelm

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Creating content for social media doesn’t need to be stressful nor should it take all day. If you want to churn out amazing content that provides value to your audience and leads them into the “work with you” funnel, all you need is a few blog posts or freebies, an hour of your time, and the determination to see your business through to success.

In today’s episode, I am walking you through my step by step guide on how to quickly and easily create content for your social media without feeling overwhelmed. I’ll talk about how to repurpose old content, turn ideas into Lives, and readjust your message to focus on topics that your audience wants to learn from you. This quick episode is packed with content creation tips that I used to build my own business from the ground up (and still use to this day)!


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Are you ready to start churning out content for your social media channels without feeling overwhelmed? I am giving you super simple and easy tips for creating valuable content for your audience using old blogs and freebies so you have a 7, 14, or 30 day content plan ready to use in under an hour!

Good morning coaches or good afternoon, wherever you are listening to this. I want you to hop on over to Rachelfeldman.com. Listen to the episode on the Healthy Hustle Podcast where I talked about going Live, even when you’re scared. We are launching this entire series called Back To The Basics. I find that so many coaches are struggling with time. And this is something that I know very well because I built my business with two little kids. Max and Sammy were under the age of four when I graduated from the Institute for integrative nutrition. 

So in today’s episode, what we are going to dive into really fast – because what I want you to understand – that you have to be efficient when you are doing your social media, building your business, and sitting in the overwhelm of I don’t know what to talk about. This way of thinking is not only going to bleed you dry of the energy that you need to show up. But it’s also going to make you think that it always has to be perfect or going to feel extremely overwhelmed. And then you’re not going to do it. 

How To Quickly & Easily Create Content For Your Business

One thing that I realized very early on is if it’s not doable, if I can’t get it done in one hour in the morning, I am in trouble. So I’m going to take you step by step and show you exactly how easy you can make this. So a lot of coaches struggle with content ideas. I hear constantly. Rachel, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what should be my blog topic. I don’t know what I should write in my newsletter. I don’t know what I should talk about in my stories. I don’t even know what should be on my Facebook post. 

All of that leads to a lot of frustration, a lot of anxiety. It really takes away from what we need to do. Wwe need to let go of perfection. We need to have these topics where we test our market. We’re really looking for what makes our ideal client engage with us the most?

There is a woman in my membership who just posted yesterday because we are doing this exercise, which we always have to do. And she took a poll and said to me, Wow, I specialize in anti-aging. But what’s crazy is they wanted to hear these other topics. And so I want you to see how easy this can be to not only have your Live topics, but also have your social media. 

Let me give you an example. Right now we’re looking at Mindset Maker, one of my favorite programs. It can work for so many different niches. Because clearly, mindset is important. What I want you to see right here is you have your Session Guide, which you can always bring information from. But you also have six handouts. 

You might be saying, Well, why would I do this as a Live? Because guess what, guys? People are only going to hire you when they understand what that transformation looks like. You and I know what transformation looks like, but we really need to show them. So keep in mind six handouts. I’m also going to take note of two different freebies: Toxic Beliefs That Lead To Weight Gain and then this other freebie, Change Your Mindset In Five Days

That doesn’t even cover the workshops that we have. But alone 15 newsletters. We’re just now clocking what we can actually use 40 blogs. There. I’m golden. Right now I’m going to go right to the next step. I’m going to look at this business folder. And I’m going to say for the next seven days, because for a lot of us, it can feel extremely overwhelming to plan the whole month. Content creators and content marketing specialists love a 30-day plan.

How To Simply Content Creation

What I would say is for a lot of us, for a lot of heart-based entrepreneurs, it can feel extremely overwhelming. So I want to simplify it. Number one, you’re going to go right into the business folder. For the benefit of buying the new specific programs is they’re gonna have content that supports the different problems that your ideal client is having and also content that all relates to that topic. 

So I’m just going to go right into my blogs, we’re gonna look at newsletters on another day. So we can make this super easy. I’m going to go through, and I’m going to go through each one of these. Okay, Gluten-Free Solution. I want to talk about mindset and gluten, maybe food and mood – that’s a possible topic. Then I’m going to look at this next one, Super Cleansing Ingredients For Your Body. Great one, because a lot of people are coming off of a stressful year. 

The truth is people have stressful 24 hours all the time. So I’m going to take a look at the next one, I want to find one on ways to stay on content with money in your pocket, still focusing on true living, things like that. 

So of course, I’m going to go through each one of these A Sound Mind and A Sound Body. I love this, Understanding The Triad Exercise With The Heart, Get In Touch With Your Mind and Body. Let me see one more. Live Boldly and Blossom In Your Mind. Home Run. 

Reusing Content To Go Live

So right now I’m going to sit there and take this one live, I’m going to say, I’m going to schedule an event on Facebook. That’s the platform that I find I have the most interaction in the easiest conversations and engagement, you might find that Instagram or Tiktok, or YouTube really works for you even Clubhouse. But for the purpose of this, we want to think of places where we can go Live. 

Always keep in mind that you can go Live right from your phone, it doesn’t require any platform or your streaming. But my favorite streaming platforms, of course, on a cheaper option is Stream Yard. And on a more expensive option is Zoom with the webinar feature. For this purpose, I’m going to say okay, I’m going to download this, I’m gonna give myself five minutes to do a scroll through this download, take a look. 

Then I’m going to step number two, make an event on Facebook. So I’m going to take this blog, and I might even rename it like 4 Ways To Live Boldly into 4 Ways To Access Your Dreams or 4 Ways To Overcome Stress. I’m going to think about these possible story ideas, maybe like three ways, five ways, seven ways. 

It’s pure psychology that we like a little roadmap. So I may just nourish that, or four ways to live boldly and blossom on your mind. If you’re not great at making those titles, don’t even worry about it. Because if you sit in that perfection, you’re not going to get anywhere. And then secondly, is that takes practice. 

How To Easily Nail Your Messaging

So you’re not going to just know how to do it in the beginning. You have to actually practice or you can go and do some market research. See what are some story ideas or titles of trending YouTube videos. You can study your different competitors and see how they are messaging stress mindset, etc.

And I would say it’s always great to look at people like Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, Louise Hay, or any of your favorites that really inspire you. Download this, take a little of the copy. 

That means emotional traumas part of life, you can tell your audience to meet you on your Facebook business page or meet in your group and actually have a link directly to your group. So we are building even without automation, which is really important. Make that event on your personal make it on your Facebook business page and go to Canva and just simply make a quick banner that says Meet me on x date at x time. 

Adjusting Your Message For Your Ideal Client

Now I’m going to then decide what I’m going to talk about leading up to either that live or even after that live. Remember, people don’t just opt in. People don’t just see us once and have that know like and trust factor built. You don’t just have a know like and trust factor built because you’ve done a Facebook ad where you did a challenge. 

We’ve got this amazing freebie. The know like and trust is built because we keep nourishing that story. So my theme this week is clearly How Do We Live In Blocks Despite Stress, and I’m going to relate this to my ideal client, which has food allergies, stress, chronic anxiety, analysis, paralysis, environmental toxins, gut issues, autoimmune skin rashes, and kids with a lot of need for early intervention with massive, intense leaky gut. 

So now think about your ideal client, what are their top three biggest problems? And what is the mini solution that you’re providing? The blog, the Live is the mini solution. But how do we tell that story in between so we don’t get lost in creating content and feeling overwhelmed? 

I’m going to go right to this freebie. I’m going to pull up stories from this 20 page freebie. And I’m going to talk about toxic beliefs. I don’t even have to go any further past this table of content. Talking about the past in the old store is talking about rewiring mindset, talking about

being in the now and how did I struggle with not being in the now? Or how is not being in the now affecting my client? I want you to really think when you’re planning out your social media, I want you to go right into a freebie and pull out seven days of content.

Visually Planning Your Content

Here is my tip – because I know how overwhelming it can be. And if you are a person that tends to feel massively overwhelmed with writing this all out on an Excel spreadsheet, I want you to get a whiteboard, and I want you to do sticky notes. Sticky notes are my favorite. Because the cool thing is even if you have one board that you can use all of a sudden you have seven days visually easy, less overwhelming. You can of course also have if you have a computer, you can put your little seven days right there. 

And as you’re going through each day, and you see some of the questions that people are asking, under your social media post, or maybe in the IGTV video that you’ve done on social media and all these other places where you’re showing up. You can actually start to infuse it and take little notes. 

You’ll come up with ideas for the next day like, I want to talk about this, or I’m going to change out day three, because I’ve gotten so much engagement and so many questions and personal messages that I actually want to address this in a Live. And then all of a sudden, guess what happens? You start to see the excitement and what a Live means: it’s an opportunity for you to address directly the questions that your ideal client has!

Because you were really nourishing this story and you stayed focused that week on the actual Live. So I’m going to write down the seven topics that I want to actually speak about. I don’t even have to talk about weight, if I don’t want to. And the cool thing about this is if you didn’t specialize or talk or even focus on weight at all, I could say food, exercise and hormones with one small change of a word. I could say food, exercise, and shockwaves. Food exercise and X. Go through and actually add in these few key elements that separate you from everyone else.

Setting The Stage For Future Content

I mean, there’s so much information here. If you don’t even use this freebie. Maybe you have your signature freebies mapped out. You can just copy and paste it into a social media template. But for today’s purpose, I want you to think, would it be this easy to actually map out your social media and use one blog or one freebie? The answer is yes. The great thing also is that in doing this, in highlighting the freebie, guess what you’re really doing? You’re starting to set the stage of them being able to take this into the next week.

Hold your horse says no joke, because this is the mind blower on the next week. Guess what you’re actually going to do? Release that freebie. Because then on the next week, your Live is all going to be about being present in the moment and why it is so important. 

You took time to work on this guide so that your ideal client would never not have the information from you that they need. And so by taking the content succinctly, making it easier on yourself, you’re then even setting the stage for them wanting to actually opt in. 

And for those of you who are getting stuck in automation, maybe you didn’t know that I didn’t know how to do automation either. I couldn’t even figure it out until I hired a virtual assistant, which wasn’t until year three and a half. But I would say to people, meet me in this group, I’m gonna upload this gift. If you make your group this place that people want to be, then you’re not doing what everyone else does. Just sharing a blog, just coming in and sharing a tidbit for the day. 

Imagine this, you’re really busy, which you are. And you’re part of this group, which I know you’re putting value in there. But are you really solving the exact problem and taking them through a journey. That journey is you doing that Live, that next journey is nourishing them each day on this next step. For those of you who even want to go in and do breathing, maybe you swap out a day five, and you’re like, guys, you’re not this week, we’ve talked all about keeping center, I want to show you a little about how not being in the present moment affects me. When I’m not in the present moment, I struggle with 123. 

How This Content Creation Method Helps You Stay Focused

And so this is today’s tool. What we are doing by really just going into the content, and using that is we’re able to stay really focused. And I know for a lot of you guys, it’s hard to stay focused when you’re building your business because there’s so much noise. And we often feel like maybe we’re not on track or maybe we’re not saying the right thing. And so we abandon the plan. Don’t abandon it, refine it. Re massage it. 

Too often. We are not taking that person, that ideal client, through this story. So they don’t opt in anyway. But if we consistently use a freebie in there, a freebie that would take so much time to write and maybe you’re not even using it as your three signature free offers that solves that exact problem and leads them to your paid offer. 

Freebies are a perfect example. It saves you time. So then in one hour a day, you’ll get it done. I know this works because this is exactly what I did while Sammy and Max were drinking Bob Bob on the couch in the morning. 

Why This Process Always Works

I’m going to close this with the truth. No matter where you are at, whatever growth stage, because when you’re in a growth and scale – are you really looking at time efficiency? You’re really looking at creating a duplicatable process, a rinse and repeat process. One that also is easy for you to do even if you have team members. One that has to be simple and duplicatable. This is a duplicatable process that works for the solo entrepreneur. And it also works as you’re building a team and you’re outsourcing. 

Because when you have a process that works, guess what you’re going to minimize? The mistakes of a virtual assistant. You’re actually going to know the process that you need to task to that virtual assistant. That is one of the biggest problems that I see, when we hire somebody. We don’t actually know what to task out. We think they’re going to tell us the plan. That’s not always the case. 

How To Make Content Creation Work For You

So let me recap what you can do. You’re going to take that blog and make that a Live. We talked about creating the event on Facebook free. We talked about Canva. If you don’t have the pro version, it’s $12.95. Get the free version. It’s very easy. If you have any of our templates, guess what? You don’t have to sit around and make the design look pretty. Then you can take that same Live that you did, you can download that on another day, that can become a video on multiple different platforms. We’re going to talk about that in another training specifically. 

The same video can also be on your blog. You did the Live, why not make it really work for you? Why not repurpose it on that blog that you did the live speaking about? You can actually put that on blog on another day. You’re gonna pull the video that you have uploaded on YouTube. You’re gonna make that so it’s a blog, it has a video and it has the blog.

Then what are you going to do, you’re going to share, share, share! You’re going to constantly drive people back to that amazing high value page. Which really is like the mini sales page. At the bottom of your blog, you’re gonna put a call to action. Hey, I want to jump on a discovery call and talk about how mindset is affecting you in the following ways. Get specific. Speak to that ideal client. Don’t just say, a discovery call, hop on a call, say let’s talk about your health. Get down and dirty. Don’t make the mistake I made in the first two years.

Making Your Content Funnel Work

Furthermore, if you do have something on automation, and you know that it’s that heavy hitter, like a free offer that you have on the front of your site, whether you have Wix, Squarespace, you don’t need to have a custom designed website to stand out. 

You need to have content that you are able to use a duplicatable process. And when you really nailed it down, great. Get a custom site. If you have a custom site, guess what? This is just upping your engagement and your possibility for that conversion. Which really is about making money and changing lives, making money and changing lives, making money. 

At the end of that blog, you can only say, hey, PS jump on a call with me to get specific. Because your clients’ top three problems. Get specific . Get on a call so we can cover 1234. Under that you can be like PPS, if you love this, grab this freebie. This is your signature freebie. One of three that you have.

I’m a huge believer that we can’t just depend and put all our eggs in one basket. We need different freebies. But again, they don’t all need to be on an opt in page. You need a form, but you also just need your mouth. And your mouth gets to say when you’re on a Live. Hey, you know what, I’ve got this free gift, hit me up in a personal message. DM me or drop a comment saying, Please give me the gift.

Realizing How Simple Content Creation Can Be

Now let’s take a deep breath. This is how simple it can be. What I want you to think about is the beginning part of this. Social media to support your life. We will dive into what days you can actually schedule each of these assets to be done. And lastly, when you’re thinking about planning, like When am I going to do the blog? When am I going to do a freebie?

Maybe you don’t have one hour in a day, you actually want to dedicate three hours to have your whole week planned out. Awesome. Figure out what works the best for you and your personality and your style of working. And lastly, let’s just close it down and tell you how simple it can be because this is exactly what I did in the beginning of Rachel’s Wellness with a crappy website.

That same blog, you can turn it into a newsletter. Or if you have that package or a newsletter or package like the Mindset Makeover, which includes newsletters, or a newsletter package. You can of course, send a newsletter on the same theme. Or you can take that blog and add in a little more personal story. Speak to your newsletter list in a different voice because they’re already on your list. So really speak to them about the core problems that you know they have signed up with. They want to hear more about you as the solution. 

Don’t overthink the process. Don’t think that you need fancy platforms to do this. Everything I just told you is on free platforms. And guys, I think I even wrote a Forbes article on how to use free tools to build your wellness business. So guys, trust me. I’m telling you from experience 10 years into this business. Team members, hundreds of launches for myself and my clients. Simplicity wins the race. So guys, if you love this drop love below. And if you think that somebody would benefit, tag them and hit me up on a personal message or a direct message because I’m sure I have a gift for you. Alright guys, I will see you later. You got this deep deep breath Peace out. I will see you on the flip side. Bye guys.

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