93. How To Avoid Social Media Exhaustion So You Can Stay Visible Online

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Are you feeling overwhelmed or exhausted trying to stay visible and show up on social media? Well, I don’t want you to be, because that visibility is so important for building and scaling your online (and offline) business. I want you to have fun bringing awareness to your business! Which is why I am telling you exactly how to create content that promotes connection, starts a conversation, and converts your audience into dream clients. 

In today’s episode, I am breaking down the sales funnel into digestible chunks so you can tackle it without the overwhelm! You’ll learn exactly how to take small actionable steps that produce big results for your health coaching business and how to create valuable content that speaks to your audience. Plus, I am telling you exactly how content visibility is comparable to starting a romantic relationship. I’ll even tell you what to say on your first date! 


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Hey there. I am so pumped to start this week’s episode of the Healthy Hustle Podcast. So many coaches have been saying to me, Rachel, I feel so overwhelmed doing social media, I’m exhausted. I don’t want you to feel exhausted because visibility is extremely important. So whether you’re building your business online, or you’re building your business offline, you want to think of visibility as an opportunity for you to connect with your ideal client.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

So if we were to even dive into what that whole word sales funnel is, let’s unfuck this word sales funnel. I know I’m sorry. I said a really bad word, and my kids will probably be like, Mom, but it needed that little extra to say, we are going to end this madness, and get back to some old school strategies. 

Sales funnels are just conversations, they’re like dating. So before we dive into social media, in this training, I want to just talk about what a sales funnel is all about. When you think about visibility and awareness, I want you to think of your social media, your digital marketing. So whether you are posting on Instagram, or Facebook, or Pinterest, or whether you have videos on YouTube, wherever your ideal client hangs out, that’s where you want that visibility. 

Gaining Visibility Offline

For those of you working offline –this is something that I highly recommend that I did to fast track my business, while many others were exhausted in the social media mayhem, I created that visibility offline, doing workshops for local business vendors. So that visibility is important because that’s where somebody sees you, they get to know you. So imagine you’re either offline in a workshop, or you’re online in the space, trying to attract your ideal client, trying to get them to stop in their busy day, and get to know you. 

When you think of a sales funnel, the first part is that awareness, somebody has to get to know you, if not in the offline space, that awareness gets started because somebody gets to know you. Let’s just say it’s a gym that you’re doing a workshop for. The people that go to that gym, already know and trust the person who owns the gym. So when they say, oh, Rachel Feldman is coming in to teach how you can detox your body in only 15 minutes, they trust the person who is having me come and speak. The same is in your awareness. 

Gaining Visibility Online 

In the online space, maybe you’re doing guest interviews for Lives, or maybe you’re on a summit, or maybe you want to host a summit. Or maybe you’re doing this awareness in your social media. Either way, this is the first step. Somebody’s got to get to know you, in a sea of coaches all doing the same. What makes you the perfect coach for your ideal client? What makes you the perfect coach is that person identifies with either your personal story, your values, who you are, what you do in your own life, how you either heal yourself, or you help somebody to heal x issue? 

Our ideal clients are looking to get their problems solved. People buy people, not products. Products allow for easier conversion because coaching and transformation are the intangibles. The tangible is you get access to what’s included in this package. That’s irresistible packages, and we’ll talk about that on another day. 

How Content Visibility Is Like Dating

But I want you to think of this like dating. So if somebody sees your social media, and they stop.  The same thing happens if I were to be sitting in a bar, and my husband would see me and say, Oh, I really like her smile, or how she laughs or I really like how she loves her hair, so pretty. Or she’s got great style, whatever it is that attracts that person is the same as when you’re creating viral content. You want that to attract your ideal client. 

So when you’re thinking about this, I want you to think about your content with some of these core fundamental formula strategic intentions. No meaningful, purposeful, leading, engaging. So I want you to think about being able to have content that actually has your ideal client stop, solves a problem, and leads them to that next step on the awareness. If somebody stopped on my social media, because they said fitzer, gutter and food allergies, or personal story about having ulcerative colitis, or personal story about my kid’s food allergies, or a behind the scenes of my favorite probiotic that I used for combating yeast, or how I manage my blood sugar. These are some of the things that would attract my ideal client, because they’re looking to get their problem solved. 

The same as if somebody comes to a workshop, and I’m talking about detox. But I’m also going to be talking about how detox and detox in your body impact your gut, food allergies, histamine reactions, autoimmune sleep, and energy. I know the really big problems my client has, and what separates me from everyone else is my signature process. What steps I believe my ideal client needs to take to get to that ultimate transformation. I’m going to showcase that in my freebies, my workshops, my talks. 

Creating Valuable Content That Speaks To Your Audience

So whether you’re working online or offline, it’s the same strategy. When you’re creating that viral content, I want you to really think, how can I be the problem solver? We don’t need to always teach? We have so many places in the world where people can go and get information where someone’s teaching. How do you do this? How do you do that? We want to create conversational engagement, we want to be able in that awareness for somebody to get to know why we do this. What happened? What was life like? What did we learn? What do we teach the what, where, when, why? And then what do you teach now? 

So when I’m thinking about that first step, what’s going to lead them to actually have a direct message, personal message, a conversation, or that person coming from a workshop after when you finish? And having a line of people saying, Wow, that was really mind-blowing, I would love to work with you, how do you actually get them to opt in?

Well, you have to make content that you have to speak about in your workshops, or in your freebies, if to make content that is going to be able to not only educate your ideal client, but it can be fun and interactive, it’s going to inform them, it’s going to nurture them in that step of seeing what that mini transformation is. And so getting somebody in that awareness funnel to go to that next place, is getting down and dirty on the type of content that you’re going to put out there. 

Great Ones are like my backstory, my why. A client case study, a testimonial, step into my kitchen, step into my bathroom, this is what I do. Or this is how I help this client. Really bringing them into your life into the transformation when they opt in. That is when they’ve actually said, Wow, I saw this post, it really resonated with me, I wanted to reach out. 

How Solving A Problem Leads To The Next Step

So when you’re thinking about that funnel, don’t get overwhelmed when you see that nobody’s clicking stop and say, okay, no, this is the right free benefits not that’s why you come over to your health coach.com, where we have niche-specific freebies that are massive problem solvers. But you have to say, am I showing enough behind the scenes? Am I actually talking about the pain and the problem, and then leading to the mini step like, hey, send me a DM, send me a pm if you’re struggling with x issue, or Hey, my LinkedIn profile has the three ways to repair your period, if you’re gaining weight, and you’re in your 40s, go grab this PDF or listen to this master class.

What that does is it gives me an instant problem solver and allows me to go on the first date. This is similar to when my husband doesn’t just look at me from afar in a bar, but it actually comes over and says here’s my phone number, or Hey, can I get your phone number? I have watching you these last few weeks come in with your friends. And I would really like to get to know you. That’s your first date. That’s a personal message. That’s a DM, that’s an opt in, it doesn’t have to be they opt-in to have that connection. Because remember, social media is about conversations, connection conversion, the three C’s. 

If you always are saying, hey, am I making post or am I doing content that’s fun and informative? Am I nurturing them to lead that next step? Am I encouraging interaction? Hey do you struggle with weight in your 40s? Have you had digestive issues, and you’re like, I don’t even know what’s going on. Or I remember when I struggled with food allergies, I don’t anymore, thank goodness. And then, leading them in that sales cycle to promoting your services. 

How To Lead Them Through A Nurture Sequence

But we can’t do that on the first date. We can’t go first date to high ticket. We’ve got to lead them through a nurture sequence. Let me simplify that though. So this person sends a message to you. You can say to them right in that message. Hey, it’s great to get to know you. Look, what prompted you to reach out to me? The same as if somebody opts in? Say they’re coming to your webinar, or they opt in to a teaching series, where they opt into a video masterclass. 

What do you need to say to them to date them? To have great dating that leads to marriage? You want to nurture that conversation. So think of it based on your signature steps, the process that you are helping this person fix x problem. If you were to say, My ideal client ties these like three or six or nine or 12 core problems, then in essence, we should have freebies or workshops, we should have solutions for each one of those problems. 

So you can say when somebody opts in, Hey, I have this masterclass for how to lose weight in your 40s, which really could be a perimenopause workshop for those of you specialized in hormones. Or it could be metabolism or it can be detox or it could be gut or it could be adrenal, it could be any solution that you feel is extremely vital for your ideal client to know. So she or he can go to the next step. 

Too often, we think, well, should it be this? Should I talk about gut and food and mood? Should I talk about adrenal health? What do you really believe is essential for you teach? What is the missing ingredient that your ideal client doesn’t know? What is she searching for? She may not be searching for perimenopause, but she’s searching for why am I gaining weight? Why are they waking up throughout the night? Why don’t I have good sex drive? Why is my skin try? Why is my hair falling out? Why are my eyes dry? Why are my hands and feet cold? She could be searching for a number of those. That’s what you’re sharing on that awareness. That’s what you’re sharing in a workshop. 

Why You Need To Step Into Their Shoes

Let’s just actually pause for a second because when I realized that in year two of building Rachel’s Wellness that was when I started to make money. I was making more than other wellness professionals that I graduated with from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. People are like, how are you actually making money? I knew right off not to come out like every other coach and to just be like, you need to do that. This is how you meal prep. This is how you this. 

I needed to talk about the problem. Me leading them down the path of that transformation was showing them not How do you meal prep, but like, Hey, if you’re a crazy mom like me, and you feel like you never have any time and you want to get takeout, this is how I actually survive with little kids. I stepped into their shoes. So in that opt in, when they’re actually having that conversation, you’re stepping into their shoes. 

I want you right now to say wow, that actually lessens my fear. It actually makes it easier to create content. So when you’re sitting there and you’re sharing that conversation, or you’re actually sharing an engaging post where you’re like I remember my experience or your backstory or your why. It makes it much easier for you to then think about creating viral content that actually gets you hired versus what keeps you exhausted. 

What To Say During The First Conversation (Date)

So when that person the opposite end in the conversation, start to nurture them. Think of this as the next date. I said yes to my husband, I said, oh, here’s my number, give me a call. We went on date one, that’s a conversation, right? They’re like, hey, so what prompted you to reach out to me? This person will tell you right away because in a world where people feel that they don’t have a voice, or maybe no one’s listening to them, human nature is we want somebody to be there for us. That’s why we hire a fitness coach. That’s why we hire a trainer, we want somebody to train us to be there for our accountability.  It’s no different than coaching in any different niche, high ticket, low ticket mid cost. 

So in that first conversation, in that first date, in that dm or personal message, you can actually  say I remember when I was struggling with this. This is why I do this job, or this is why I’m a coach. I was really inspired to do this because I went through or I witnessed, or my kids went through whatever your story is. Then allow that person to respond back. That is solidifying a great first date in that conversation. 

You might actually be able to close and actually get to that place of promotion Hey, I have a program on how to lessen food allergies, or I have a program on how to fix your gut, or I have a program on how to lose excess weight when you’ve had gut issues forever. Clearly, I’m a gut coach, ladies and gents. So I’m going to talk about that because I’m always going to relate it to my niche. I’m not a weight loss coach. But what I know is, that’s a big pain point for my client, massive bloating, weight, skin issues, hair falling out. I’m not a skin coach. I’m not a hair coach. I’m not an autoimmune coach. 

I talk constantly about what it’s like to have insidious food allergy sensitivities, gut issues, and how that manifests in so many problems, low energy constant crash, and burn adrenal fatigue. I also talk about the perfectionist kind of personality of the gut person. In that conversation, I’m going to share those parts of what is essential in my signature process with a person, what are the steps, we work on that mindset, that letting go of perfectionism, the inner critic, the old narratives, the trauma, the old stories, maybe even PTSD. I’m going to talk about the physical pain points and the problems of having got issues and what that looks like, because I’ve been there. 

My whole business is not about me, but where my ideal client identifies with me. So for those of you who are posting and posting and nobody’s engaging, they haven’t identified with you. They’re consuming information they may be liking, or they may not even be liking because you haven’t gotten them to stop in their busy life. Make that person say, Wow, this person is really calling out on this problem. I better check this person out. 

Again, for those of you who hate social media go offline. Reach out, I had a coach who bought retune your hormones yesterday, six months program for her high ticket. On that phone call, I said reach out to three yoga studios. She did that on that phone call. She booked three talks. Guess what the content that she is using are three specific workshops for those talks. 

Get back to the often you can have that conversation. Be fluid in that conversation. 

That’s what’s so important with the conversions. We’re all so goddamn busy focusing on this coach that I need to do this. This guru said I need to be on Active Campaign. This other guru said that I need to do ontraport, this other guru said I need to do MailerLite, this other person says I need to be on Wix, not WordPress guys guys guys. Let’s focus on what’s really important connection conversation conversion. 

How To Follow Up After An Opt In Using Emails

So when somebody opts in, in that same conversation, or if they opt in in that conversation, you can actually drop a link to say, hey, if you want to check out more of what I do, maybe you then see this masterclass I created this teaching series. You can drop a link in that dm. If they opt in right away. Well, then you’re thinking about first date, second, third. 

Think of three email follow ups. What do you need to tell that person in email? Number one, what do they need to know about you to build the know like and trust factor? Because they’re going to fall in love with how you teach. From speaking to 1000s of coaches and building my business, with no goddamn plan to babies on the floor and not even nailing down my ideal client in the beginning when the perfect meet. I started because I knew that I had to start. I knew right away that I had to share about my own personal life. 

If you want to make it in this business, if you want to make it as a coach, you have to at least have something that you’re sharing that somebody identifies with you. Doesn’t mean you have to share your whole personal life. But people do need to know what you went through why you do this, your why, your backstory for them to fall in love with you and become a raving fan, or a raving client or a consistent client. 

So in that first email, what do you need to tell them about what you went through? Or how you help somebody else or how you helped your child or your husband or your sister, your mother, in the email? Maybe a client testimonial. If you’re brand new, let me just tell you a secret. None of us started with clients. Reach out to a friend that you’ve helped, I guarantee you have helped 10 of your friends. You’ve been given the shopping center away for free always, which means you’ve been telling everyone free health advice. Somebody is like, Oh what should I do for the stomachache? You’re like, what really worked for me is this turmeric milk. But I would start with lemon water first, then are you using digestive enzymes? Well, you could start with bitters. You can chew on parsley. 

We go through all these different tools and tricks. We have helped people and for most of us, we’ve actually helped family members ourselves. Ggoing to school was when we said I need to actually help other people get paid for doing what I love. For some of you, it was the first time that you had that aha moment. But still, you’ve been on this path, you’ve been on this journey. 

So email number two, hey when I went through my own healing journey, this is what I did. This is what it was like, and I was able to help this person. In email number one, even do a PS like, hit reply, if you want to talk now. It’s old-school marketing. Remember, marketing is getting to know somebody, it’s not automation. Marketing is connection. It’s human contact. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have automation to simplify the processes. As you leverage grow and build and scale, but that connection, that’s where we make the conversion.

So in that email you can do a PS, you can even, if you want, do a low cost to offer as long as it is solving the problem. If they came in and they opted in to something a freebie of mine that’s on detox, I’m not going to sell them something on blood sugar, I’m going to sell them something on detox because I’m taking them through a mini transformation. I’m leading them to my higher ticket 1:1 or leaving them based on their personality. 

Some people are buyer beware kind of people like myself because we spent hundreds of 1000s of dollars on our health. We’re a little jaded. I knew that that person would be good on a self paced program, or that person would be good on a lower ticket to get to know me before they invested. I knew that my ideal clients also were massively overwhelmed. And I needed to have more of that know like and trust factor. 

If I did want to go from first date to a higher ticket. That’s where many of you guys are failing because we’re not having enough on the awareness, the visibility if you are failing, right? Now ask yourself, are you really doing everything that you can do? Or are you spending too much time in Canva? Sitting with the perfect landing pages? How do you have videos If I see you on the awareness? Or I’ve messaged you, and we have that initial first conversation? 

That second date is that person actually coming back in a conversation like, oh, wow, I just watched this video, or thanks so much for sending me that masterclass. Do you have those assets already done? It doesn’t mean that you need to have the perfect YouTube channel or you didn’t have every video done. But you do need to have videos to be able to build that know like and trust factor for somebody, or to be working your business offline doing presentations. 

How To Uncomplicate Your Sales Funnel

Is this clicking? If this is clicking, awesome. If it’s not take a deep breath right now and say, Where am I overcomplicating this funnel?

This is a human being I’m connecting with. Where am I failing to connect with this person? What was I searching for when I was sick? When I was suffering, when I felt hopeless? What has put yourself back in the ideal client shoes? Most of you were your ideal client doesn’t mean you’re gonna attract the exact kind of person like you. But I guarantee this, if you stop sitting there and worrying so much about the elevator speech being perfect, worrying so much about your niche being perfect, it will become much less complicated. 

Say you started to a 30 day plan, I’m going to read this off of a PDF that I have. Here’s my social media plan, I’m going to introduce myself on day one. I’m going to share my why on day two. Here’s where you can find me on day three, that could be like, hey, go see this video that I have on YouTube  on three ways to repair your gut or eight ways to repair your gut, or why my gut didn’t heal when I had Candida, how I figured out that I had Candida. You can announce even a free offer that you have. 

We’re a product launch like Hey I’m so excited. This month I’m working on this 30 day gut fix program. This is a program we sell at yourhealthcoachbiz.com. You can say here’s a behind the scenes, or here’s some behind the scenes of this freebie. Then on day five, demonstrate how you help your audience detox. Call out to your favorite brands that you actually use. What’s your favorite vitamin, what’s your favorite probiotic. Show your ideal client, step into my life, this is how I take care of myself. Show them your day. Day seven, highlight a customer, highlight the client study. 

Action Steps To Bring Awareness To Your Business

So if you think about your awareness enough, does this person go to Google you because they’ve seen something they liked? Do you have that content, which really shows how you teach? And if the answer is no, I’m going to give you action steps right now take some time this week and say, I’m going to create one pre-recorded video. I’m going to do one live. Or if you’re working offline, I’m going to reach out to three businesses. I’m going to introduce myself create that know like and trust factor and get in front of their audience. 

If you can get in front of 10 people, that’s 10 human beings that you can send a personal email to a thank you for attending this workshop follow up. Even if 10 people come to this workshop, what’s the probability that one of those 10 people could turn into a $597 client? 597 a month times three, that’s a $1791 program. $333 times three. That’s a 1k program. Three months 1k. 

Think about the content that you’re putting out there. Are you solving specific problems? Are you taking them on enough dates? Like we said email number two, showing the client testimonial. You can have that low-cost offer if you want on that first email or even the second, that low-cost offer should be a no brainer. Don’t tell me you’re giving me a smoothie guide for $27. I can Google a smoothie guide. Make that a step one of your signature process. 

That person’s opting in for detox, guess what, I’m going to give them a 14-day detox for $37 or 47.  I did this. Not only did I do this, but you all see this in marketing. It’s been done to you left and right on Facebook, YouTube, Google tiny offers left and right solving a specific problem over-deliver, right? That’s what makes a great first and second date. 

Maybe on your email number two, you’re like, Hey, this is how I helped my client. Hop on a call with me, or, hey, I created another video for you. So on day two how to use your castor oil pack, or how to take your probiotic. Walk them, give them your hand, take them step by step so that they understand. They get a mini view. They start to understand what it would actually be like to work with you. 

Stop overthinking, stop thinking that you have to make this complicated or fancy. I never even had people edit my videos. Does my adult client care about that? And the answer was no. While everyone else was fussing with the perfect lighting, and yeah, I do have a diva ring light. But it’s not even on right now. I do have the money tab editing. But at the time when I started Rachel’s bonus, I was 60k in debt. So I didn’t have the money. But I didn’t let that stop me. Because I knew my ideal client wanted somebody relatable. And not another teacher. They have enough that life. They wanted somebody who could help guide them and transform they wanted a coach. So you can send you can give them $37 offer $47, $87 low cost offers. Single session is also a low cost offer. You can say to somebody, hey, this is how I help my client. Grab it here $97. Let’s get on the phone for 60 minutes. If you have three people for $97 in a week, and the seven times three, $291. Your goal $291 times four weeks. That’s $1164.

Understanding What A Sales Funnel Is

Let’s just pause times 12 months is $13,968. I say that because too often we don’t understand this customer lifecycle. What is a sales funnel is? A sales funnel takes them step by step through that transformation. Many of you might be doing your higher ticket, three months. But ask yourself great, what does this person need to know from me to be able to say Yes to the Dress? Yes to signing up? Yes to actually transformation? 

On that email number three, or even when you’re messaging back in a conversation, somebody can say Wow, thank you so much that you for sending me this masterclass and oh my god, you popped into my inbox or you popped into my message, ditto, I could say, Hey, I wanted to send you another video. I made this before and I think this would be really helpful. This is nurturing. 

Don’t think that just because somebody messages you and they’re like, Oh, they gave one little heart for a story. They took time out of their life to do that. Take time out of your life to engage back. So email number three can be like, Hey, I actually have this program, or my coaching is structured in a way that can really help a person that has problems just like you. I structured in this way because I had the very same problems. 

Remember, we go back to that original, what are the problems you solve? What does your ideal client desire? That is sales in itself. Being able to convert is being able to step into your ideal client’s shoes on a daily basis and not overthink? What do I need to put out there? Start actually saying, What do people need to know about me behind the story, my backstory, how I’ve helped myself, how I help clients? So that if you were to think about your awareness, and this sales funnel, which, if they come in for the low-cost opportunity, I would say it’s safe to say that if that person took that detox for $37 or $47 that I’m going to nurture them through that program, it doesn’t mean that I need to have it all automated. 

Step Into Ownership In A Way That Works Best For You

But I can say, Oh, well, you bought this, why don’t we hop on a call for 20 minutes and go over this program? You don’t have it nurture. It doesn’t just have to be like everyone else says it needs to be an automation. I want you to actually step into the ownership of what works the best for your business. For me, it was getting people on a Skype call, a zoom, call, a phone call, that’s where I connect the best. That’s where I convert. 

I want you to let go of everything you’ve learned and say what actually is the best when I connect with people? What works the best when I’ve dated, because you want marriage. Marriage is the high ticket, marriage is when you’ve nailed it. The customer lifecycle for them to actually stay with you as a client is that you have another transformation after that. 

But guess what? If you’re new, I don’t want you to think so far down the line. Unless you are super clear, and like, oh, Rachel, I’m totally getting this. But that’s what a sales funnel is all about. Taking them step by step to the next step. Free to paid to the next opportunity with you because they’re out. For some of you that might be a recurring membership. For some of you that might be a mastermind or, or a retreat or that next level experience or a VIP day. 

Simplifying Your 30 Day Content Process

So let’s get back to actually how simple we can make this content so that we do bring them through our sales funnel. Day eight, share what is on your healthy to do list. Day nine. Share a tip, day 10 announce a giveaway. announce a freebie. Day 11 shares a personal milestone. Day 12. Show what makes you really happy. Remember to inspire people! Which is why day 13 is inspire. Inspire positive action to a quote. Day 14 caption a picture or a video. Day 15 share something that scared you. Show the human side of you. Day 16 offer freebie. 

Day seventeen, share a challenge or a teaching series that you put together. Why? Because you already have 16 days of market research to be able to go back and see what’s the most engaging. What is the theme of that month? Create a teaching video series guys. 15 minutes for each video. Eight minutes for each video. Three videos, you do have an hour a week. The only thing that stops you from not doing the hour is our perfection and our fear. But it’s one hour, a pre-recorded video is 15 minutes a week. If you shoot a podcast that’s 30 to 40 minutes a week.  

I think that if we really break down what are the tangibles that we have to do that non non-negotiables, they are not labor time intensive. What is intensive is our own fear and our own inner critic and our own imposter syndrome, which I’ve had forever. If somebody doesn’t tell you that they have that in the growth and scale phase, they are straight-up lying to you. lies lies lies. Okay, Rachel don’t get off topic. 

So, day 18 share what you do for fun. Day 19, do a I would rather like or this or this or that? Day 20 ask your audience a question. Day 21 share five facts about your business or why you started. Day 22 walk them through a product. That means walk them through the transformation. That could even be an interview with a past client. Those are my favorite. My client hit a 200k launch because we did that. We had those already pre recorded and some of them we had Live. Guys, your friends, the family that you’ve helped if you’re brand new coach, they want to see you thrive. You just have to ask, don’t be scared to ask. 

Day 23 share an inspirational quote. Day 24 launch a product. That could actually be launch of a low cost offer. Because guess what? If somebody comes in for a low-cost offer, you’ve nurtured them. And if they’re brand new, they’re still going to go back through your content and see or you’re going to cycle this back on the next month. See how easy? Day 25 share five top tips. Day 26 high light a product or highlight a client or highlight something in your business that you’re so excited about. Day 27 share a snapshot of your home or your home office. Day 28 celebrate that season be like, oh my god this month was amazing. I really have made this month my mantra month for this time back to like, what are you happy about the milestones? What were you scared of? See how the whole month is telling one that story, like a reality TV show. 

If this overwhelms you, which I know that it can feel that way, but then go offline, then reach out, you should be doing that anyway. If you want to supercharge Rockstar, your business, you should be doing social media and doing outreach anyway. Your referral business is going to be a game changer when you have slow times in the online space. It’s also going to have consistent cash, consistent people coming into your life that you can change their life as well. 

Day 29, share some stats. That could be like nutrition facts, or that could be statistics, things that are going to talk about that problem and that pain. Day 30 invite your audience to join your list. 

If you do it in that kind of sequence if you keep it simple, and you keep saying, Okay, I’m courting somebody, or I’m going on that first date, how do we get to marriage? It won’t feel so overwhelming. If you start looking at a funnel as solutions to pain points, solutions to problems, then you could say, well, my client has these three big problems. Or these six, or these nine or these 12 problems. There should be a freebie or a workshop or a solution for each of those. Those who master this. 

They’re the ones that I see on Facebook who are still doing coaching verses those who don’t. Well, either they come back five years later and say, I couldn’t get my business together. I just couldn’t get past myself I have the right mindset. It’s usually not a coaching issue. It’s not lack of knowledge. It’s a lack of confidence. 

Own Your Process

So we’re gonna end this today with ownership. Own your process. Your sales funnel is really just the steps that you’re taking your ideal client from awareness through that know like and trust factor. Don’t overcomplicate connection, don’t overcomplicate conversions, don’t overcomplicate the simplicity of human contact. That’s something that I’ve built my business on successfully for 10 years. 

I heard Gary Vaynerchuk, eight years ago, when I first started following him say, you could have a list of 300 people and have a thriving business, as long as you treat 300 people like VIPs. If you really look at one and you took time to reach out to that person, or you took time, but not in a spammy way in a conversation, you would have clients. If you took time to reach out locally, and talk to other businesses and support them and tell them how you’re going to promote them. You would have people saying left and right. Yeah, coming to a workshop. I had tons of workshops. It’s how I built my list. It’s how I built a client’s referral base everything. And that’s how I became visible. Know like and trust factor locally. I did the same thing online in the online space. I got online. Full circle, baby.

When people saw me in that awareness, part of my social media, or they saw me at a workshop, they went and googled, and they found YouTube videos, they found problem-solving content, viral content to solve their problem. This resulted in messages, comments on YouTube messages, emails to me directly, even before I had a list. I gave my email and my phone number. Doesn’t mean you have to do what I do. You can also get a phone number through many different platforms where they give you a work or an office phone number. I wanted to make it easy to connect with me. So I can have a conversation. 

So I can convert change lives and end the suffering that a woman like myself who has an A-type personality and has gut issues her whole life, misdiagnosis, multiple diagnoses, wrong diagnosis. I mean I wanted to help the mom like me who birthed kids, who had stuff. I created my business out of the pain the suffering and know that the only thing that would stop me would be my own perfection issues which is why I have a fuck perfect pillow on my couch from Society6.com to remind myself all the time. 

So isn’t about you Rach, it’s about your ideal client. Don’t overcomplicate this. It’s been a pleasure to be with you. I’m going to close this out. With that being said, Peace homeys. No matter what school you graduate from, no matter where you learned, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. What matters is you get out of your own way. You have everything it takes. I will see you guys later. Peace.

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