89. Having A Goal & Going After It with Beth Nydick

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Do you have a big goal or know where you want to go in life (or in business) but don’t know how to get there? Welcome to the club. Our guest today had many goals, some seemingly unachievable. But she persevered, she pushed through, and she went after what she wanted (and got it) — and she’s living proof that you can too!

In today’s episode, I am talking to Beth Nydick, author, TV host, nutrition coach, and media guru who always goes after what she wants. We’re talking all about going after what you want and not letting anything stop you. Beth is giving us insight into her incredible media journey, plus tangible steps to get media coverage, how to keep pushing forward, strategies for media pitches, and why you need to start where you are to work your way up.

Connect with Beth:

Website: https://bethnydick.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BethNydick/


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Rachel: Alright guys, you can see that I’m already laughing. I have been here sitting with my good friend. And I’ve known this woman, how long have I known you? 

Beth: I’m assuming it’s 10 years. I think I found it when I started. 

Rachel: I’m going to just give a simple breakdown for everybody, before we dive into this podcast, which is going to be so amazing, because Beth is that person that you want to know. 

Beth is gonna be able to share her story on why she is doing what she does now. But I will give you the skinny because I want you to stay for this whole episode. So many times you’re going to hear people telling you, you need publicity, you need to be visible, you need to be showing up in magazines, or TV or any of these different opportunities. What’s amazing about listening to this woman is I don’t want you to do what I did before, get those opportunities, but then not really know how to show up and back my message. Because I had a fear of being interviewed, a fear of showing up in that kind of way, even though you would never think it because I’m all over YouTube. But this woman is going to break it down on why it is so important to be super clear on your message so that when you do branch out when you do this work that is so essential. It’s really going to work for you. Alright, that was what a five minute mouthful. 

Beth: That was awesome. 

Rachel: Tell everyone a little backstory, what you’re about, what got you this place so that we can set the stage for a kick-ass podcast. 

From TV To Nutritionist To Keynote Speaker

Beth: So the backstory actually starts in 1994. I actually went to LA to visit my sister and I was at the Comedy Store watching a comedy show. Jay Leno comes in a Jay Leno of the tonight show. He does his spiel. And at that time, I’m a little baby. I’m like 19, and I’m in the audience with my girlfriend. And he’s like, What’s your major? And I was like, Sir, he’s like, what can I do with that? And I said, I’m gonna work for you one day. And he laughed it off. But after the show, he gave me his card and he said, Hey, come to the studio tomorrow. And I’ll interview you. I became his intern for the summer. And that was a summer of Forrest Gump and possible like that was Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger the smoother, like that was the summer. 

I got to be the intern to hang out with them. Which really changed the trajectory of my life because I was going to be a corporate communications spokesperson. And that was like, I’m going to be a TV producer because this is it. I came home I worked for Warner Brothers and movies. I did the Brady Bunch movie. I came home I worked for MTV for a long time doing the movie or in the music awards and bH Wah and Nickelodeon, all that kind of fun stuff at Viacom, worked for Fox before it was Fox News. And then I had a baby and stayed at home. Right? 

I stayed at home for a couple of years. I went back to get my nutrition certification because I saw how crazy lunch was in elementary school. But when my kids were in elementary school, it was like Lunchables and those disgusting bread things with the peanut butter and jelly in the middle. Do you remember? That was the thing that you got in it was already made in that kind of like pizza. 

She’s so bad, like 75 grams of sugar. So I started helping moms and dads learn how to feed their kids. I did the food coach then the health coaching for a while. I got certified, you know all that stuff. But then I became a food blogger. But I really loved not only helping people with food, but taking the photographs and putting it out there. I got picked up by Dr. Oz. Like one of his producers saw my stuff. I answered her HARO which is help a reporter out.com. But I got my first break in TV in front of the camera of the Dr. OZ show. So national. 

Rachel: I swear I’ve heard snippets of this story, but not this whole one. I didn’t even know that was your story. 

Beth: I actually became a doctor on blogger for a couple of years. Meaning I was all over his website. I get to go on stage on the set with him a couple times. I had the ability to be in his aura. So I not only was on his website once I was on the website with my recipes because I kept calling the social media person and not the producer. I figured out the way to leverage that one appearance into many more appearances and then I had a book idea. 

I don’t know about you, Rachel, you’re better at this than I am. But I was like, I know this is not helping, that’s going to get done by myself. I just knew that it wasn’t going to happen. I was literally shopping this book around, I called you found, a new friend. When we created the book called Clean Cocktails, righteous recipes with a modern mixologist, we got it published without the 50,000 followers or the $50,000. It’s sometimes you need to publish it. 

And actually published, not self-published, and it’s horrible. I need to make that distinction. But when you think about credibility, and you think about what you want, and the trajectory of where you want your business to go, that credibility really matters, because now I had a product. Now if you say not only am I a health coach, and not only am I on Dr. Oz, but now I have a book. So I can come on your show and make cocktails, which I’ve been doing for the last couple years after the book was published. 

But what else happened after the book was published is that I started asking to do keynotes, I’ve been a speaker my whole life. I was like the 16-year-old representative at the yellow hot mood celebration, Israel Independence Day celebration in front of like, 1000s of people. And it was one of those. And I was doing all these speaking engagements and realized how much I actually knew about the online business world because I’ve been in it for so long, and how much I really love talking about business and publicity and media more than telling over-privileged women to eat broccoli and not drink a bottle of wine every night. Like it’s the truth. 

Rachel: The thing that I love about you even talking about what propelled you is, I think a lot of coaches and people in the wellness space, whether it’s a chiropractor, or a functional medicine practitioner, health coach, because everyone is going online, and it’s not just because of pandemic. We’ve been in this trajectory. And now we’re just a little fast forward. 

So I love that you even talked about this was what inspired you to become a nutrition coach. But you were really able to take that passion, not just sit on the sideline, but really go after in the same way you went after Leno, go after these I’m not gonna reach out to the producer, I’m gonna reach out to the person on social media. 

Knowing Where You Want To Go, But Not How To Get There

I think for anybody listening, who might say Oh, wow. But she’s always been this great public speaker, because I am not, that’s my biggest fear, to be able to really sit there and say, but this is more a personality, because what I’m really hearing from you, and I hope coaches take this away, is you really have to have a clear idea of where you want to go, even if you don’t know how to get there yet.  

Beth: I don’t think you know how to get there. I want to be on TV. That’s what I like to do. It’s so much fun. I can’t wait to help you get on TV. Like it’s so much fun. And I love it so much. But you know what? I have either to have my own talk show. What’s the trajectory? How am I going to get there? I think being on TV a lot and helping others figure it out and doing stuff like this, that’s going to help me get there. Do I know that a producer or development person is going to listen to this podcast or watch the YouTube and go hey, I want Beth on my show. I just put it out there. So you never know maybe it might happen. But it’s just having that goal and figuring out what your path is. 

That’s never straight at all. Just go back to Dr. Oz for a second. So I was on for the first time. This is the worst story ever. Get your tissues ladies and men. I’m on Dr. Oz,  I’m like flying high. I’m doing my Instagram on the way there and in the greenroom and I’m talking about taking pictures with him. And I’m talking about it for days on social media. Four days later, I go back to my MailChimp which I was using at the time and I realized it was on pause. Like it still hurts. I had 1000s of people come to my website that week. And I captured 0.

That’s my why behind helping women like us and definitely in the health and wellness industry figure out how to get media because honestly, between you and I and everybody listening, it’s not that hard. It’s making sure your business is really set up for it. That means the business foundations that means the messaging that means the branding, but how your forward-facing all the stuff that you’re trying to accomplish. That’s really what’s gonna get you to the next level. 

Rachel: When you put out this book. Did you have the same I want to be on TV at that point? Or was this was putting that book out there and really saying, Wow, I love what I created and I really want to share this with other people. Was that a big propel to say, you know what, I’m going to go after it. I’m going to be on TV. I’m going to go after whatever I really, really want because this is what calls to me. 

Beth: Well, I knew that people wanted to have cocktails. So anybody that we told about the book was like, that’s a great idea. Send me a copy. So I knew that I could transfer those skills that I had learned into getting on TV and being on there. I wouldn’t say that. I was like, now I can be on TV. It was more of like, how can I leverage all the hard work because being drunk for the first four months of 2017 wasn’t easy. I’m not a big drinker. I’m a good drinker. But literally, we had to taste every drink. My kids were in high school, middle school, high school at that point, and they literally would come home and I’d be asleep on the couch, past out from drinking, because I would have to make a drink. 

They make a few sales. I didn’t drink the whole thing. But I had to make like six cocktails. Because we had a short timeframe for the book. So I know it’s funny to say that, but it’s actually what happened. I gained a little weight. And I drank a lot for the first four points tonight here and you cleanse your body Oh my god, and then I super cleansed everything. And everything would look, my hair looks so much nicer now. But TV wasn’t like that end goal now. 

There’s a woman who has a show on New York area called Tony on, I don’t know, if you remember it, it’s always been for a very long time. She literally was going into restaurants and in the kitchen, and would talk to the chef and taste the food. That was a whole show. Wow. And I was like, I can have my small, NBC local TV show. I would just be so happy. 

Rachel: Oh my god, this is such an amazing story. I want to bring it back to some of these essential steps. Because I know if even I was listening to it, I’d be like, Oh, my God, I’m not like that. Even as you’re talking. And this is why I love the transparency on this show. I’m sitting there and she’s just able to come up with these great titles.

Tangible Steps To Move Forward

We all have our inner critic, our own bs that stops us from really going to that next place. And you and I have always talked about not knowing what that next step is, but acting as if and moving forward. And so I want to break it down for this person that says, Beth, I know that I need this visibility. I don’t want to do what everyone else does, and pray for the algorithms that I get down. Because I know getting to that six figure plus mark is going to require me to have that trust that gets built from having media and visibility. So can you give me some real tangible steps. We talked about HARO. Can you dive a little into house first? Because I think that’s a something nobody talks about. And I remember being introduced to that when I signed up for a course that was about how do you pay? 

Beth: Before I say that, I want to say this, if you talk to me in November or December this conversation will be different because my mindset was different. Like my mindset is right right now, because I can talk like this. But if anyone listening wants to go back to any podcast I was on last year, I didn’t sound like this. Because I wasn’t there yet. My heart wasn’t there yet. My blocks were in my way. I was telling Rachel earlier I went for a walk with the dogs on Sunday. And I walked out of the house going, what am I doing? Like, this is so hard. Am I doing the right thing and I had to give myself a pep talk going Wait a minute, and actualize what I’ve created right now. And that it’s working right now. But February 2020 it wasn’t working like this. So I don’t want anyone thinking like Beth has been like this forever. Because it’s not it’s actually this season right now. You’re capturing me on a good day. Last week, I might have been crying already. We don’t know. 

Rachel: But even full transparency and let’s talk about reality because you and I even before we go on to this next part of explaining some tips, intangibles, yeah, I want to dive and talk about this area a little more. Because whenever somebody sees even my inner inner critic and person is you were talking, I was like, she can do this. I’m not gonna be able to do it. And we all have that kind of stuff. But it’s how we handle saying to ourselves, you know what, maybe it’s not where it needs to be in perfection, but I’m gonna keep taking the steps. I’m gonna keep asking myself what’s getting in my way. What are these old stories lack of self confidence, the stuff that I talked about a lot. 

What Pushes You Forward?

So when you find that you’re having that day, because I think we all have that day and everyone always thinks it’s perfect and everything’s great. Yeah, and I think that’s what I said, stop people from then going, Oh, wait, I have to be in this on comfiness to get to the next place. What pushes you through when you’re in that place? 

Beth: It’s so funny you asked that because the end of last year, I was asked to add to a book, like I thought, one of those compilation books for Amazon bestseller one of those. And everything I wrote about was exactly what we’re talking about. The last three years been really hard for my family. I was in a really bad car accident, my son got really sick, thank God, he’s fine. Now my father in law, unfortunately, was taking out the garbage and got hit by a truck and didn’t survive, eventually out of that, and I laid in bed for nine months, and self-medicated for nine months. So I had to go through all that. And I and I had a very hard time releasing all of that trauma. And then when I thought I had released all that trauma beginning of last year, guess what? I didn’t launch last year. 

Yep, I had a sales page that has been done since last year. The emails have been written since  last February. Everything’s been written since last year, but I couldn’t get myself to launch. I’m launching an app this month. Oh my god. 

So that’s been sitting there for a year. And it took me a year to figure out how to get myself through it. And what I got myself through it ? Wwas talking to you. Was my girl squad. It was listening to podcasts like this go that was stuck for nine months in bed, because she was so traumatized. And then another year that she quit, she had it all done, and she couldn’t launch and she’s on national TV shows. No, I couldn’t do it. My head wasn’t right. I wasn’t a high place. 

Rachel: You’ve given me chills because especially in this last year, 

Beth: I know. And I would say I’m gonna be 46 this month, even in just those 40s it’s like, my kids don’t need me, what am I doing? All that stuff. And the rawness that you just shared on what it is often, like inside the head we see a certain thing on social media, or just like you shared you had these opportunities, but sometimes we’re not ready yet, or was not really I love  I don’t even I can add to any of that. Because I know a person listening is gonna say, wow I thought it was XYZ. And I think we get hit with having these real talks. And then we hear Oh, wow. So you felt extra you felt like depressed or you felt awesome. 

I know that I have felt that. And I just keep saying like today, I’m going to talk to somebody, I’m gonna share it. I’m going to move on. And I’m going to tap back into why I did this. And that’s what helps. I call it girl squad. But I have a couple girl squads when that I was having those conversations with that. I have one that I’m in New Jersey. So I have one that’s just here. That’s a mastermind that we continued. I shared it on the call, cried the whole time. I could cry right now. My friend who lives from the call, who I’ve never met in person drives 40 minutes and shows up my doorstep at nine o’clock the next morning and said, Let’s go for a walk. It changed everything. Everything because I needed someone to show up for me the way. I need someone to show up for me the way that you show up for other people. 

Rachel: Thank you. I appreciate that. When I look at coaches like why we get so emotional, why I cry Why you’re crying right now is because we come to this profession usually because we are inspired to help somebody else not feel the pain that we feel or that we see something really broke in the world. But many of us have a passion that is so deep. 

I think this is the perfect segue. We often feel like we don’t know how to say what we do. We don’t know how to explain that transformation. We know that we feel as passionate and heartfelt as you feel because that person was in a way a coach just showing you the way back home. Here’s what a coach is. 

Having Clarity When Pitching

But we come into this business and we get strangled. Like, am I saying this right? And then we say things like, we help people to feel better in their body, which I think segues us right into the next part, which is how essential it is to have clarity when you are pitching? When you are looking for media coverage when you’re looking for TV, so I know that we were going to talk about HARO as an opportunity because I think a lot of coaches are being shoved down their throat, social media, social media, instead of let’s talk visibility. 

Beth: Its connection, relationships and collaboration. That’s what it’s all about. And then if you ask me, where’s my success come from? It comes from my friends and my colleagues. That’s where it comes from. It doesn’t come from me, sending blind emails to 1000 emails a week. It doesn’t come from me scouring social media for opportunities. I let the universe kind of bring me stuff. But HARO is low hanging. You talk about low hanging fruit all the time. It’s a listserv, you sign up, and you get and you can tell him what category you want emails from. And you get those emails three times a day. And those are journalists, expert bloggers, podcast hosts, people like us, looking for other people. And you literally go in there and answer. 

So my first Dr. Oz appearance was a HARO. That’s where I got from, they were looking for somebody to talk about avocado deviled eggs. Like literally, I made, I didn’t make them, somebody else made them and I showed up and they’re like, these are the avocado deviled eggs, Dr. Oz, you should eat it like this. That perfect word comes in a lot. And I was like, I don’t know who’s perfect, nothing’s perfect, your message is going to be perfect, your story’s gonna be perfect. But if you can tell me in 19 words, what you do right now, meaning it might change next season, it might change. next quarter, I just needs to be right now for this piece of what you’re doing. And that’s it. 

Strategies For Publicity & Working With Beth

Rachel: And when we’re working with somebody to really create that strategy for publicity? Can you give a few like, these are the non negotiables. This is what I would require working with somebody. If you’re doing this as a solo entrepreneur prepping to get to that stage of working with you, what are some steps that we can also leave with? I think that was a double question. 

Beth: So first thing is you have to have a real business, If you are too afraid to get on the stage or get in front of 10 people, then you’re not ready for me. If that’s the honest truth. If you want to be on stages, if you want to be on TV, and you’re scared, and you’re like, I don’t know, if I can do that, then you’re ready for somebody like me, because I’m not here to take you out of your shell and help you with your mindset. Like that’s not who I am. 

What I am is like you’ve built this great small business, right? You have 100 really, really engaged people. But now we need to let 100,000 people know about you. So what’s your message? What does your holistic view of your business look like? Meaning, if somebody said go find Rachel Feldman. Okay, so I’m gonna go to social media, find the right Rachel Feldman. And then because there’s a lot of them, right. And then I’m gonna, if I can grasp what you do from your social and your website and your Instagram and the email list that I’m on, and I can say, oh, Rachel does a, b and c, then you are 100%. Ready. 

But what I do with my clients is I get them to that point, we figure out exactly what your messaging is. Because I know, I’m sure you’ve done this to somebody don’t come to me and be like, I’m really having trouble of my messaging. I’m like, Okay, tell me what you do. And they tell me their message. It’s like, it’s not rocket science. 

Rachel: Yeah, well, I’m not great at doing it. Right. The part of that is what we alluded to is that ownership, which I feel is different from even mindset. You were like, I knew what I wanted to do. And then I just boom, stepped into it. And then I feel like people do know, but I’m not gonna say anything. We’re gonna go on to that. 

Start Where You Are & Work Your Way Up

Beth: I think people are like, I want to get on Good Morning America. I get phone calls all the time or emails. I want to get into Morning America. Like that’s so nice. Okay, It does happen. I’m not the normal. The normal trajectory is not good. On Good Morning to Dr. Oz. I was an ex CD producer. He knew who I was. I had a little relationship going there. But I would say like, let’s start where you are because Good morning America is great, but I know A company that was in this fields and deals, and they have such bad press now because they couldn’t fulfill the orders from it. And they didn’t communicate to their audience like, Hey, we’re having problems with our candle manufacturing, you’re going to have to wait six months. Instead, they were just silent. So now everyone thinks they’re a bad Candle Company. And I don’t know what’s going to happen. 

But let’s think about what you’re ready for if you’re just starting out, I’m like, okay, where’s your local news station? I started at my high local high school TV station. That was my first like, TV experience, because I knew I needed to be in front of the camera and see what it’s like, make sure I can know what I do. Before COVID, I would go back three, four times a year to practice. So I could have that idea of what I would be saying, because I’m not a script person. And I just kind of talk off the cuff, but I have like three or four ideas in my head. But having like that message down, or having an idea of what that message could be, and then having the assets to go with it. You don’t need 100,000 followers. Because how many times do you look at somebody’s Instagram? 

Why You Need An Engaged Audience 

I’ll tell you the story. This woman wanted to work with me. I actually went to her. I’ll come into your group and talk to your people, which I love. Because my favorite thing to do so but I’m looking at her social and she’s got 32,000 followers, and she’s got 17 likes and no comments. wasn’t fair to you. 

Yeah. Well, we all know what that says. Right? But you’d be surprised how many people who aren’t in the industry that don’t understand they need to look at that, because they just see the 32 they’re like, Oh, she must be a big deal. But guess what? You look at me, I think I’m my blue barn kitchen. I have 3500. But I have 3500 people who actually are waiting for my next cocktail. 

So having that engaged audience, which is not posting on social media all the time. It’s sending emails, it’s nurturing your people. It’s texting, everybody who’s commented in the last five posts, saying thanks for post, thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it. It means so much to me. Like if somebody reached out to me, but even reached out, I had purple hair a couple weeks ago, you reached out to me, you’re like nice purple hair was, it was a filter. 

So I said You go girl. But I have several people do the same thing. And then my mom was like, just not purple is it, but just pack that somebody was paying attention. And then because the way that I am, I texted them back. And guess what? One of the people is now a new client. I wasn’t looking for new clients, but because she not only was engaged with what I was doing and appreciated that I said, Hey, Dave, thanks for paying attention to me. But sometimes it’s lonely over here. She was like, how do I work with you? And now she’s one of my clients. So it’s really through that personal connection, not this big machine? 

Because I firmly believe the people who are those big people, right that Amy Porterfield, that Jenna Kutcher, all these people, the people that they interact with is very small. And that’s not my goal. My goal is to have an impact on your life. Like, I know your kid’s names. I’m sending you a birthday card. When it’s not Corona. We’re hoping for having a cocktail, my backyard that’s what I want to have. And that’s the feeling that I want to have, like we’ve never met in person, but I feel like I feel close to you, because we’ve had those kinds of interactions. 

Building Relationships & Connections

Rachel: I know. Even before we recorded, you were asking about my hydration. And I said, Oh yeah, this is ultimate, my husband brings it in. And you even said, Oh, yeah, we love Scott. And I think that was one of the things that I always get from you in even understanding what are the steps of visibility, it’s to connect with people. I see you, for moderators, for people who are in the same industry, I see you always putting yourself out there, and also making sure that you connect with that person because this is a relationship business. 

Beth: Totally. And I can tell you that I need that just as much as it’s good for both of us. And I think that’s something that a lot of people don’t think about. How is what you’re doing fulfilling your needs?. I’m a middle child. And I like attention if you can tell, well, why do I like attention, right? I like attention because I was bullied as a little kid. And I still am afraid people aren’t going to show up for me. So if you’re paying attention, you’re showing up for me. 

How To Make Your Message A Part of Your Interaction

Rachel: So what is your what’s your message? And how do you make it? Maybe not your message, but how do you make it a part of how you’re interacting? How you show up? 

Beth: I did a video four years ago. I think even for maybe somebody who’s brand know, when you’re saying part of your message. It’s like part of the story that would make you an interesting person to feature whether it be locally at it at a new station, or whether it be you pitching yourself to opportunities and as you said yep. 

Yeah, so I had a consultation with a guy yesterday who has an instant Amazon TV show, which I didn’t know that was a thing. If you go to Amazon, they do have TV shows like, Yeah, he’s a marine. And I said to him, I was like, that’s your pitch. Marines starts podcast, New Jersey mom starts podcast, New Jersey mom launches, health and wellness program. Florida mom has 100,000 followers, and all she wants to do is drink her ultralight whatever. 

No, but I think being that you’re doing it’s a mess of your message is actually not your media message. Okay? It’s because your messages, your services, what you offer your earrings, your iPod, your iPad covers your iPod covers, like whatever you’re doing, but you’re my message. Under all of that, for my business itself is create your own opportunities for success. That’s not my tagline. My tagline is  undiscovered to unforgettable. But that’s my media message. Right? My Media message is about collaboration and creating your opportunities and stepping into yourself. 

So when you think about what you do, what can you pull out of that? That’s your media message? What’s in your framework that you can pull out of your services and out of your collateral? Look at your OPT in? What are the five hacks that you’re giving? What are the five tips that you’re giving? That’s your media message? I think a lot of people think I have to create this whole media thing like No, just go into that first email you wrote, and what were you talking about? 

Any list is a pitch, anything that you’re listening to, and you lean in, or your audience leans in? That’s your pitch. So I want people thinking about it differently than what their marketing messages because media is a part of your marketing. But your media message is a part of your heart. Because when people see you on TV, magazines, podcasts, I don’t think it’s only TV, it’s podcasts like this and magazines, but when they’re watching or reading or listening to you, and they can hear see and feel your heart. That’s actually when they’re going to go to your website, because if they don’t, they’re not going to even your Instagram. 

So if I can break it down on a simple work, would it be number one is that tip. The five hacks that you do for being a super crazy mom and in today’s so that you better poop? And then it’s but it that love coupons. I love poop. That was one of my biggest videos. And I forget what TV show it actually reached out to me and said, this was so many years ago, back in the day said we would love you to talk about poop. 

The poop lady didn’t even want to be the poop lady. But seriously, somebody out there please be the poop lady. Because I used to talk about poop every day with my clients. And if somebody would step up as like America’s poop lady. Okay, I just have to tell you that mean that for me, that’s a good idea. So if somebody listening DM me, I want to be America’s poop lady. 

Would you say for this hack? Then the second part of that is define what is that pitch? The second part of it is how are you going to be seen differently that makes somebody want to lean in, make somebody want to say, oh, wow, everyone else is talking poop. But he or she is really solo focusing in on a little of this bactrim why poop is so essential? Is that what I’m hearing? If you can say from constipation to good bowel movements, like who’s not going to go Yeah, let me tell me how, because millions of American are constipated every day, right? And then you’re going to talk about ibsc. and then you can talk about whatever degrees you have or what your specialty is. 

5 Different Types Of Media Pitches

But getting that leaning moment. And it’s it’s that hook. It’s that I want more interesting information. But starting out wherever you are, there’s a local paper that local paper will do a story on Pennsylvania mom starts X to help x like that is a good place to start. But having that real clear message of what you’re going to talk about as x. Again, it just needs to be for now.

I have five media messages. It’s not one, because I have five other media messages going to five different kinds of platforms, right? My Mind Body green, and my thrive might be different than when I’m doing CNN and HLN. Not my they’re going to be different. So you can have all those different avenues, but it’s just really having that clear why. It’s important and how you can connect and resonate with that audience because remember, it’s not about you. It’s about how you’re going to educate like, I’m on here because I’m going to educate your audience. It has nothing to do with me or my audience. It’s all about your people. 

Rachel: What you just said clicked, meaning if we took the poop, have an amazing poop. We’ve been moving like a rock star, really then taking it and breaking it down and saying, for this specific media outlet, I’m going to actually talk about entrepreneurial women, because this outlet, I feel has that most trending, while this other one I’m going to talk about, like maybe the best probiotics for women in their 30s who just had a baby, because that’s apparently magazine. Right? 

Beth: I put the checklist or the facts are the same. Yep. Got it. In point of view, That’s it. That’s the difference. You’re not supposed to post the same things on Instagram than you are on Facebook. So why would you say those three platforms, you have the same thing, or even the different, like you and I are podcast are the same in saying that it’s real raw conversation. But other than that they’re not similar at all. But they’re still podcasts. 

Rachel: That example that you just gave, as you were breaking it down in the types of different media pitches, I always think that’s the same thing is thinking about your different ideal client avatars, their buyer personality, not even and it’s it goes way past demographics, you’re really thinking about what for this one type of person do they really need to hear and so what you’re saying is, it’s all the same product, per se, or the tip. But you’re really developing these different messages that still serve your business that still lead people to your opt in or your website. You’re messaging in these ways that are very specific for the outcome that that person needs to hear. 

Beth: Exactly, because it needs to be different because you’re giving content to another person for their job. The producer, editor, podcast host, that person need you just as much as you need them. But I really want you to hear that. Because your content is what makes them successful in their job. If they don’t have you, they need to go out and find you. It’s a lot easier to have you say, Hey, I’m over here than to go find you in a haystack of people who say I’m a health coach, because who else who isn’t a health coach, but you’re a special health coach because of x. 

One of the myths that I want to dispel right now is that producers don’t make the decisions. The producer, you’re working with the editor you’re working with even the podcast connection, if they’re not the host or the decision maker, they don’t want us to be checked by somebody else. So let me give you a visual. 

When I worked in TV. At the tonight show, we were in a large conference room and each producer which was five producers a show how to get up and say these are my story ideas. And I remember this woman standing up and the producer going now sit down, and she didn’t have a segment on my show that week. You watch them 30 rock in the writers room. Like that’s really what it’s like. I almost feel like have sympathy for what their life is like they got 1000 emails a day. Make their life easier, right? have it written out, have what the segments gonna look like? So I’m also I don’t know if you know this, I’m actually an interim foster mom.

Rachel: I didn’t know that. Actually. 

Beth: Yeah, one of my favorite things that I do. So I take babies that need to have a home between the mom and the adoptee via the doctor, right? So when I pitched that segment, and I’m getting close to a national show, I’m very excited. I have everything written out to the fact of, here’s the phone number of a family that will come on and surprise me to be on the show so that you can have the other side of the story. Right. And otherwise, it’s like a flat story. 

How To Stand Out & Showcase Who You Are

Rachel: It’s like out the movie. The part that I want to go back and just mention before we wrap this up, because you said something specifically about both our podcasts are about raw talk, but they’re completely different. And even if you said to the audience like you are different people need you or maybe I hurt but this big message that I’m hearing from you. 

It’s don’t doubt yourself, you’re ready for media, you’re ready for TV opportunities. You just need to believe in yourself. What are the tips that just really showcase who I am? And then how can I play out this script to help this person who I’m pitching? To see, wow, they’ve really taken some time to inform me, talk about past reasons why this is so important who this serves? Why is this not being taught right in the industry?

Beth: Anything that can make somebody stop and think for a split second because that’s all they have, then you’re going to get in, but I want everyone to not think about this piece of it, I want you to go into your opt in or go into your document PDF folder, and find something was five hacks. And then just start sharing that with people in the media. 

What I used to do, and I literally would go to my Facebook page, and write, who knows somebody in media? I have a few ideas. And guess what? People want to help you. I said to you earlier, I think get your media in three hours getting your business ready, your mind ready and learning how to leverage it. That’s the hard part. And that’s what I help with, right? I help with the whole sphere, so that you can actually be successful in it. 

Why The World Needs Your Genius

But reaching out and letting people know what you’re trying to accomplish. But the idea between having the idea and getting to the producer doesn’t need to be that long. And this is my real advice. Don’t think about it, just do it. Because if you think about it, the imposter syndrome comes in, you’re gonna stop yourself, it’s not perfect. Don’t think that one email is gonna make a difference. Like when I say, one email, not gonna make a difference, you’re gonna send an email 12 times to the same person over four months, and then maybe still not got an answer. So don’t don’t even think about that piece of it. 

Just start putting it out there. And the more you put it out there, it does come to you. Because I firmly believe that if you don’t share what you do, you’re actually doing a disservice to the world. The energy of the world needs you to do that. I know people say that, but I really believe it. I really believe that our genius needs to put out there. Our genius needs to be set forward. And if you’re keeping it to yourself, like what are you doing to help the world be better? And what impact are you making? By being quiet? None. 

So taking an action does not leave space for that craziness. So when I talk about I do stuff, I don’t think about it first, I just do it. I just email. I literally emailed some of the other day for a national TV show for chefs. And I was like, I can make cocktails, and I just send it out there. And like, Am I the people they ask for? Are they probably going to answer me? Probably not. But now I’m on their radar when they’re doing something cocktails, I might come up. 

So it’s actually a piece of advice because I can’t tell you how many times I sound perfection when I was writing for Huff Post, writing Mind Body Green. I wish that I could go back to the older me and say, girl. 

Rachel:I think that’s such an important thing for us to hear because to art, and we don’t do and then somebody else who says like, Yo, I’m gonna do it is the one that gets that opportunity. 

Beth: It’s all about creating the opportunities for yourself, that’s what I’m so passionate about is if you’re gonna send that email, if you’re gonna send an email and DM me that you did it, you’re going to create an opportunity, because now I know who you are. And I’m going to 

give you a little advice, and you’re gonna make a difference. Are we all in this to make a difference and an impact? What we’re in this is to fulfill some hole in ourselves by making an impact. And being honest about that piece, I think is a big, different differentiator. 

Rachel: The part that we really touched on, and I think it’s just a beautiful way to close is that in your in you sharing your journey. 

Beth: It just shows that you never know what that next stop is going to be. But if you continue to step up. Stop staying in victimhood stop saying, Oh, it’s this reason that I’m not getting hired. It’s this reason that nobody likes it’s this reason that nobody Damn, it’s like, Hey, honey, honey, honey, hate to break it to you. But you’re the reason and I am not. And I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m saying that to be real. It’s like, get right with your heart on what you want to do and stop playing small. 

If you want to be in my club, it’s real-life real talk. Maybe it’s my Jewish North coziness, which I’m actually leaning into a lot lately. But I think we need to have these real conversations that highlight really, nobody needs that anymore. It’s not working. Nobody wants it. To be ourselves and connect with people on social media and say, Hey, people, I’ve been working with a really long time I’m having a bad day. What do you do for your bad day? See what I have some high engaging questions. See what happens when you ask and stop overthinking the process. 

Rache: It was so awesome for you to be here. I will just say what that said about going into a Dropbox. That’s exactly why you’ve seen me say, here, I’m going to take one of our workshops, and I’m going to show you how you can use this for content because that’s what content does. We all feel scared to some degree unless you’re just a born speaker like that. But I would say I’m not, I had to teach myself and I had to have that content there. So that I could take a breath and manage my own anxiety and step into my purpose, stop thinking about myself and really think about my potential client. 

Best information is going to be in the show notes. If you have any questions, I would definitely follow her and I will say that her cocktail book is adorable and her lives are adorable. So definitely follow her on social media. All right. Do you have any words you want to say to everyone on the peace out part? 

Beth: I love you. I really do. I love you and I want us all to level up together and how we do that is through community and honest vulnerable talk. 

Rachel: That’s it, babes. All right, do what you need to do. And with that being said, we will see you on the flipside. Bye, guys. 

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