48: Building Your Offer and Freebies with Erika McCallister

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Instead of me doing all the talking about offers, I decided to bring Erika McCallister on the show and we can go step by step through how we build our offers to actually match what is in our heart and offers that really work. We are also going to discuss how we build a business that is in absolute alignment and how we always sell with soul even during difficult times like these.

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[02:48] When we have a heart-based business this is about the people we serve.  

[04:17] Many of us are looking for beacons of light and at the end of the day, we are the rainbow. We are the beacon of light even when we feel like we are struggling.  

[05:29] It is in these unprecedented times, where we have to come back to our core fundamentals and our deepest truth that we have always known in our gut the road to take. 

[06:59] When we structure our business with that perfect plan, we often lose that empathy deep in our hearts, gut, and soul.  

[08:56] We are going to show you how simple it is to take Erika’s deep why, mission, and her want for her ideal client to create offers that work.  

[10:58] First they determined Erika’s ideal client and the attributes and feelings she has.  

[12:05] Erika’s ideal client is looking for that guide with step by step to get out of the overwhelmed state.  

[14:27] What is the modern woman today dealing with?

[15:53] In the digital space our ideal client needs to see the sales page and social proof. 

[16:26] Rachel offers a win-win if a client is willing to share their success on video then she will give a 30-minute free coaching session.  

[20:27] You can go over the basics in a group setting as self-paced with support.    

[22:33] What do they need to learn from me to take action and stay in my customer life cycle?

[24:16] Invest in yourself.      

[25:50] Creating multiple videos to go with a freebie becomes a high-value freebie that builds the like, know, and trust factor. 

[28:40] Loom.com can create a video that shows your screen and shares what you are working on.  

[31:46] Test it before we invest our time, assistant, or more.  

[33:17] Talk is cheap, so it is important to show them.  

[34:31] Stay in the simple focus and make sure you send them to your blog and include a call to action.  

[35:44] You can have everything on one page. It is not worth recreating the wheel.  We create an automated machine so we stop creating over and over.  We start making out work,  work for us.  

[37:34] We need to get clear before we go into the action.  

[39:28] We all need three signature freebies that we have tested and actually work.  

[40:06] Where from hard data do I get the most engagement?

[43:42] We have to be extremely clear on who we serve, what their problems are, and how we can help them from a to z.

[46:27] We only hear crickets when we haven’t done enough in the why.  

[49:15] We coach how to change and pivot in life.  

[49:31] Bring people into a group and talk about different topics for ten days.  

[50:15] During times of uncertainty, we have to sweeten the deal a little more.

[53:15] We coach how to change and pivot in life.  

[55:31] What do they need to hear? Those are the videos I need to do.  

[56:45] We also come back to what do I want to be known for, what are her biggest problems, and then we actually get hired.  

[59:15] We coach how to change and pivot in life. 

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