Attracting your ideal client with messaging

Are you struggling with your message?
Are you struggling with avatar?
Are you frustrated because you cannot convert? 😩

On the #healthyhustle podcast, I am talking with @ChristineBlubaugh.

Here is a taste of the HIGH VALUE 🆘 on this podcast!

Christine says: 👇
My approach is to really help my clients build connections with their audience through their messaging, so when it comes to selling it kind of takes care of itself.

Rachel says- 👇
Start with the basics. The basics often get overlooked.

Christine says: 👇
If we had a hidden camera following your ideal client around for a day, what would we see?.


If they are stuck on struggle island and you want to get them to the tropical paradise, your offer is the bridge that is going to get them across there.


Christine is a magical message maker, copywriter, and funnels and website expert.

We are talking about empowering coaches. We discuss how you get seen, known as an expert, and hired.

We also discuss how to nail down your key message and get comfortable with sharing your message. When you nail down your message and know your ideal client, the words will come.

Link here homies:

Let’s be the change we desire to see in the world.



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