49: Our Authentic Selves with Dr. Maya Sarkysan

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Dr. Maya Sarkysan. Dr. Maya offers an integrated approach to health. She is a licensed acupuncturist and is extensively trained in functional medicine. We are talking about the importance of taking care of resolving your internal conflicts and taking steps toward becoming your authentic self. She shares simple steps you can take today to become your authentic self.

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[03:13] The world does need a lot of support, not just right now which is an unprecedented time, but really all the time.   

[04:01] Dr. Maya is a licensed acupuncturist and is extensively trained in functional medicine.   

[06:37] When we go inside, we find a lot of stuff that has to be transformed.    

[07:17] If you are not resolving internal conflicts that are stopping you from achieving your goals and being more authentic.  

[09:28] EFT works with acupuncture points that you can tap when saying a specific affirmation.  

[11:53] She does five different kinds of acupuncture. 

[12:16] When you are transforming from your limited self to your unlimited self you find your transformational virtue and purpose. It is a difficult, but beautiful journey.  

[14:45] Dr. Maya recommends planning and creating life, but we always have to know that conditions can change.  

[15:24] We should look at life metaphorically and symbolically. 

[16:31] The environment changes and we have got to figure out how we live our truth in the muddy waters.    

[19:07] Dr. Maya helps patients move from who they think they are to their authentic selves.

[20:03] We have to take care of our health as much as possible, especially our emotional health.  Without emotional health, the immune system will not exist.    

[23:17] Write down a list of internal conflicts that you have. Internal conflicts will stop you from achieving something.  

[25:19] How do you get yourself in a state of gratitude and presence right now? 

[27:31] Forgiveness is important to become free from some situations. Start by writing a list of events and people we need to forgive. 

[29:36] When you change, people around you, events, and everything change. You changed and created the opportunity for things to appear and become different.    

[33:13] We will go through tough times, but happiness is a choice.    

[34:33] Change starts in our home and even more in us individually.  

[39:03] You can do all the things you want, you just need to be specific.  

[41:28] Dr. Maya has many different expertises that flow into a cohesive model. 

[41:42] Find your passion and fall into your past experiences.  [42:37] Don’t be scared to go after what you want and to show up, because you will find it and live it.

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