76. How Your Identity, Awareness, and Mindset Will Help You Scale to 6 and 7 Figures with Jenna Faith

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Why can two people, who get the same exact materials or resources, have completely different results with one person going sky high while the other person is stuck?
Well, the one building a 6 or 7 figure business is the one showing up, connecting to their vision, taking aligned action, and finding harmony between mindset, energetics, and strategy.

In today’s episode, I am talking to Jenna Faith, Millionaire Maker and mindset coach helping women receive wealth by embodying entrepreneurship using strategy and mindset techniques that work. Jenna is sharing her brilliant tips on overcoming your zone of fear, taking chances, and identifying what’s actually going on so you can close the gap and step closer to who you want to be in business and in life.

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Hey guys, it is Rachel Feldman. I’m so excited to have this woman on the Healthy Hustle Podcast. How long have I known you, Jenna? Oh, probably seven years, eight years? Seven. This woman stood out because she was the real deal. Totally broke it down, no fluff. And I look at her as the manifesting money queen. So I want to just introduce you to Jenna Faith. Can you just tell everyone a little about yourself? 

Jenna: Yeah, absolutely. So actually, I have been dubbing myself a millionaire maker. Because I believe that we need to have more women millionaires. When I first started my business I just wanted to have a business and make money. And then that kind of turned into, I might help other people have a business, make money and have freedom. And now that’s also kind of transitioned and evolved into – we need to be wealthy, we need to be wealthy for so many different reasons. And there’s definitely not enough of us to do that.

So that’s what I do. I work with people, both on the strategic side and on the mindset piece to really get them to the place where they can start receiving that. 

Rachel: You seriously have to follow her like her IG is so inspirational. So real, her Facebook, I’m going to just share a little of what I know about you. And one of the reasons that I was extremely pumped to have you here is there are a lot of people that talk about strategically creating your business. A lot of people talk about the manifesting part, a lot of people who talk about the habits, and the biohacking and the high performance. 

But what I love that you talk about, which is extremely different from other people, is you need the mindset, but then you’ve really got to step into that place where you see it, you believe it, and you are it. And I know that that was and has been a huge struggle at different growth times for me to see that. My brain, my stuffing in the middle of two ears was the thing holding me back. 

So can you explain to those who are listening, this process that you really teach? 

Jenna: Yeah, so it goes beyond mindset, actually. It started with mindset. And I actually started out very masculine, very, like, here’s the actual processes, here’s how to build your funnel, here’s how to deal with challenge, here’s how to create an offer. I do still help my clients with that stuff. But after working with so many people, I was like, wait a minute, there are some people that have all the tools, they have all the things and it’s still not working for them? Like, what is that shift? Why can someone get the same exact materials or the same exact resources and one person goes sky high and blows up and the other person is stuck?

So that really got me thinking. I’m really looking at myself, at my clients, and at people that I admired online as well. It’s like, what is it? What is it about those people that just take off? What is it about those people that it seems so easy for them? And I discovered that it wasn’t just the mindset, it wasn’t just like, their habits, their yoga, their meditation, or their journaling. That was a piece too. I think that those are good starting points to intertwine into your business strategies. 

But it was actually like, who they were. It was who they were, how they showed up online, their confidence, their certainty in themselves, and really just them believing that like, of course, this is for me. Of course, I get to have it. Of course, of course, like, I’m the person who’s making it look so easy. Like, I’ve just expect it.

That’s the other thing. What do you expect, right? Because a lot of people can use their manifesting or do their journaling, and they want something, right. So when we want something, it’s really like, we want it because if we don’t have it, right, we want it because it’s outside of us, which means that we’re actually manifesting from lack. So it’s like, I don’t have this thing. But I want it. So it’s more about transitioning into, who do I have to be in order for that thing to just naturally happen?  Or in order for that amount of money, or these opportunities to just be normal? Like, duh, of course, this is for me. 

Habits do play a big role, but it really is about what do you expect and who are you being on a daily basis? And how far away is that from who the person would want to be if you were already there? So we can dive deeper.

How To Overcome Your Fear Zone

Rachel: That’s interesting part, because as you were speaking I sat there and was like, Okay, everyone sees me as a confidence to show up. But I was like, I want to show up like she does. I want to show up without feeling that anxiety because that anxiety actually takes us away from being extremely intentional, being extremely present and doing our non negotiables. And so for any of you who think she was just showing up like this, can you share, because I remember when you talked about your speaking on the stage, and you’re like, I’m nervous. This is not,   this is not how I like showing up. This is not my comfort zone. Because I know a lot of people hesitate showing up, they stay in the manifesting in the journaling, in envisioning the plan, spreadsheet, but they’re really scared to take that next step. What did you do? Or what do you do when you’re in that fear zone? How did you get to that place where like, despite myself, I’m going to show up in this way? 

Jenna: Yeah, I mean, I think that was the very first time I was ever on stage. And I tell people now all the time, like, even five years ago, you would not have caught me dead doing this on camera, or a live stream or anything like that. I was so nervous, about people seeing me and we are obviously our worst critics, and we judge ourselves and all of that stuff. 

Taking Aligned Action

And you start on one direction. That actually clicked something for me, because the way that we see ourselves is so different from the way that other people see us. Get into the space of how someone else sees you. Because like you said, people are probably like, Oh, my God, Rachel is amazing. And she’s competent. And she’s that. It’s that perception. Can you step into that? How you’re perceived by other people? How do you want to present yourself to the world? How do you want to show up? And so like you were saying, you can do all the things, you can do all the manifesting, and the journaling. But we actually have to take that aligned action, whatever that is for you. For every person, I believe that is different. But the action has to meet the manifestation.

Combing Strategy & Manifestation

There are people online that are straight up strategy, right? It’s like strategy, step by step. Here’s the tactics. Here’s the tricks, right. And then you got the people on the other side, who were like, just manifest it. And it’s all about your energy. And it’s all about this. And it’s like, those two things have to come together to be together, they have to marry together, if they don’t, you’re never going to reach the fullest potential of what you can achieve.

You might have a little bit of success, right? Because you’re putting these things in place. But for each person, each individual has to find the harmony between the right amount of strategy and the right amount of energetics and mindset. 

Also, for me, that kind of translates into masculine and feminine, right? So from you’re doing, and you’re receiving, you have to figure out for you personally, what is that balance? Or what is that harmony that makes it work for you and makes it click for you?

Rachel: So let’s even go back like five years ago, when you said, hands down, nobody was doing that? Was there this conscious decision where you said, This is what I desire, not only to make, this is what my life’s gonna look like? These are the things that I don’t want, here’s my dream business. But there was more of a declaration of like, if I want this, I have to be willing to show up in this way. I’m sure you hear the same when somebody says, Oh, no, I can’t do that. I always say, You mean, you’re too scared, or you’re overwhelmed. Bbut you just told me you want to hit six figures. You just told me you want to get 2000 people on your list in a month. But you’re not willing to do these other things. So I’d be willing to do what it takes. 

Jenna: Yeah, for me, that’s the that was my come to Jesus moment that you’re speaking of where I was hiding. I knew I was good at what I did. I knew that I could help people. But I was definitely playing small. And I was just like, okay, like, something’s not working here. What is not working? And I had to make a conscious decision. Like I had to make that choice. Decide, and I still have to do that every day. It’s like, every day you wake up, you have to make the decision.

Rachel: Before I even go on to like responding to what you said. I think that so many people and you were even saying, Oh, it looks easy that Rachel does it or it looks easy that Jen’s doing it. But but it’s not. It’s a decision to not let the fear get in the way of the dream desire and the purpose. 

Reconnecting To Tour Vision and Your Why

Jenna: Yeah, absolutely. For me, I would say my goals, my desires, my dreams have changed. I’ve changed, and I’ve evolved and grown. But for me in that moment, it was like, What is the most important thing? My mission, in terms of really helping other women, I was very connected to it. And I think sometimes when people get into that place where they’re letting their own fear override, you’ve got to connect back into the mission, you got to connect back into the vision, and why are you doing this? For me, it was, it was basically my ego, versus what I decided to do in the world. And I was letting my ego get in the way. And so I had to tell my ego, Okay, you got to take a walk.

Letting Go Of Your Ego

For most people, I don’t even think it’s fear, so to speak. It’s just like, what are people gonna think of me? What if I look stupid? So that’s all ego stuff, right? You’re getting in your own way there. So if you have to make that decision, what’s more important to you, your own ego, and what people are gonna think of you, or this mission that you have in the world, and the thing that you actually want?

That’s the conversation I had to have with myself. And I decided, Okay, I’ve got to get over it. For me, there wasn’t any kind of steps or processes of like, how do you do it? You just do it and you get uncomfortable. And at some point, it becomes normal, just like anything else in your life. 

I talk about that time. Sometimes I have to do it every day if I’m pushing myself to do something new. Sometimes I’m in the flow, or sometimes there really is that that next stage of growth, which we’ll talk about, in a few minutes.  Making money doing what you love is why everyone’s gonna be listening to this. Remember that moment when you’re so frustrated, you’ve tried everything, tried to control it tried to make it happen.

Take The Chance & Do It Scared

And you know that all of those negative Nelly, Nancy, thoughts are the only thing holding back and you’re like, What do I have to lose? Because it’s either you don’t move forward, or make the decision that you’re going to or just take the chance. Take the chance to do it scared, take the chance to really step into who you want to be.

Rachel: Would you say for for people who, and when people come to you whether you’re there in your mastermind, or I know you have some amazing groups that you always do and your one on one, if somebody’s really scared of doing video and showing up in live stream and showing up in this digital space, in the ways that you and I may show up?

Do you either tough love it and say you’re gonna learn how to do this? Or do you suggest networking in a different way?

Getting Over Your Fear Of Going Live

Jenna: So, it’s definitely evolved in terms of like, I just don’t work with those people, right?If you’re not willing to do what it takes, you’re probably not that good. That’s just the way that is. I have had clients who have been fearful and there’s actually a couple different things that I actually do. 

One is I just have them record 30 second clips of themselves on their phone. I’m like, you don’t have to post it, you can delete it immediately. But like, just get into the habit of doing it and seeing yourself and feeling weird and getting uncomfortable and just do it for yourself. 

Now we have like a bunch of different tools like Instagram stories and things which are 15 seconds. So you can go on there for 15 seconds, right and just post it right away. It will be gone in 24 hours, you don’t have to worry about it. But you just have to do it. Right. And I’ve had clients who, they wouldn’t even turn on their camera on a zoom meeting that are like doing live streams every day now, because they love it. Right?

It’s again, that ego thing telling you that you’re not going to love it. But once you’re in it, and you’re kind of performing and you’re showing up and you’re getting the response from people then you’re like, oh, man, I really liked it. So I’m going to keep doing this. I remember I had a client who she was scared to do her first Facebook Live. This is maybe a couple years ago and I was like, Oh, just do it on your business page because the business page doesn’t really get a lot of traction. You’re not gonna get a whole lot of views. She’s like, okay, so she did it on her business page, and she ended up getting like 500 views. So funny. I was like, oops, sorry.

But she did it, and now she does them all the time. So it’s like, you have to get over that initial fear, that initial thing that stops you because just like anything else you haven’t done before. Once you do it, it’s like, okay, it’s not that bad. Like, let me try it again. Right? 

Rachel: Isn’t it so true? I love that you’re talking about this, because you know how you’ll go through building your business. And you’ll always think about the beginning, like, what did you do? And you’ll say it to people. But sometimes they’re like, No, it can’t just be that. And I love that you just share it. There was not even a process. I mean, I knew that was that come to Jesus moment for a Jewish girl. I knew that I had to be visible online, because if not, I would only be working with people in my backyard, and my kids were young. So I had a fear of speaking, fear of speaking in public, even though I’m chatty Cathy everywhere, but speaking in that way. And I said, what I’m gonna do an unlisted YouTube video every day. Until one day I just said, Okay, I’m gonna hit publish on this one. And that was it. And I tell people to do that all the time. And I love that you said, I don’t work with those kind of people. Because the people who did do it, they’re the ones doing Lives and Reels all day, all night and have consistent clients. 

Everybody Starts Somewhere

Jenna: Yeah. Yeah, I also have people who will look at someone big in the industry, like, oh, they’re just so perfect. They’re so great on video, and I say, go to YouTube right now, all the way down. Look at their very first video, and you’re not gonna feel so bad. Like, it takes time. It takes practice. My first video, oh god, it’s so bad. It is so bad. 

Rachel: I love that you’re saying this also. Because I have followed you for so many years. And you’re just one of those people, I will never unsubscribe and like, maybe I don’t open every email. But like, I want to know what’s happened in her life. And I keep them. And so I can’t tell you how many challenges I’ve been on where you have been going Live and you’re like, Okay, guys, my son is in the back. We’re just keeping this simple. And just just being real by knowing and being okay to be real. Yeah, that’s what people love, and it’s those things that we are so critical of ourselves, that other people are drawn to right, like the works and the little things that we knew that were like, Oh my god, I love that about you. With how crowded the online space is, those are the things that are gonna make people remember you. 

When people say to me, I don’t want to share my personal life. I know I follow people who are very statistical or very, like you said, more masculine in their approach.

But I always say to people, you’re not building this brand so people get to know you. So they see what you do in your life, your trials or tribulations. You’ve got to show your behind the scenes, because people, that’s the stuff we do remember. Yeah, it’s the relationship. And it’s the connection, like how do you build connection with someone by just telling them a bunch of facts that they could read in an Encyclopedia book?

I remember, I had a client who was really good at what she did, she had experience, but like, every post was so blah. I was just like, this has to change. People are gonna scroll right by it. And yeah, it’s good information. But it’s not going to make them want to be in your world, it’s not going to make them want to pay you, it’s not going to make them want to join. And I asked her, I was like, okay, would you rather read a book or an encyclopedia? And she was like a book. And I was like, exactly. So when you’re putting yourself online, you have to have that personality, you have to put something in there, whether it’s humor, whether it’s vulnerability, whether it’s just sharing your life, like there’s got to be that element of humor, or it’s not gonna be the best. 

I think that a lot of people in all different niches are experiencing a dime a dozen, but there’s always been a dime a dozen. And so it’s really sitting there and saying, How am I going to show up? Not how this other person does, but how am I going to show up so that I feel good about showing up? And that person is really gonna get a clear sense of what do you and what it would be like to hire you or what it would be like to roll in your world to be a part of your community or your tribe. 

Identity: How To Step Closer To Who You Want To Be

So that leads me to this next part, I want to kind of dive back into this identity. Because it’s such a huge topic. And I know You talk a lot about five figure mindset, six figure, multiple six figure, seven figure mindset.

I think before we can even get to the money part, I would love to hear from you. What were the steps that you took to step into that place? Where did that identity come from? 

Jenna: Yeah, I mean, I think there is a process, I think it is really about identifying what’s actually going on. So this is something that I call closing the gap. So you have to really look at people to say things actively. How do I know what a millionaire acts like? I don’t know what a millionaire acts like, you know. But the way I describe it is like that. It’s like, Okay, what if you were already a millionaire? If you were already making multiple, six fingers, what would you do? Who would you be? What would you have? How would you be showing up? What decisions would you be making? Who would you be surrounded by? Who would be on your team? What would you be investing in? Literally break down. If I already had it, if it was already there, what would I be doing to reverse engineer it?

So even how you’re showing up in your personal relationships. What kind of parent are you? What are your daily habits? And then basically, reality check, what are you doing right now? Right? And so that typically, for people, looks very different. 

If I already had a million dollars, I probably wouldn’t be doing this right. Like, I probably would be investing in that. I probably wouldn’t be hanging out with this person. Now that you see those two different sides, how do you close the gap? What’s even just one thing that you can do right now, that will bring you closer to who you want to be? 

That one is usually like a gut check for a lot of my clients, because they’re like, Oh, crap, like, no wonder I’m not receiving these things. No wonder I’m not that person. No wonder I’m not getting the opportunities and clients with these because I’m not even being that person. I am not even available for these things. And I think that’s that’s the missing link with a lot of people. You’re not even available for these things that you say that you want. It’s interesting, because something I see. I mean, I would say every industry, but we’re specifically talking about mindset, and creatives and health and wellness, is that the person who is showing up everywhere, consistently, they’re doing all that work.

Rachel: But I think the AHA that that I just had, and I know it’s mindset, but it’s really you breaking down each of those categories, like what’s actually in your mind, like what demons are in your mind that are having you not really show up in that way that vibes out hang with me, your damn solution? 

It’s robotic for that person, would you say? Just as you just mentioned, that step one is really that gut check and saying,What’s actually around my space? 

Finding Your Awareness

Jenna: Yeah. I mean, it’s definitely gonna start there. And if you have somebody that’s a little bit more – I don’t want to say they don’t have the personality, but maybe it’s hard to pull that out. Like, just find one thing. Sometimes it’s a big jump, to say, Oh, my God, I have to change all these things. And I have to change my whole world and turn it upside down and start doing everything different. That’s overwhelming. So they just end up stuck anyway. 

Find that one thing. What’s one thing that you can hang on to? What’s one thing you could sink your teeth into and go all in with?  And then slowly start bringing more and more things in. I don’t expect people to have a 180 and completely change overnight. It is a process. 

Be Ready For What You Want

But the awareness is number one, just being aware of like, I’m not open to receive this thing. Like, I’m not even available to receive this thing. I was talking to one of my clients about having a membership site. And I was talking about somebody that had like 800 people on a membership site. She’s like, oh, that would be amazing. And I said, Well, if you know where to get 800 new clients today, like would you be ready? And the answer was like, No, I don’t have the information. I don’t have the team, I don’t have the help, I don’t have the invoices ready. 

For the things that you want, you have to be ready for it. 

Rachel: I love that you just broke that part down because people I’ve interviewed or even listened to are always like, you have to believe it. I mean, this is our daily mindset work. So everyone said that I think I was even listening to a clubhouse this morning for a few minutes on high performance. And that’s all that was being said. But when you take that part of your mindset of like, this is what you desire. And then say, if I have a membership, what are these? What’s my checklist? What do I need to have as an infrastructure, either with team members, or how do I need to actually get this built?

That’s brilliant, because it’s actually taking somebody into the action step, instead of just this overwhelm of, I don’t think I’m ever going to get there. It’s like, Whoa, write down what do you want. And then do your research. 

Jenna: I said this to somebody the other day, they were like, I don’t even know what to put for my membership. And I said did you research competitors? Did you feel what people are putting in their membership? How do you want to structure it? What platform? Like don’t get overwhelmed. It’s slowing down that overwhelm to actually see what are the areas that need to be nourished, without feeling overwhelmed. 

I think it’s also alignment, like along the same lines, this is something that I do with my clients, when they go to launch a product or create something new, I’m like, honestly, 98% doesn’t cut it when it comes to alignment. Bringing the right people and like, smashing their launches. You’ve got to be 100% behind yourself, 100% behind your product in love with your product. And if there’s anything out of alignment, like it could be the stupidest thing. It could be Oh, I don’t like the format. I don’t like that my calls are on Tuesdays. I don’t like that title. I don’t like my tagline, right? Like, it could literally be something that’s off that will prevent you from going all in and shouting from the rooftops. Because there’s that little seed of doubt. 

Rachel: So you’re saying like the belief?

Evaluating Your Expectation

Jenna: Yes, the belief but more what I was saying earlier, the expectation. What are you actually expecting to happen? Because you could believe that something is for you. You can have the mindset, you can do the journaling.  I’m gonna have 800 people in my membership site, I’m going to have a multiple six figure launch. But as you’re going through the process, as you’re going through the launch, what do you actually like? What is the actual feeling like? What are you actually expecting? They’re expecting it to bomb? Are you expecting people not to show up? Are you expecting things to fall apart? Are you expecting people to hate it? So you really have to check in with like, it’s all in alignment, right? What we’re thinking, what we’re doing, and what we’re feeling, it all has to be in alignment for it to work.

Rachel: That brings me into the next part. Because we’ve gone through these compartments and these checklists of pretty much this roadmap to be able to then get to your consistent five, six, multiple six figures. Can you break down when you’re talking about the mindset of each one of these growth phases?

The Mindset Of Each Growth Phase In Business

Jenna: Hands down, there’s not somebody who isn’t like, Oh, my God, I want to make multiple six figures, I want to do that. But the part that I really heard, and that’s why I always love really listening to people is a huge confidence part. You do have to lay out the roadmap, but that’s what daily check list is. But do you actually believe this? This old part of you that is gonna stay stuck? Or have you migrated over to this place where you truly believe in yourself?

Yeah, I think it’s like, you’re never gonna quit on yourself. Right? So as long as you don’t have a plan B, as long as you’re not gonna quit. You just keep going. I’ve had some clients before that will launch something and they’re like, oh, like, nobody signed up, or nobody signed up yet. Um, just launch it again. Like, just keep going. You just do the next thing. You just take that next step. And as long as you believe in yourself and you back yourself, like there’s nothing that’s gonna stop you from doing that. Obviously, there’s some fakers in our industry, and they’re opportunists, or they’re jumping from like thing to thing and it’s like, Okay, then they just quit and move on to something. And you see that a lot, right? It’s like, wait, I thought that person was doing that. Oh, they’re doing that now. Okay, got it.

For those of us that are genuine and authentic. We are really doing transformational work. Just don’t stop. And you just keep going because you believe in it that much. Right? And so it doesn’t matter. It’s not like wasted time. Sometimes I have clients that are like, Oh, I feel like I just wasted a month launching this thing. And I’m like, it’s not wasted. If you’re doing the work that you’re supposed to be doing in this world, if you’re living your purpose, if this is your livelihood, this is who you are, how can you even say that it’s wasted?

Manifesting What You Want

Maybe you haven’t gotten the results that you want, yet. But it’s not wasted. And when it comes to manifesting, I tell people that all the time as well. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. But as soon as it starts to look like it’s not gonna happen, you drop the ball, you lose faith. And then of course, then now it’s not gonna happen, right? If you truly believe that something’s for you, whether it’s the business that you want to have, a relationship, anything. Like, you just hold on to that. You believe it all the way through until it’s there.

Rachel: That’s so beautifully said, because I can’t tell you how many times something does not go right. It wasn’t right, like I missed it. But don’t sit there and get really stuck in it. Don’t just quit and then revamp and redo. Instead of just looking at that as an opportunity to actually see like, what did I miss? Or what about me was not all in? 

Jenna: Exactly. And you can use it to figure that out. Go back and look at the quote, unquote, failed launches, although I don’t think there’s any failed launches. Like if you go back into those moments, you can say, you know what, yeah, I wasn’t showing up the right way. I was out of alignment with this. I didn’t want this. I knew I should have been charging more. 

Those things are happening in the background, but we’re not realizing it. So when it comes to the alignment, I’ve had programs before where I wanted to have, let’s say, 30 people in my program. And I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna give everyone a one on one bonus call. And I’m really excited about the program. And I can walk into like having those 30 people in, but in the back of my mind, I’m like, I don’t want to do 30 one on one calls, like, that’s overwhelming, right. And so I sabotage myself because I don’t have the capacity to do that. So I only end up getting like 12 people. I’ve done things like that. And it’s because something’s not right.

It is self sabotage. And it would be safe to say that if we were talking about getting to consistent Five, six, multiple six, seven figures – it is that ability to examine and go back to each day, each step, go back into the movie and say, Where did I get stuck? Where was I not really showing up? Where did that fear come from? How is it impacting each step? And even what worked? So something works, right. So what parts of that did work? We don’t want to just go on and on the negative things. Okay, I could have done this differently. But this work, right, this program is a winner, right? I know the program is a winner. I know my opt in converted. I know this happened somewhere along the way. Something happened, what is that something? So that the next time I launch I can be more proactive when it comes to that thing. But yeah, it’s the littlest thing. That’s what I was saying. If it’s not 100%, forget it. It’s just not going to yield the results that you ultimately are good.

So, and you’re like, Hey, I wish I would have known this in the beginning. Hey, don’t make this mistake, but especially in the beginning. What would you have wished you would have known for the person today? 

That’s the stuff that I’m teaching now around the mindset and the identity because I was so big on having the program is perfect, right? It has all the stuff that checked all the boxes, but I wasn’t checking the boxes, right? Like I built a program to check the boxes, but I wasn’t showing up in that person. There wasn’t alignment there. 

So, the alignment, the identity, the mindset, it’s not something that’s like, super sexy. People don’t want that, so to speak. They weren’t like, Hey, here’s some money to tell me I’m out of alignment, right? They’re like, Oh, here’s some money to tell me how to get 10 clients in the next week, right? 

Finding Alignment With Your Ideal Client

So it’s kind of like, also just knowing like, who your person is, who your ideal client is, and being in alignment with that person speaking to that person. There’s so many things that we have to do to be in alignment with our work. And I actually had a little intensive in one of my groups. I said, the best way to be the best coach, is to have the best clients. And I feel like it starts there. 

So if you’re really clear, and like, that’s one thing, it is not worth saying yes to the wrong clients, just to get a paycheck, just have that Pay Pal come through, it is not worth it. Because you’ll start to question yourself, right? When you’ve had a client that’s misaligned, or not a good fit or not getting results, you’re automatically like, What’s wrong with me?

I’m not good at what I do. Right? You’re not able to be your best when you’re surrounded by the best. And that includes people who are your ideal clients, who are willing to show up and do the work.

Rachel: Oh, my God, you were talking and I had a memory where I would say, I’m going to do this anymore. Or this isn’t right for me, or I shouldn’t have worked with this client. And it was a positive thing. Because it did bring me back to this one word that I want you to expand on before we end.

I think this is something that we are building our business, when we are either women wearing many different hats, or we’re  a man building a business wearing many different hats, is that we often find ourselves drained because we are not holding capacity.

Finding And Doing What You’re Best At

Jenna: Yeah, I think we all have our unique strengths, right? We have our own unique bandwidth. I may be able to go 8 hours a day, whereas someone else is like, I’m capped at four hours. I don’t think we have time to get into human design. And I don’t deal with that work. Like I don’t know a whole lot. I know a lot about mine. And that for me, like just understanding how different we all are. Gives you relief, like oh, there actually isn’t something wrong with me, right? 

Because I think that we get a lot of that online where it’s like, you must do it a certain way. And if you’re not hustling your face off, if you’re not going on live stream 365 days a year, like you’re wrong, you’re not doing enough, and that’s just not true. What can I leverage the most out of for what I do best? What is the thing that I’m so good at that it just becomes easy, and like doing more of that, and less of trying to be like somebody else?

And when you’re doing that you’re able to fill your own cup, right? And you don’t have to be drained by those things that you don’t want to do, and the clients that you don’t want to work with. And you can just be free to do what you were put on this earth to do. And that goes into a whole new thing with like, hiring people and getting support. 

When I hear people talk about solopreneurship and bootstrapping, and I’m just like, Wait, that’s not a badge of honor. That’s not gonna work. It might work for the first year, because you got a lot of that hustle in that first year. And you’re just like, Hey, I’m just gonna do the thing, right? And you’ve got that energy. But at some point, it’s like, bam, it doesn’t work anymore. And you’ve got to get the support in multiple different ways to alleviate a lot of that stuff from you and getting rid of a lot of the things that probably shouldn’t be doing in your business. Anyway.

Rachel: We’re filming this weekend now. 2021. And everyone’s always like, want to start my year fresh. I always say I want to start my week fresh, my day fresh. Yeah, because everything we talked about today is hands down the reason why this one person is able to succeed when they’ve got the same information, the same downloads, the same everything and this other person never gets past go. 

Jenna: Yeah. And to be able to be able to really clearly say that to anyone listening,   it’s just a testament to not only how you build your business, but also just a testament to the internal work we have to do. We have to get going so that we don’t get stuck in our old ways. We can step into our true identity, rise when fear doesn’t even step in, because we are so aligned with what we’re doing. 

Rachel: There’s no room for it, right? We’re just going. And so that’s beautiful. Yeah, I love it. 

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