66: Creating Offers as a Mindset Coach

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This episode is a breakdown of how we support health and fitness coaches with our done for you templates. We are going to walk through a real life situation of a coach working to build out the mindset portion of her offers!

Build Out Your Freebie

Number one, build out your freebies, first, your freebies are going to be this like window into what it’s like to work with you. Too often when we’re creating our signature offers, we sit there and say, I’m going to teach about mindset and habits. But we don’t step back enough to say, in the market research that either I’ve done or that I’m doing with my business coach or I’m doing on my own; what are these glaring problems that are the obstacles for my ideal client.

Share your freebie

Next, you decide if you are going to use an evergreen opt-in, which means that that freebie could be on the front of your website all the time, and somebody could opt in to that challenge or guide. The opt-in should, of course, lead to five follow up emails, which allows you to build that trust, you’re giving high value content, and you’re leading them, of course, to your mindset programs. A lot of people feel really depressed right now. And they often feel kind of sad and low energy. And I know that’s how some of my program members felt before they joined this transformation program.

Systemize Your Content Creation Process

Keep in mind that it is really beneficial for us as coaches, and for our ideal clients to create a systemized process for ourselves. That means maybe you have a task to upload a video on your YouTube channel, every Friday, click to subscribe, you can have that five day challenge on your website. So there is another way for a person to come in. Imagine you can use this happy bundle life also as even content for your lives igtv reels and even use some of the content in blogs. And she was like, say no more. I’m sold. Because understanding the vast opportunities that you can, you know, create for your ideal client. And also create a process for you where you go live every Monday on IG, and then or you go live every Tuesday on your Facebook business page. Your ideal client knows, every Tuesday, that’s where you are. And every Friday, you have a YouTube video. So you use that content to perfect your ability to speak your message and perfect your pitch!

Identify your Uniqueness

If we don’t know what separates us apart, or we’re not clear on the steps that we take with our client, it’s really hard to do a powerhouse discovery session, it’s really hard to then handle objections, because we don’t even know what that transformation is offering. You can say I’m offering a 30 day mindset program on habits and we’re going to refresh. But is that really what that program is about? No, it’s the beginning entrance to this transformation that you’re going to get out of this like depression that you’ve been in this fog and you’re going to increase your productivity at work and also not feel exhausted when you come home and sit on the couch and then hate yourself because you’re not spending time with your significant other. You’re not doing self care in the exercise.

Press play to learn more about the client we coached through this scenario of building out her signature offer suite!

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