Detox, Cleansing & Using Essential Oils

Let’s get back to the basics.

Essential oils are natural extracts from the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, bark and other parts of the plant. In the modern world, we are so used to going to the doctor and getting a symptom taken care of with a pill and most often this pill, which may fix the symptom leads to more toxicity in the body. The Good News : you can stop chasing symptoms and go after the root cause. For me, having struggled with ulcerative colitis and health issues, even though I looked really healthy and swam competitively for over 15 years, I was not detoxing properly.

Here are signs of  toxic overload:

  • Do you feel bloated?
  • Have you gained weight that you cannot get rid of?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping or feel tired even after a good night’s sleep?
  • Does your head feel congested?
  • Do you feel cloudy in your thinking?
  • Do you experience heartburn, acid reflux, digestive upset, or have a tough timeeliminating?
  • Do you get lower back pain or other aches and pains?
  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes or a puffy face?

These are some of the possible signs of toxicity, but this list is far from exhaustive. Detoxing is important for everyone. Even if you eat “clean”, which means eating food in its most natural state, we all have some level of toxicity due to environmental factors. In addition to the foods we ingest, toxins can find their way into our bodies through household cleaners, makeup, perfume, shampoos and conditioners, plastic containers, pathogens and unwanted bacteria in food and soil, chemicals from the paint in your home and the carpet on your floor, and a host of environmental pollutants.

The liver has to process all these toxins. I was sick and tired of dealing with toxicity. See, for many, we eat healthy and use toxic free lotions and make up and we still have autoimmune issues, weight gain, exhaustion and poor elimination. The truth is this : we live, eat and breathe toxins and it is our daily job to get rid of these toxins naturally.
I am not talking the Master Cleanse or a Liquid Fast…nope, just using essential oils to combat pathogens, support your immune system and  get rid of toxins in your organs {naturally}. I will be sharing my top 5 tips for what foods you must eat to combat inflammation and support healthy detoxification, which is essential for great skin, less belly bloat, good sleep and healthy bowel elimination.

Come and learn how to do a castor oil pack with my signature essential oil blend.


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