98. How To Develop Your Pillars & Clarify Your Niche To Create A Signature Process with Tammy Coin

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To provide high-value offers to your clients, you absolutely need to find clarity in your niche, develop the pillars of content you want to talk about and be known for, and hone in on who your ideal clients are. Only then can you turn it into a signature process that is foolproof and gets results.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Tammy Coin, a box cutter and transformation coach who helps her clients reach their bigger purpose. We’re going over some really great topics surrounding your signature process including why pillars can be pain points or solutions, how to get clear on your ideal client, plus how to find the right keywords so you can use universal language to speak directly to your audience.

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Rachel: Hey guys, it is Rachel Feldman. I’m here with my good friend Tammy Coin. I asked her  to come on and do this interview with me because she had posted an amazing post in my free Facebook group, about your pillars, about niche clarity, about the signature process. And these are all things when somebody posts a question that’s so high value. 

So I was like Tammy, let’s just get on a free coaching call and go over this. Tammy, you said yes. Can you tell everyone what you do? Not even in the fancy words, tell them what you specialize in certifications, everything. 

Tammy: Well if we really put it down to fun, I’m called the box cutter because I help people who feel like they’re in a box, and don’t fit anywhere. As far as my real-world education, I have a master’s in human relations counseling and a 60-hour master’s degree with three internships. I opted out of going the mainstream route and went the more holistic route. I also graduated from a Healing Art School as a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner with certifications as a transformational coach, a transpersonal hypnotherapist, a holistic nutrition specialist, and a master toe reader. 

So when you come to me, we are looking at your life from so many different pieces, I really specialize in those people who have childhood trauma. If you know me, I believe all humans have childhood trauma, it may not be diagnosable. But it was traumatic for that person. It may have been somebody mean to you on the playground. But whatever it is, it’s keeping you from reaching that bigger purpose. 

I like to say I can take you from shitstorm to purpose and beyond and really getting you to step into that bigger dream that maybe people have led you to believe was just a pipe dream, and it wasn’t ever going to happen. We help you discover those parts. 

Rachel: That’s really helped me because I’m so interested, how do the toes fit into this work? We will get into what we’re talking about next, to help you develop your pillars and your signature process. 

What A Toe Reading Involves

Tammy: That’s part of why my work is so unique and so different, because we’re looking at things that everybody else is missing and the toes. Actually, I am a toe reader. But I also did a mini-course called Toe Tails to help you learn how to see your own toes. Toes are connected to reflexology and in reflexology, really the toes you’re being you’re able to work on the body, the whole body. It is like a hologram of your past. 

Because my work in the world is really connected to trauma, I can usually look at the toes or talk with you about your toes and find out. Okay, if you’re seeing characteristics in the toes, that’s a clue to me that there’s something that’s settled in your toes that you have missed and aren’t addressing. You can start to watch your toes change. 

Rachel: You’re giving me chills because even just in your excitement, the reason I adore you and the reason that I love when somebody puts the marketing to the side, although you’re really great on the box cutter, you clearly thought about that. You’re so clear. Even for the coaches listening, how you even said what you do, you also know what makes you different. It’s part of the journey and I think that’s really important to hear. 

Sometimes we don’t realize we’re saying that as we’re talking. We think I’m not saying it’s perfect enough, but thank you. Because for coaches who are listening, let me just tell you, it’s been seven years to nail it. I have been all around the horn trying to figure this out and I’ve had people who didn’t understand my work. Business coaches that didn’t understand my work, who would try to say, Oh, well, you can’t make money doing that, or there aren’t people like that, or you can’t say or whatever. I was just like, okay. So I was one of those people and I know I’m not the only one. Just don’t give up. 

What Are Pillars?

So you had posted in our group about the pillars. I know you said four. Just to explain what pillars are briefly?

Tammy: What you want to be known as is your niche. But your pillars also have to show these talking points, these consistent talking points. They can also be content pillars, your buckets that you’re going to continually have this connection. So your ideal client says, oh, mindfulness, and you and I are going to go over your four pillars:  Mind-Body, mindfulness, mindset, manifest. And we’ll go over how to get even clearer on that verbiage. 

Rachel: So when your client sees this four M process, we actually know under this mind-body, what’s in that pillar, under mindfulness, what’s in that pillar. Your mindset is going to be completely different based on what she wants to be known for. So your experiences. 

Tammy: So when I thought of the pain points, my people, and how I teach, they’re usually experiencing things simultaneously and can’t put their finger on it. 

Getting Clear On Your Ideal Client

Rachel: Tammy is definitely clear after seven years of trying to get clear. Because many of our clients come to us and they say everything just feels off. So I love that you’re super clear on that and your client’s pain. Tammy really knows her ideal client. 

Tammy: They know that something is missing. She knows what she’s been searching for. She knows that she’s lost faith, and she’s at this any place of the road. That’s also important in the messaging, and also in defining your signature process to think about the steps in the place that she is. 

Rachel: What would you say on a 1-10 pain level, do you think that she’s like at an 8, 9, 10? 

Tammy: My people? Oh, absolutely. They are committed. They absolutely know childhood trauma is at the core, sometimes they don’t. The ultimate being or purpose is not always known by them. I’ve been looking for a universal language to speak to them for seven years. And I think I finally found it.

Using Universal Language To Speak To Your Client

So the journey of you begins with stepping out of the boxes that you lived in, so you can shift your perspective into a new level of awareness. So let’s make sure that we keep the word box. We may want to, this is just something because you were so like, I hope people we may want to theme something about unbox yourself. 

Thinking about universal terms, what I always suggest is to look at keywords in a database, because words are extremely powerful. So when we are talking about soul alignment, authentic self, we’re starting to know that we are in such a special time. Because two years ago, this word trauma was still taboo. I did not have a Trauma Recovery coat, we didn’t have telemedicine on trauma, we didn’t have the things that we have that have come out of this time when we went through this pandemic.

Also using the keywords can be something, keywords like trauma, purpose. I do think people know them. I had posted my universal language because where I ran into problems in the beginning, is that a lot of people –because they’re not educated in a lot of ways, they don’t even know about coaching, they think it’s counseling. 

I am not at a point of really people who are still learning about trauma, people who are in crisis, those are not my people, people who are not ready to get beyond their story of what happened to them, they’re probably not going to benefit from my work. I have used the word shackles before, because so many times we feel that way. And we feel stuck, we feel trapped. But again, not all of them use the word trauma, sometimes they might. 

Rachel: Let’s do a few more words and then move on to the pillars, and then we’ll combine them. Unbox your authentic self, or uncage. I love that you’re talking about being this box cutter. I think when we’re thinking of a universal language, we say hamsters in a cage. Don’t be on the hamster wheel. That’s a universal language. Because I would say that mostly everyone knows what being on the hamster wheel is about, correct? 

Tammy: Yeah. What I had actually written for the universal language, what I’m finding is that sometimes they don’t even know they’re in the box. And when I say the box, limited sort of thinking because they’ve never even been able, that’s a kind of a mindset piece. They’ve never even had the idea that there might be a different box or that there might be. 

And keep in mind, and I’ll make this connection because I think it’s a really important one in each of these things that we’ve said. This is your universal messaging. You wanted to say I am a coach that helps you to get back to your soul, to be on purpose, to get uncaged and not feel like you constantly are paralyzed by thinking that you’ve inherited from your childhood or in life’s happenings. Life’s happenings that affect my clients are things like. 

I think a lot of coaches think that teaching means explaining the core parts of your pillars or in your signature process so that when you’re explaining to your ideal client, things that can happen such as sexual molestation, rape, childhood trauma, even parents can divorce even a teacher saying that you’re not worth it. Anything from small to massive. That’s where you have to spend time because there are some different key messages. What you do is what you do. Amen. I think that’s unboxing your thinking. Step into your authentic self. Unbox your thinking. Birth your soul’s purpose. 

Rachel: That’s why I was like, Tammy, I love you You bought from us. Because this is exactly what I do for my people. But when you’re the one who’s in the box, like I was in the box. When you’re the one in the box. You’re like, I can’t be. I can’t figure out how to open the damn box. And it’s so special to us. I think that’s the part that we forget about. We’re gonna talk about your signature process because you do have a 12 session already, and not everyone can either afford it or maybe they don’t see the value to pull some money away from other places. 

Support Clients At Every Price Level

Tammy: Sometimes people really can’t afford it. I had a client that called me the box cutter. And this is why I’ve opened a local center that I’m just getting off the ground, but a client that called me the box cutter, one of the things that she said to me, she said, Tammy, we get the value of your work. She said, we don’t get that we’re valuable enough for the work. That’s why we have problems coming up with the money. I was like, Oh, I didn’t think of that. 

Rache: I think that also there are times in my business, when I built Rachel’s Wellness, the only reason I came up with low cost offers in groups. It wasn’t because that was the marketing strategy that I had. I wanted to work with people one on one, you have somebody on the phone saying that they want to kill themself. It’s important for the mental health and seeing the doctor or like, getting into a place where they need to go right to the emergency room. 

That person who feels hopeless and helpless. I would hear moms crying, babies crying because my client, my potential client couldn’t even get out of bed. Because everyone thought she’s crazy. I think that’s when somebody financially can’t afford it because they’ve been sick. This trauma’s taking over their life. They got caught up in the woes of everything. 

So yes, for, for me low-cost offers are for my people who are attending, as far as I’m concerned, they’re at 10. But they may not be in a place to afford that. Or if they went through spiritual awakening, some of them are that point and face homelessness because they’re in between regular jobs and being an entrepreneur. I’m looking for all kinds of ways to be able to support my people wherever they are. 

What Words You Use In Your Process Matters

I think what’s really important is if we were to go and look at this middle part, because I’ve really listened to I think I’ve counted about five or six times where you said, they don’t necessarily know they’re in trauma. So I actually want to pull back and go to that signature process where we actually say, it’s the unboxing in the middle. Your middle circle is unboxing. 

Tammy: You could say unboxing, archaic thinking, you could say unboxing thinking that was set at a very young age that’s affecting you and not having you live your soul purpose. But I want to say the unbox your soul’s purpose is right in the middle. Everything is the soul’s purpose. 

Rachel: If you were to call yourself a purpose coach, to help you release that trauma, that’s probably something that you can say, transformational coach that helps you. 

Tammy: I love that you say transformation. I think that’s the point all along because what my role is, what my mission is, is to help people wherever they are on the journey, who are stepping in to make a positive impact in the world. They may not even recognize that it’s even possible for them yet, but they have this underlying yearning. I think the point has always been, no matter where you are on the trauma spectrum of things, I’ve got you covered. I’ve got that expertise. However, I don’t necessarily want to sit with people in the problem. I want to sit with them and where they’re going, but I can handle all of it. That’s the journey of a transformation coach. 

Rachel: Okay, I think it’s important to look at all the words. I hope you journey from this feeling boxed in with old ways of thinking that don’t serve you anymore. Yes, I help women to or I help whatever, whether it’s women or men or to release things that have happened in your childhood, which can be viewed as trauma, and to let go of this wiring that happened. 

I really think you’re gonna have to say it in a lot of different ways. I think that’s actually been the hindrance is you’re looking for this bullshit. One line that every business coach and marketing guru says, we get so fixated on that, that we don’t talk in real talk. W

Tammy: But what you’ve said here really hones in and for me in my heart, because if I lead with trauma, what I find is some people aren’t ready for the work I do. It would be too much for them. But for the people who have done a lot of work, or they’re like, Man, I really want to help them to the next level, like what they’re doing. I bring in analytical. I’ve been called an analytical Alchemist. I’ve got all the tools. 

I think you really have to almost look at everything that you’ve been called and simplify it. I wrote this down. I help you birth your purpose. I help you unbox an old way of thinking that has kept you stuck. Whether it happened in your life, or you inherited this. 

Rachel: So I always say pretend you’re at a cocktail party and someone’s like, What do you mean, inherited? You say, Well, this is what sets me apart. Because for years, I struggled with things like 12345. Many of the people who have come to me have been stagnant in their life in despair, stuck, not able to see themselves out of the box, get off the hamster wheel. And that’s why I have this process that I developed out of my own pain. 

A Look At Her Signature Process

Tammy: That’s it, you got it, Rachel, that’s it. Ding ding, ding, ding, you got it. That’s what draws in the people that I want to work with. That’s what you need. Write each thing and look at that. Make a vision board of your ideal client, write down number one, your own story. What are the stories that your ideal client needs to identify with you? Your origin story, your why you and I talked for about 30 minutes, even before we recorded this, about our deep why, and what to do and why we’re in this space, and why we felt so frustrated and letdown and hopeless and felt at a point where it’s either worth living. You’re gonna be in this despair. So write down those stories, and then write down those key messages and start to actually test out. You can even say I’m a birthing coach. I’m a birthing coach for adults who are sick and tired of holding on to their old stories.  Really just birth, each of these ideas as far as the mind, body, the mind, the pillars and then thinking about your signature process. 

Rachel: You have 12 sessions and those work. Those are proven. W’re not trying to fix them, but they’re really very nonlinear. It really opens people up in there. It’s a whole lot. I’ve been feeling like, it’s not maybe the best format, especially for everyone. 

I would say that is step number one, write down those 12 steps. You even said, Mind-Body mindset, mindfulness, manifest. Think about that even for a second. Don’t write it down as it has to be set in stone. This is how we start to create our signature process because what the content can do is fill in the voids.

 So you have for example, positive life bundle, you can go in there and take the handouts, and fill them into those sessions. Because the other thing that you can also look at is if that is 12 sessions, that’s actually for the person who’s ready to go to bed. And so there’s no real steps. They fill out paperwork and in that paperwork, we really start to there are your steps unbox them? 

What I want you to think about is you have the pillars Mind-Body, mindset…what’s the difference between mindset and mindfulness? The reason behind my confusion is in one video of yours, you said that the pillars needed to be the pain points. I’m not sure if those are correct?

Tammy: They can be the pain but it also can be the solution. So for example, like mine, if you’re looking at the mindset part is the hypnosis, under the mindset part is the trauma work. Under mindfulness is learning to be present, learning to meditate, learning to how to literally come into the present moment and into the present moment. 

Then in the mindset, it’s going and establishing more of what each of the areas are. Mind body. What’s nice as you can make the toe connection in the manifesting, think of 10 different titles or topics for each that would fit in. The next step is to look at this and say, yeah, it’s all in you can even say it cute. It’s all about the M’s. It’s the mindset. T

Rachel: I know a lot of people can be like, Oh, well, you have to do all of them. But when somebody, if I were to say what is step one? 

Tammy: Step one, first Mind Body connection. I thought about my journey. And those werereally the big points. So is it mind body is actually first mindfulness because to be able to do the trauma work and to be present mindset is second and then fourth is manifest. 

Rachel: Your journey is so extensive. Each of our journeys are so extensive, the things we’ve had to do, the shamans, the noses that all the things. 

Tammy: That’s why you start to put them into each pillar, and the pillars connect to each other. There are arrows back and forth. It is all-encompassing. But if we know what does it take, in your signature process, you’ve developed this so that you establish step one, a mind body connection. Step two, we step into being okay with being self, the mindfulness. That also helps me figure out that I could actually break all of those down into a programmed. Three is the mindset part, this ability to step into the trauma without inner critic without the old stories, the manifesting is creating your soul’s purpose. That’s step four. 

What I’m saying is, in each step, like we have a trauma program coming out in the fall and it’s actually 14 modules. It’s the steps pretty much. But if you were to say, Now, what could you do, I would take positive life. I would break it up by creating a dropbox for each and saying, These are the four parts, pull the different handouts. That can be done for anything. If you feel that the meditations important in the mindfulness part could be the five-day meditation challenge. 

Rachel: Sometimes it’s not always one long program. Sometimes it’s actually breaking it down in steps, then all this sudden, when you have in these compartments of steps you could actually have those as individual offers. Somebody is coming, you can either break up things, create your positive life, or you can look at three other compartments that would really help contain like, is the manifesting the law of attraction course. 

Tammy: That’s exactly the track I’ve been on. You’ve really helped me see that I was on the right track. I just couldn’t quite figure out. That’s where your expertise is. That’s why I fell in love with you from the very first video that I found on YouTube. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I will watch every video this woman ever made and immediately dove in and realize you’re content a lot of times is more on the health side, the physical health side, the nutrition side, however. 

Rachel: To connect to what I’m doing, they want to look at how Kenya, who uses her one of her core programs, Reset Your Life in 21 days, it’s going step by step through a lot of that emotional, you can have four steps. And this is just for the purpose of today and getting to just like what the options are. 

I think we nailed down our goals of the pillars, the clarity, universal language and that process, so it makes it clear. Then you’re correct, they have the hero journey that somebody comes in, or if somebody comes in and says, I really need to work on the manifesting, that could be the law of attraction, or that could be another smaller type of bundle. Or if you felt that that was something like I am statements like things or affirmations for life, things that you feel you could teach off of that this kind of work is different. 

I would really look at our Kima, because she does healing of past old stories like that rebirthing. And she has a lot of these different compartments. What I had thought about is like, on my level, not necessarily the clients level, but for stages of consciousness. So I know that I could literally have those pillars under each stage of consciousness, depending upon where they are. Because when people have trauma, I often say they miss a memo, you call them gaps, I say we miss a memo. Because while somebody else might have been learning ABCs, we were being traumatized. We missed whatever lesson was, so they move in and out of the room, that might be interesting. We’re going to wrap this up, but I just want you to think of this. And I’m happy to show you it because I think you would be really excited. The trauma course that we’re coming out with, you might say, Wow, it’s a course then it’s actually broken down into sections because it’s for it’s going to be 14 different modules. 

So when you look at it that way, then you can all of a sudden tier the sessions. You could have three sessions star package, 6, 9,12, and then pull the pieces specifically for what that person needs. That’s why there’s a part of me that’s like, oh, let’s buy this. And then there’s another part of me that says having a course and you could rename it. But you could also say this is my signature process, we have to go back to our trauma, we have to go back to the things that have happened. 

That would be my thought process, instead of adding a lot of different things. I do think that the law of attraction course would be really neat. If you wanted to start with something small, because I think it fits in, you can actually add do adjunct sessions where maybe somebody only wants to, and this is just another idea. They want to do hypnosis for one session. I think for somebody like you who does the energy healing, you really should look at it as what is going to serve you the best for how you want to work with somebody how you want to be of service, self paced course may be really great for like this center to take somebody through this or another one. 

But just let’s say first on the signature process,  and then give time for it to marinate visualize, because I know that clarity will come from that I’ve gotten lots of clarity from this. 

Tammy: This will be massively helpful for any coach listening. I thank you so much. This is this helps me really feel like I can even up-level what I’m doing. 

Rachel: Thank you Tammy for being here. Thanks for being so open and transparent. You just is in their box, because we all get in our box. All do everybody does. Yeah. So  that great quote that you can’t solve the problem in the same mind that got you there. that’s so true. You and I were talking about that before we start recording. Yeah, let everyone know where to find you at your website. 

Tammy: Sure. It’s TammyCoin.com and I like to say it’s a masterpiece in the process because we all are right. So it’s anybody hiring Not going to be looking at that kind of thing becoming coin calm. 

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