how to find your niche as a health coach

32: Stand Out From the Crowd, Nail Your Niche and Attract Your Ideal Clients Even When You are a New Health Coach

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Have you established your niche as a health coach?  When coaching about health, an easy topic for people to relate to is weight loss, but how do you take on such a broad subject and really get to the core of what your clients need? How do you differentiate yourself from all the other weight loss and health coaches out there? In this episode, Joe and I talk about finding your sole niche and learning how to ask strategic questions to get to the bottom of your clients’ issues.


Joe is a budding health coach who is on his own weight loss journey as well. He’s starting his coaching business as a side gig and is passionate about bringing solutions to people who are tired and confused about their health problems.


If you’re just starting, still figuring out your core expertise, and trying to test out messaging techniques, this episode is exactly what you need.


This episode will inspire you to stop waiting and start building your coaching business!



In today’s interview we will discuss:


  • How to find your sole niche
  • How to communicate your sole niche to your audience
  • How to develop a list building strategy and workshops
  • How to find out what people are searching for
  • Why a Facebook page is essential for your coaching business
  • How to start your coaching flow when you’re doing it as a side gig
  • How to step into the client avatar
  • Free resources you can tap for messaging techniques



The biggest part is data will work when you convert the pain into the problem with a mini solution. – Rachel


Little issues really affect people’s lives. – Rachel


Some of our biggest breakthroughs and humble moments in our business don’t often happen from just the blueprint. They happen from the doing, and the feeling and the empathy, to see that we’re all so different trying to just make it in this insane, crazy, fearful, angry world. – Rachel



Joe’s Story:


Problem: He had an unsuccessful website with four blogs that have 23 followers.

Solution: Determine your sole niche, cultivate a Facebook page and start to reach out to other people that either has podcasts or places locally for workshops.

Past: He coached two people but did not see significant success.

Present: He focuses more on self-learning and dealing with his own weight loss.

Future: He will perfect his freebie strategies that will lead to paid offers.

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We end our session by talking about finding the ideal client, amazing resources we can tap for messaging and why believing in yourself is the first step to helping others succeed. 


Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 




Additional Resources:

Free Resources to Grow Your Business 

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