3 Essentials to Rock Your Opt-in Freebies & Book Out Your Biz

As entrepreneurs we’re constantly being bombarded with the message that we need to grow our lists. The money is in the list, they say. We have to focus on list-building.

What’s often left out of that message, though, is how we’re actually supposed to consistently get quality leads (aka – ideal clients who will fork over cash for your programs and services) onto our email lists. Because let’s face it, people are unsubscribing every time we send an email, so without a steady stream of new signups, our lists are growing nada.

The free opt-in is typically where potential clients first come into our funnel, so we have to have a steady stream coming in if we want to build a sustainable business that keeps our calendars booked and our bank accounts full.

Most of us were probably taught in the beginning that we could just throw together a PDF “lead magnet”, put a signup box on the top right corner of our websites, and expect that to be the solution to our list-building worries.

I’ll tell you right now that that list-building model is NOT working anymore (if it ever really did).

Not everyone is visiting your website. Not everyone will take action on that little box with the words “sign up now” as a call to action.

We’ve entered into a new sort of age online, and we have to adapt to what’s working now.

The Days of a Single Opt-in Freebie are Over

When I was first starting out as a health coach and the market crash of ‘08 had destroyed my family’s financial security, I tried everything to grow my business.

One of the things that really helped me grow quickly and create a sustainable income was offering multiple opt-in freebies.

At one point I had over 30 opt-in offers going at the same time, and I attribute so much of my success to that system of constantly bringing in new leads./

I’ve spent the last 7 years experimenting in my own business and studying the best marketing minds in the online space to see what works, and I’ve come up with three main points that coaches, especially, need to understand to successfully build their lists, keep the pipeline of potential clients full, and create a sustainable income.

Read on, sister…

3 opt-in freebie essentials: to grow your list with ideal clients and book out your biz

1. Pay attention to what your community is asking for

It doesn’t serve your business or your audience to create content that your people don’t want. Instead of wasting that time, take a look around and see what your community is asking for. What questions are people asking? What struggles are they sharing? Take notice, and create free content that addresses those specific issues. People will LOVE you for it!

2. Promote multiple opt-ins to attract ideal clients from different directions

This goes back to what I said earlier. Relying on a single piece of free content to build your list and income is a recipe for disaster. Instead, continually put out fresh, free content based on what your audience wants.

3. Repurpose content to make your life easier

Constantly creating new content is exhausting and also a waste of time. Instead, repurpose old content into something new. Turn a blog post into a PDF for download. Offer the recording as a freebie with a simple worksheet. Used zoom.com or loom.com to record your video series.

Get creative and don’t be afraid to give old content a new life. People will still be interested in it.

Now that you understand how to rock your opt-in freebies, grow your list with potential clients who can’t wait to work with you, and book your business solid, it’s time to take action on it!

None of this will work unless you do. Decide right now what you can offer as an opt-in. If you’re just starting out this might mean creating a few new worksheets or recording an audio. If you’ve been at it for a while, then look back over your past content and see what you can repurpose.

Just be sure to get your opt-ins out there ASAP so you can start bringing in leads and growing your biz like the rockstar you are!

Want to learn even more about rocking your opt-in freebies?

The free tools here:

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