For Health Coaches : The Fall Preview of the Done-For-You Detox or Cleanse to Build Your Signature Business

I will never forget the ah-ha moment I had when I learned the proven system for building a business.

There is a proven system that ANY business owner must use to attract the ideal client.

To attract the ideal client, you must do the following:

  • Know your story. This means you must be in touch with the who, what and why you coach. Understanding your story will lead you directly to your niche. For me, it was simple. I had digestive issues that hampered my life and I have an auto-immune disease. But for you, it may be working with women who struggle with weight loss or have hormonal imbalances, or with people who cannot kick the sugar habit. Knowing your niche allows you to craft the perfect program and that means huge success.
  • Own your program. You can buy any done-for-you program or marketing materials but if they do not align with your style of coaching, then you’re just wasting money. You want to edit your materials and add your own special touches if you really desire making it special. Remember, people are buying you because they fall in love with your style of coaching and your personality. You want your personality to shine in your program.
  • Choose the right name for your program. This is HUGE. You cannot sell a program that is called a “detox” or “cleanse” if that drives away your ideal client. I tell the coaches to name their program using words that appeal to them and that will appeal to the people they want to work with. I tell them to pretend they are a client and think of the words that would make them want to hit the ‘BUY NOW’ button. For example, words such as “Renew,” “Reboot,” “Refresh,” and “Revitalize” are all action words about embracing a new you. Ditch the word “detox” or “cleanse” if it does not work and let’s create a brand new and unique cover that represents your program in a NYC second (something I teach the coaches to do in the facebook forum).
  • Market with a clear message. Make sure your niche knows what you are selling. Too often coaches promote a detox or cleanse as a weight loss program when they’re really focusing on digestion. Be clear in your messaging and you will have ultimate launch success. If you are struggling with getting people to sign up for your program, look at your marketing and see if it is telling a clear story. Your message needs to explain to your ideal client the results they will achieve when they sign up with you.


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This season we are in the NO EXCUSE SUCCESS ZONE!


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