How to Make the Perfect Pear & Cranberry Juice to Flush Toxins | Rachel Feldman

rachel fall detox cranberry and pear juice

I will never forget when I finally bought my first Juicer. Life changed for me.

Juicing helps you to assimilate all the nutrients and minerals from the foods you juice.

For me, I had impaired digestion, resulting in poor assimilation.

Juicing helped me to digest the vegetables I was juicing and get all the nutrients in an easy-to-digest form.

As you can see from this recipe, for those with digestive issues, I suugest juicing fruit with fruit and vegetables with vegetables ONLY.

If you have a strong digestion, then you may not find a combination juice of vegetables and fruit to be a problem for you.

For many of my clients with digestive issues, combining the two in one juice can be a problem and causes unwanted bloat.


If you have the middle section that won’t go away or maybe you just feel bloated, tired, irrtitable and dealing with the fall allergies then look no further because My Signature Juice Recipe will gaurantee to flush all the woes away.

THE KILLER Ingredients:

2- bags cranberriess (I suggest the organic ones in the freezer section or fresh is best) – 8 ounces
3 organic pears – you can do 2 pears and 1 apple
The juice of 1 lemon or lime

Juice all the ingredients & then squeeze the lemon or lime.

Feel free to add a dash of cinnamon to warm the juice (which aids in digestion & balances blood sugar).

If you love this, then you have to check out my very own 11 Day Empowered Health Clean Eating Detox Program Here.

Let’s kick off this season right – less colds & more energy!


Rachel Feldman
Health Coach & Detox Specialist



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