For Health Coaches – What Is The Perfect Launch?


What Happens When the Perfect Launch Goes Perfectly Wrong?

You may be think to yourself, “Aw man, I spent too much money on that program and it never even launched!”

You may have hired coach after coach, praying they would craft the perfect launch plan for you but it still did not work.

Maybe you were missing some key steps – those vital steps you must take – for the killer launch.

Before I go any further listing all the steps you MUST take for a successful launch, I am going to share with you what I spent hours upon hours creating and what I learned from all my mentors. (Ya know, the ones who launch with uber success.)

rachel 3d ebook how to launch

My 9 Vital Steps for the Ultimate Launch!


CLICK HERE to access the goods!

It’s time for you to rock the message! The world needs you so let’s make this happen!

Rachel Feldman

Health Coach & Detox Specialist



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