Why Is It Important to Cleanse or Detox Your Body to Shed Unwanted Weight & Toxicity by Rachel Feldman

Before you read any further, I want to show you what a healthy, safe and effective detox looks like.

I was that person who tried every detox- it was important for me because I had Candida, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Digestive Issues and a ton of Toxicity.

However, when I became a Health Coach & Detox Specialist, I realized extreme detoxes are not safe for everyone.

We can detox and cleanse the body of unwanted inflammation and toxicity by eating foods that are RIGHT for your unique body.

So if you are battling unwanted weight gain or the chronic old that will not go away- then it is time for a safe and all natural whole foods cleanse.

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Are you a little tempted to try it? 

Do you wonder about it?

Cleansing has become very popular lately.  Popular and controversial.  There has not been a lot of research or study on colon cleansing so there is no empirical data or ironclad answer.  Some doctors say steer clear because it is unnecessary and dangerous and others prescribe it as a way to unclog your pipes and flush away the toxins.


If you eat a lot and only eliminate once a day or worse (LESS!!!!) then you are not getting rid of all that is going in!  If we are clogged up (even with a healthy diet) then we get sick.  Our colon gets crusted over from eating meat, dairy, breads, processed foods, cakes, candy and bad fat.  It is just gross, think of all the fried foods and weight you are still carrying around with you and what is building on it.

The intestine draws in needed nutrients for the body and if your intestines are not able to get the nutrients, your food is wasted.  If food doesn’t move easily through the intestines, then it starts to build up and we become constipated, cramped, gain weight, become depressed and our immune system quits working and we ultimately become sick.

Are you depressed?  Has your doctor ever prescribed colonic treatment as a cure?  I doubt it!  Our belly has serotonin receptors, the build up and sickness in our belly can cause depression.

If you are not convinced by now that you need to clear some of the goo away, there is more.  Our stomach produces mucus to guard against acids, this is healthy.  It is when we continually eat McDonalds and Burger King that we overproduce the stuff and it all gets clogged up…ick.

Along with eliminating daily waste, our body has the job to defend itself against toxins.

The normal detoxification process is pretty amazing:

  • Toxins enter the blood.
  • Antioxidants grab them and neutralize them and move them to the liver.
  • The liver takes the toxins and gives the antioxidants back to circulate.
  • The liver neutralizes and either eliminates the toxins either through feces, sweat or urine or it turns the toxin into a more toxic compound.

It is the hormones, artificial flavoring and coloring that are added to processed foods that causes the liver to turn the toxins into bigger and badder toxins.  Eating a diet fresh and whole, along with avoiding the type of toxins we breathe in will help to eliminate #3 from happening.  By taking in all these toxins, we create a problem that our body was not designed to deal with.

So, by now you should be convinced that our bodies need help.


There are different ways to detox and cleanse your body.  Some are very natural, non controversial and extremely healthy.  Some may seem extreme and others are simple.  How you choose to cleanse is important.

Different cleansing aids:

  • Eat clean
  • Wheatgrass
  • Green Juices & Green Vegetables
  • Apples
  • Garlic
  •  Lemons, Limes and Oranges
  •  Omega 3 Oils
  •  Green Tea
  • Take enzymes
  • Food combining
  • Probiotics
  • Magnesium

For more information on how I went from Blah to Blazing at the age of 38 and reversed my digestive issues…



XOXO, Rachel Feldman

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