Free Webinar Series for Health Coaches

Hey, there my friend. I am hosting a free webinar series for health coaches.
“If I don’t make this coaching business work, I’ll have to go work at a job I hate and put my kids in day care. I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of it”
I told this coach. Do not quit on your dream. You are meant to coach. She told me she has no list, no website – nada.

I told her I was in her shoes at one time too. I told her what steps I took and what she needed to do.

Quess What? I hear this a lot from coaches I speak to.
Time to end the madness.

Having spent months learning their craft, they’re fully qualified, talented coaches.
They have all the education and techniques at their disposal to coach any client that comes their way.
But what they’re missing … are the tools and tricks to make money and grow their business.
See if you can relate:
//These coaches lie awake at night panicked about where their next client will come from, with no viable solution in sight

//They have a partner and children, their own health issues, and money worries …all leading them to not have enough time or energy to focus solely on building their business

//Looking at other successful coaches, they wonder how they’ll make it as a coach, with no website, no list and no clue on how they’ll make their business work
//If you find yourself falling into this category of coach; the category that cannot see how to take their next step in business, I have a message for you:

All that is about to change.

Because back when I first started my business, I was in the exact position you may be in today …
We lost all our savings (oh that was fun) and we moved to a new city. I didn’t know anyone there, let alone know how I would build a coaching practice

I had no cash to pay for a new website, programs or hire a coach. I was truly a solopreneur

With no website and no email list, I had no clue where to start

But start I did.
And man, did it take work.

Blood, sweat and tears were only the beginning.

I had to learn the tech side, I approached people cold and asked them to become clients and I had to figure out how to build my list.
Nobody ever talks about the work it takes to build a successful online and offline coaching practice.
Until now.
Coaches always ask me how I went from nothing to the thriving business I have today.
So I decided, rather than reply to them individually, I’m going to share everything with you in a three-part webinar series to answer those exact questions.

I am sharing it all with you.

And part one is taking place live on September 10th at 7pm EDT

How to build a health coaching business from scratch, with no email list, no website and no idea
Join this webinar and walk away with:
//The final word on what you really need to build a profitable business (hint: it doesn’t start with a website or an email list)

//The exact tools you need to use today to build your business (that doesn’t mean spending thousands on a business coach)

//Why my first teleclass, where only 4 people turned up, was a blessing in disguise

//The hidden offline marketing and sales techniques that will grow your business faster than Facebook ads ever will (that most coaches miss)

//Where your clients are, how to find them, and how to promote to them so they buy from you

//The exact value tools like Eventbrite, LeadPages, a blog, MailChimp, and Facebook have, and which ones you need to be using

Click here to reserve your seat now

This is part one of a three-part webinar series, all laser-focused on building your coaching business the right way – without hiring a coach, and only investing money in those things that make you money in return.
Details on part two and three are coming soon …
By joining me live, you’ll receive the webinar replay plus the gift that I’m offering (I’ll be revealing this at the end of this first webinar and believe me when I say this gift alone will skyrocket your coaching business).
So… what do you say? Is it time to stop playing at business and seriously start building one?
I’ll be teaching you exactly how to do it – without an email list or a website.

Click here to reserve your seat now

We’re going live on September 10th at 7pm EDT.

Bottom Line – I wanted to quit coaching so many times because I felt scared, confused and lost… but I did not because I had to support my family and I still do today.

Let me help you. Let me share what I did to build my business from the ground up.


PS: I’ll be sharing the details of Webinar 2 (on how to nail your Niche and your program) and Teleclass 3 (a no holds barred Q&A with me) with you soon.
For now, be sure to book your spot on Webinar one:

Click here to reserve your seat now

See you there.


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