Guilt-less Treats e-book

Guilt-less Treats e-Book

Who loves chocolate pudding for Breakfast?

I do when it is healthy.


You can make healthy versions of any treat you like and never feel deprived.

I used to do that whole deprivation thing and whenever I said the word diet in my mind…I craved the food more.

After years of trying to diet, I just stopped and said, ” I am eating my chocolate daily.”

If you know me, and I hope you do, then you know I make chocolate desserts daily.

I love chocolate anything and pudding is one of my favorites. 

Download this gem – Guilt-less Treats and if you love this, then you will ADORE detoxing with me this season.

Step #1 – Download this gem – Click Here

Step #2 – Check out how to get more Sexy in your life here. The Sexy Fall Detox is happening all season long.

I know what it is like to lose that SEXY feeling and it stinks, right? I am 40 years old and feeling sexy is key. I have an autoimmune, Lymes and I do not let that get in the way of me looking and feeling my best. If you feel run down or crappy, this detox is for you my friend.

Step #3 – Never deprive yourself of chocolate

chocolate truffle

And, yes you get all my chocolate protein ball recipes in the detox plus every way I make chocolate smoothies that taste like milkshakes. YUMMY!!

Step #4 – Let me know if you loved it.


Rachel Feldman


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