Health Coach Giveaway

I know what it takes to build a health coach business. Having a thriving business for 7 years has taught me a lot.

Having a family to feed, do self care, especially with Lymes and an Autoimmune, means I need to make sure I am not over doing it but at the same time working to build my list and have a consistent presence online and offline.

I know it can feel like a lot to do the above, which is why I just L-O-V-E giving away tools that I know health coaches like you need!

You need a ton of goodies to jumpstart your biz for 2017 and that is why I am your Fairy Business Coach Godmother.

It’s that special time of year, where millions of presents are unwrapped around the world. The spirit of giving is blooming everywhere!

So, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are gifts, I kow you need.

I thought long and hard about what I could give to save you time and help ease your overwhelm during this crazy, busy season.

You can add whatever your little heart desires, or you can simply plug-n-play this newsletter into MailChimp or your emailing platform – as is. It’s ready!

Unwrap your gifts here.

Your clients are ready to read it!!  If you’re in the middle of a launch, you can add a call to action to your program, or if you aren’t launching anything yet, you can always lead them to a 1:1 session with you. Always have a call to action even if it is just to your support group.

I’m also giving you access to my free mastermind group!

If you’re looking for a community of health coaches you can call home, click here to join my F-R-E-E Mastermind Group (only for health coaches!).

Mad love & hustle,

Rachel A. Feldman

Want to rock out a New Year’s Cleanse, Sugar Busting Program or a Weight Loss Program? I created done for you, copywright free programs at



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